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Quit Bad Habits For Success

Quit Bad Habits For Success And Happiness In Your Life

Updated on April 25, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

Do you know you have to quit bad habits to make your life successful with full of happiness? We all have some good habits and some bad habits. You can call it also good qualities and bad qualities. We should identify the habits which are affecting success and happiness in life. We must change our attitude, bring a positive attitude for a successful life. This article is suggesting you to identify 5 habits and if you have these bad habits, quit them at the earliest.

Quit Bad Habits

Quit bad habits
Habits to quit
  1. Trying to please everyone
  2. Fear of changes
  3. Living in the past
  4. Putting yourself down
  5. Overthinking

1. Trying to please everyone

The first habit that you have to quit is trying to please everyone. Don’t care about unnecessary comments from others. Don’t worry about what people talk about you and don’t try to please everyone. It is not possible for you to please everyone. Remember, the five fingers on your hand are not equal. The mindset of people is not equal and hence you can’t please everyone. Don’t expect everyone will appreciate and praise your work. Some people will give good comments and others will give bad comments. No one is 100% perfect. Don’t give space in your mind for bad comments, just leave them, and continue with what you have to do.

You can’t please everyone and hence what can you do? The best policy is to self listen, listen to your heart, do according to what your mind is speaking. Don’t take everyone’s comments and don’t try to please everyone. This is the first habit you have to quit. Live for yourself and not live for others. This doesn’t mean that you should not help others. You must help others because helping others will brighten your life. Don’t be selfish, but help others in whatever way is possible for you. Ignore baseless comments which are negative otherwise that will affect your mind. Give your weakness to one who helps.

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2. Fear of changes

The second habit that you have to quit is the fear of changes. Many people are having the fear of changes. Changes are part of life. Changes start from your birth. Just from the moment of your birth changes start in your life. You started crying, crawling, standing, walking, running, going to school, career, marriage, kids, family life. Changes are inevitable. Whenever there is any change you have to accept it with a positive attitude and go ahead fearless of failures.

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3. Living in the past

The third habit is living in the past. Many people are talking about the past, wasting their precious time on negative thoughts about past incidents that make their mind stressed. They speak to their mind or speak to others like, “I couldn’t have done like this, things were not good in those days” etc. They live in the past instead of living in the present. They fill their mind with negativity about past failures instead of trying to turn failures into success. Quit the habit of living in the past, forget anything wrong happened in the past, and live in the present. Set effective goals and focus on the goal to achieve success. Focus on the present and plan for the future. The best way to handle life is to live in the present and ignore the past.

4. Putting yourself down

The fourth habit is putting yourself down. Never put yourself down. Life is miserable. It is not necessary that you always do everything perfect and successful. Sometimes you make mistakes that don’t mean that you are not capable. Failures are part of the life journey. You should accept your failures, accept your mistakes, ask any kind of apologies to anyone. Forget about that mistakes and failures and don’t put yourself down.

Face challenges fearless of failures, learn to overcome obstacles. Boost self-confidence and learn to overcome self-doubt. Remember, all successful people have faced many challenges and overcame obstacles in their life. Never stop believing in yourself even for a second.

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5. Overthinking

The last habit is overthinking. Many people have an overthinking problem even about silly problems which create a stressful mind. Avoid overthinking unnecessarily. Make your mind free of negative thoughts, give strength to the mind which automatically makes difference in your life. This doesn’t mean to stop thinking, because that also may be a problem. You can think and plan what to do, how to do it, but don’t overthink giving stress in mind. Close your eyes for a few minutes, think and imagine in your mind about whatever action you want to take, analyse your problems, find solutions, and take decisions. But don’t waste your time in overthinking which gives a lot of stress and pain in mind.


This is not a complete list of habits that you have to quit for happiness and success in your life. These are only a few habits that can help you with a successful life. Remember that “life doesn’t give any warranties or guarantees, life gives all the possibilities and opportunities only”. It is our responsibility not to miss opportunities, grab opportunities, and make the best of them to make life happy and successful.

From the above, could you identify any of the habits that you have to quit?

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