Brighten Your Life By Helping Others

How helping others will brighten your life?

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2022)

Helping others is a trait, precious, yet hard to find. The more you give, the more you grow. Helping doesn’t necessarily involve money. One can help others by sharing time, knowledge, and skills. Do you help others and brighten your life?

How helping others will brighten your life?

You can brighten your life by helping others. Helping others not only instils a sense of happiness in the receiver but also gives immense happiness and satisfaction to the contributor. This happiness is irrespective of social barriers like caste, religion, gender or ideological differences.

Brighten Life By Helping Others
Brighten Life By Helping Others

What are the ways to help others?

All humans need help. If you say, you don’t need the help of others, then you are wrong. Everyone need help and everyone can help others.

We can help others in many ways. Students can help their friends by sharing their books, notes, and knowledge. Teachers can help weak students by giving them free tuition.

A husband can help his wife with household work. Office workers can help their co-workers by sharing their knowledge and free time.

Do you brighten your life by helping others?

Sadly, many times, we ignore helping someone in need due to any reason or even without a reason.

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It is not uncommon to see someone who met with an accident, lying helplessly on the road soaked in blood.

Do we really stop by and try to rush the victim to the hospital?

Some may and many won’t think “someone else will help him out” or “I don’t want the cops to trouble me”.

On a different note, how many men would mop the house or wash all dishes after a meal?

A lot of us would mindlessly ignore a small kid begging for alms. Yes, we should discourage beggars but we can always buy a fulfilling meal and make the kid happy.

Inspirational video – Brighten your life by helping others

This video is really nice and shows how we can help others in simple ways. After watching this video you will realise how many times you could help others but you didn’t find the time or didn’t know this.

Watch this video and try to help others in the future which will give happiness to them and also fill your mind full of happiness and satisfaction.

What are the reasons for not helping others?

What underlies such conservative behaviour of people in today’s world is a lot of negativity, lack of selflessness and some bias the society has created. There are others who help only if there is a selfish benefit attached. We fear cops instead of saving a life.

Some students don’t help their friends for the fear of losing their own ranks. Similarly, professionals don’t share resources easily for the fear of someone else taking away their appraisal.

Some jobs like mopping, cleaning, washing, cooking etc. are stereotyped as “women only” jobs and men feel inferior in doing them, thanks to the patriarchal society we live in.

People donate savings of their life to religious congregations and conveniently ignore someone who is actually in need of financial or in-kind support. This might sound stupid but sadly reflects the state of a majority. Do you know your Duty Towards your Neighbour?

The Joy of Giving Week

Well, how many of us know that there is a festival of giving in India? Just like Eid, Diwali, and Christmas, people celebrate something called “Joy of Giving Week” in the first week of October. Unlike other festivals, this can be celebrated by anyone and everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, social or financial strata.

Try sponsoring a meal for one child or clean up the nearby park or give a thank you note to the traffic cop who stands daily in the sun to keep us safe.

You will be overjoyed with a sense of contentment.

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No candle will lose its light while lighting another candle. So never stop sharing and helping others because it makes your life more meaningful. The best way to become happy is by helping others in need, every day and everywhere.

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