How Positive Attitude And Optimism Affect Your Life

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Life is a journey and a test for everyone. We have to go through different paths on this journey. Be strong, compassionate, humble and unique. Even when you are not sure about the success, keep telling yourself that things will work out. Your positive attitude and optimism will change your life.

When face challenges, we get negative thoughts and plan to quit. Because we always look for the small hills ahead of us. Many times we forget the mountain behind us, which were difficult to climb.

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Positive Attitude And Optimism

Life is all about fun and learning

Learning is a continuous and never-ending process.  A few days back 96-Year-old Karthyayani scored 98 Marks in Kerala Literacy Mission test and proved that age is just a number and not a barrier to learn.

Never stop learning. Learn new things every day. Through reading and self-learning, you can learn many new things.

In this digital technology world, we can read and learn many things free of cost. Many experts from different parts of the world are ready to share their knowledge free of cost through social media groups and blogs. Make the maximum benefit of this facility.

Be sincere, honest and loyal to work

Money is necessary for living. But don‘t give priority to money in your life. Money can’t buy everything required in life.

Work to gain experience and learn, don’t work just for money. Be sincere, honest and loyal to work.

Create more value, don’t work just for entertainment. 

Definition of “wealth and success” is different for each and every one. Define “wealth” and “success” for yourself.

How To Get Love Wealth Success

Find Easy way to get love, wealth and success.

Always remember that wealth is not the success of life.

Shift your motivation from receiving to giving. Help others in their need. Helping doesn’t mean just with money, but you can help others by sharing knowledge, helping in work etc.

Be thankful to people you depend on and who help you. It gives them happiness and motivation to help others.

Be fearless of failures, learn to overcome obstacles and live life to the fullest.

Set and focus on the goal. Break your goal into smaller parts. Visualise yourself achieving success. Never quit until you achieve success.

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude – Collection from reading articles

These are a few points collected from reading the articles. It doesn’t mean that I have all these attitudes.

  • Don’t get offended.
  • Never think money will give success in life.
  • Read and listen more than you talk.
  • Listening is the best form of respect.
  • Enjoy intelligent discourse.
  • Always be ready to accept your mistakes.
  • If find any mistakes in others, help them to correct it.
  • Don’t let others judge who you are. Check and judge if you are empowered.
  • Don’t judge, criticise or hurt others. Never judge others without knowing the truth.
  • Never hurt the listener with your words. Speak words carefully.
  • Learn and strive to become a better version of yourself.
  • Have an open mind and humbleness to learn new things and keep yourself grounded.
  • Remind yourself about your strengths. Others may highlight your weakness and try to pull you down. Just ignore this and never stop believing in yourself.
  • Keep friendship only with good people. Never keep bad friends.
  • Get energy from positive people. Make more good friends.
  • Surround yourself with positivity. That will help you find the good in other people.
  • Grow yourself every day.
  • Teach yourself to see the good in others. That will help to be more positive and experience happiness more deeply.
  • Seeing the good in others is a difficult task, but, it is worth the effort.
  • Stop feeding your mind with negative thoughts like “I’m a failure”. Remember, failure is not the end, but an opportunity to learn a new lesson. Move forward with fearless of failures.
  • Seek to understand every perspective on a topic.
  • Your frowning face makes people who look at you will also feel the same.  Keep smiling to spread smiles on other’s face.
  • Don’t keep negativity in your mind for too long, otherwise, that will kick out the positivity soon.
  • Remember, people treat you how they feel about you. Always keep calm and politeness in your words and actions. Never become rude.
  • Do not focus on problems because that will find more problems. Focusing on the possibilities will help you find more opportunities.

Simple tips to have a positive attitude

The power of positive thinking is known to many people but very few people know the power of negative thinking. Both are powerful but in opposite way. Positive attitude find a problem as an opportunity whereas Negative attitude find a problem as a big obstacle.

3 E’s Factors that determine attitude formation

  • Environment
  • Experience
  • Education

Benefits of Positive Attitude

  • Meaningful life
  • Inspire oneself and other
  • Business and profit increase
  • A solution to the problem with a positive decision
  • Reduce stress and improves quality of life

2 Simple tips to have a perfect attitude

Watch this beautiful video clarifying 2 simple tips to have a perfect attitude. If you have any difficulty in watching the video, you can read the transcript below.

Story of the balloon seller

There was a man who used to earn money by selling different colours balloon daily. Whenever his sale used to go down, he leaves some balloon in the sky and children used to get excited after seeing that balloon in the sky. Immediately they buy one balloon because of which his sale used to grow again.

One day a boy asked him that if he will leave a BLACK colour balloon in the sky, will it flew? That man smiled at that boy and said it’s not the colour of the balloon but it is what’s inside that makes it go up.

These same principles are applied to our life also.

Our ability, attitude and motivation always help us to move ahead in life. Click To Tweet


We all know the power of POSITIVE THINKING but very few people understand the power of NEGATIVE THINKING.

Yes…this both things are powerful but in opposite way.

Positive thinking encourages a person to touch new heights of success, on the other hand, Negative thinking is the reason behind self-destruction.

Ability teaches us How We DO, Motivation teaches us Why We Do, but it's our Attitude that decides How Well We DO. Click To Tweet

Once in a village, there came a very big Monster and everyone in the village was having fear about that monster. A child asked the village people that why they don’t kill that monster?  Village people said that can’t he see how huge it is? The child said No…He is just big to miss. That child threw a big stone on that monster head and killed him

Moral One Giant but different Perception

Our attitude decide that how we face the problem
For example
For positive thinking people, the problem is like a big opportunity for them whereas, for a negative thinking people, the problem is like a big obstacle for them.


Attitude starts forming in us from the childhood itself.  There are 3 E’s factor that largely determines our attitude formation.

First is the ENVIRONMENT

The environment consists of many things. Like the environment at home, school environment, an office environment or political environment, all different types of environment creates a culture

You went to a shop and got a very good service there. You went to another shop but there you were treated very badly. The reason behind this is a different culture. Culture determines our environment which indirectly decides our attitude.


A positive experience with a person attracts us towards them while negative experience keeps us away from them.
Experience or events act as guidelines for the future.

You teach your children that telling lie is a bad habit, on the other side, you speak like on phone just to make an excuse. At this stage, children get confused between what they learned and what they experienced and ultimately they decide their conclusion on the basis of their experience.


It refers to both formal and informal education. We convert our education into knowledge, experience and wisdom in form of attitude which transforms it into success.

There are many benefits of Positive Attitude get a meaning for your life, you start inspiring yourself and others also, there is an increase in business and profit, you solve many problems by taking a positive decision.

In short, it reduces stress and improves quality, on the other side, there are many consequences of a negative attitude. Negative thinking people live a purposeless life neither they are satisfied with anything whether it is friendship, job, marriage or relationship. Moreover, the level of frustration, rudeness and stress increase continuously in their life. Many time they want to remove such things from their life but their negative attitude resists them from doing so.

A man was sentenced 15 years of imprisonment. After completing 15 years in jail, he was free to go. But he started feeling uncomfortable within few hours after leaving the jail because he had adapted the habit of living in jail. That’s why he committed one more big crime again so that he can live in jail forever.

Sometimes we become so comfortable with our negativity that we don’t change despite knowing that its good for us.



Many time people always find that thing that they are looking for that’s why we should search positive instead of negative in others.

ANDREW CARNEGIE was the richest man in the USA and one of the largest steel manufacturer in the world having a net worth of 310 billion dollars. Once he was asked that how he deal with people. Andrew said that dealing with people is like searching for gold. We have to separate dust and mud while searching for gold. Similarly, while searching for positive thing in a person, first we have to avoid negative thing about that person.
ANDREW CARNEGIE message was clear that change focus and look for the positive.


I have procrastinated many things in life which I regret today also. Procrastination leads to a negative attitude which results into delay and regret.

When a person is small, he thinks that he will be happy when he will grow.
When he grow and become a boy, he thinks that he will be happy when he studies.
When his studies will get over, he thinks he will be happy when he will get a job.
When he gets the job, he thinks he will be happy when he will get married.
When he gets married, he thinks that he will be happy after having his own family.
When he makes his own family, he thinks that after retirement he will be always happy.
And when get retired from the job, he finds that time has gone and its too late now to be happy and enjoy life.

Some people procrastinate by saying that they are analyzing or getting ready for the future, but even after six months, they are still analyzing or getting ready.

If you want to develop a positive attitude then stop procrastination and make a habit of doing it now.
So to conclude…
WINNING is like an event, but being a winner is a spirit.
Inculcate “YES YOU CAN” spirit in yourself by developing a positive attitude.
Always remember one thing Winners don’t do different think..they do think differently

Video transcript credits YouTube Video. This transcript is added for helping the visitors who have difficulty watching the video.

Don’t forget one thing, You are a born winner. Winners never quit.


Circumstances may not support and you might feel disappointed. There is a purpose of your life. Overcome the obstacles and live life to the fullest. Try your best to make your life successful like a blockbuster movie.  Always keep a positive attitude and optimism and change your life.

Are you following a positive attitude?

Do you like to share any tips to improve positive attitude?

Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

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