How To Stay Healthy? | 6 Habits That You Need To Adopt To Stay Healthy

Habits To Stay Healthy

Do you know your habits have an important role in a healthy and successful life? You must adopt certain habits to stay healthy. Some habits can damage your physical and mental health. In this post, you can find expert advice on how to spend more time in nature, acquire the right eating habits, set an eating cut-off time, get rid of stress and respect your life.

6 Habits That You Need to Adopt To Stay Healthy

Many people will say the main and only thing spoiling their health is unwanted thinking. They don’t know they can stop dwelling on negative thoughts which will give peace and happiness to their mind.

Stay Healthy Habits
Stay Healthy Habits

Stay Healthy – Selected lines from the experts

1. Spend more time in nature

We’re supposed to be out in the fields. We’re supposed to be walking up hills. We’re supposed to be looking for animals or gathering vegetables. We’re supposed to be doing all these things that our bodies designed to do. We’re supposed to be in nature and nature is like a medicine, like it literally is a medicine to you. You don’t have to go hunting. You don’t have to go fishing. Just go hike man, just go hike up to the top of a mountain and look out. You know there’s a reward that you get from that, that is intensely like soul-filling.” – Joe Rogan

Stay Healthy
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Spending more time in nature is very important for good health. You can find farmers and such people who are doing physical work in the open place spending their maximum time with nature have lesser health problems like High BP, Diabetes etc compared with people working in the office. Office working people can maintain good health by following simple morning routines. Try to spend maximum time in the morning and evening in nature. If you follow Simple morning routines that will transform your life. Do you have a routine of morning walks? Do you know if you walk every day, what will happen to your body? Start today and realise the changes in your body and mind.

2. Acquire the right eating habits

If your mother had diabetes or your father had coronary artery disease that tells me that if you eat like your
parents did then you will most likely have those diseases, not because you inherited that from your parents but you learn to eat from your parents. And it actually goes beyond that not only did you learn to eat from your parents but you shared the microbiome the bugs in your gut that your parents had. There have been some studies of twins who have been raised apart and clearly they’re identical but depending on how they ate and their microbiome that they acquired they can look quite different.
” – Stephen Gundry

Pizza Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Do you know your eating habits have a major role in your health? You should have a good eating habits for good physical and mental health. Do you know mood-boosting foods can improve your mental health? Do you know the foods you eat can have a big impact on memory and the health of your brain? You may like to read how to improve memory by eating the 11 best foods to boost your brain.

During this COVID-19 outbreak period, you must have heard a lot about boosting the immune system to protect your body from the attack of covid19 virus. The good news is that you can improve immunity by including immunity-boosting foods in your diet.

Are you a mother worried about the weight gain of your toddler? Do you know these 5 simple and easily available foods can increase weight in toddlers?

Do you know glowing beautiful skin starts with what you eat? Aging is natural but you can control wrinkles and other marks appearing on your skin by eating anti-aging foods. Find 9 anti-aging foods to eat when you are over 40, to keep you feeling young and healthy.

3. Respect your life

Respecting your life means you’re going to trade it for things that you feel are worthy of it. Most people ask themselves the wrong question. They ask themselves you know am I worthy of the goal and the dream that I have. And they should be asking themselves is that goal that dream that I have worthy of my life. Change the question and if you say yeah I’ll trade my life for that good then go and do that.” – John Ashraf

If you don’t have self-respect and self-love you can never respect or love others. You can share only what you have. Grow self-love, boost self-confidence, try to be always happy in life, build self-discipline, learn self-care, realise the benefits of forgiveness and self-forgiveness, Control negative self-talk, learn to overcome self-doubt, never stop believing in yourself, stop dwelling on negative thoughts, learn self-improvement tips to grow yourself every day.

4. Set an eating cut-off time

You cut off your eating at least two to three hours before you go to bed. You get that little gnawing where you feel like need to eat something. You can either feed that feeling give it food or you can say oh this is when my body is going into my fat stores and it’s going to now eat the store fat. That’s what that feeling is and so what happens with most of us we try to feed that feeling and then you wake up. That little thing that says I want to eat something, not I’m starving but I wish. And most of us what you do is you go to the cabinet you open the cabinets and you start grazing you kind of go down.” – Oprah Winfrey

Set An Eating Cut Off Time For Stay Healthy
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This is very good advice to have your dinner at least 2 hours before bed. One health expert had advised to me to have dinner by 8 p.m. and go to bed by 10 p.m. In the beginning, there can be a problem as mentioned by Oprah Winfrey in the above paragraph, but surely it will be adjusted if you strictly follow this rule. You can drink water, but avoid all other items after dinner. It allows the food to digest properly before bed. This will help to have a sound sleep at night. If you have a sleep problem at night, you can try following these easy ways to get better sleep at night.

5. Get rid of stress

“Seventy per cent of the time people live in stress and living in stress is living in survival. Now all organisms in nature can tolerate short-term stress. The definition of stress is when your brain and body are knocked out of balance, out of homeostasis. The stress response is what the body innately does to return itself back to order. When you turn on the stress response and you can’t turn it off now you’re headed for disease because no organism in nature can live in emergency mode for that extended period of time.”

“It’s a scientific fact that the hormones of stress down-regulate genes and create disease long-term effects. Human beings because of the size of the neocortex can turn on the stress response just by thought alone we can think about our problems and turn on those chemicals. That means, then our thoughts could make us sick. So if it’s possible that our thoughts could make us sick is it possible then our thoughts could make us well? The answer is, absolutely yes.”

“So then what are the emotions that are connected to survival? Let’s name their anger, aggression, hostility, hatred, competition, fear, anxiety, worry, pain, suffering, guilt, shame, unworthiness, envy, and jealousy. Those are all created by the hormones of stress and psychology calls them normal human states of consciousness. I call those altered states of consciousness.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

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6. Take cold showers

There are a number of reasons why you want to take a cold shower:

  • It lowers inflammation
  • It’s like a big nervous system reset which is great for your brain
  • You’re training yourself first thing in the morning to do difficult things

The video suggests taking a cold shower and the one reason he says is ‘You’re training yourself first thing in the morning to do difficult things’. Taking a cold shower may be difficult in some countries/places because of the severe cold weather. But in other countries taking a normal water shower is a morning routine. Some people take a hot bath in the winter season, but still, many people take a cold bath even in the winter season.

Children bath in the river - stay healthy
Children bath in the river Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

People in many parts of India have a routine of taking a bath in the river early in the morning. Flowing water is warm even in the winter and also taking a dip bath in the natural water is good for health. If you have any disease, you must consult your doctor and follow his advice before starting a cold shower. I have also heard that cold or normal water is good for our health and we should avoid using hot water on the head.

In this video Joe Rogan, Steven Gundry, John Ashraf, Oprah Winfrey, Dr Joe Dispenza and more explaining about 6 habits to stay healthy. Watch the full video and listen to their expert advice.

Stay healthy – Stop bad habits and adopt good habits

Our habits have an important role in controlling our life. We have to control and stop bad habits and adopt good habits help to stay healthy and become successful in life. If you have any kind of addiction like alcoholism, marijuana addiction, teenage addictions, video game addiction, smartphone addiction, you must try to stop it. Remember, addictions not only damage your health and life but also affect your family life. You may like to read How To Overcome Addictions And Regain Control Of Life.

Final Thoughts

This post mentioned 6 habits only. There are many other good habits that help to maintain good physical and mental health. If you like to share your good habits that are helpful to stay healthy, you can mention them in the comment box.

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