Choosing the right Career is important for a successful life. Do not choose a career just for money. It is good to respect the suggestions of parents and friends, but ensure to choose the right career as per your choice.

Never Keep Ineligible Persons On Responsible Jobs

Never Keep Ineligible Persons On Responsible Jobs

Candidates have to pass many tests to get a good job. But sometimes ineligible persons use the wrong methods to get jobs. After a few days of work, such people themselves prove their inefficiency. Never Keep Ineligible Persons Keeping ineligible persons on responsible jobs becomes a liability for others and society. We should not encourage …

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Empowerment Checklist - A Growth Mindset

Empowerment Checklist – A Growth Mindset

A growth mindset will give you the confidence to overcome challenges, master your job and the confidence to scale greater heights. Be mindful that your growth mindset is in operation most of the time. Never settle for what you know and do well. In a rapidly changing world, staying in the same spot will mean you are going backwards ( more relevant now with artificial intelligence and robotics)

Easy Exam Preparation Tips

Easy Exam Preparation Tips To Make You Confident

For many students and their parents, exam season is a very stressful period. Instead of motivating, some parents give more stress to their children by forcing them to study for long hours. Some parents often speak comparing with other children and that affect the self-confidence of their children make it hard to concentrate on study. There is no need to stress out or bring unnecessary problems. By following easy exam preparation tips, children can ensure self-confident and ready for anything that comes up in the exam.

Solve Study Problems

How To Solve Study Problems Without Help

This is one of the most important topics not just for students but for everyone.  There are many problems in the life of students. But we can summarise all the problems, whatever it may be, into two categories. First problem is that knowingly or unknowingly students walk through the wrong path. What is the wrong…

Myths About Abstract Artists

Myths About Abstract Artists That Need To Be Shattered

Artists are known for their thoughts – creative, free, without any boundaries, and always colourful. Abstract art is a form of art where the artist creates a masterpiece that’s free- spirited and colourful. These colours, shapes, forms, and designs are nothing but mere representations of their thoughts. Some people have myths about abstract artists that …

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