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Sreedhanya Suresh | Poor Tribal Girl Cracked UPSC Exam

Sreedhanya Suresh The First Tribal Girl from Wayanad who Cracked UPSC Exam

Despite several government initiatives to uplift the tribal community members, some tribal areas are still in backwardness. It’s a moment of pride and glory for the people of Kerala, India. Sreedhanya Suresh, the 26-year-old tribal girl from Pozhuthana panchayat, Dist. Wayanad has cleared the UPSC Civil Services Examination with a national rank of 410. She is the first person from a tribal community in Wayanad to crack the UPSC exams, that too with an excellent rank of 410.

Never Keep Ineligible Persons On Responsible Jobs

Never Keep Ineligible Persons On Responsible Jobs

Candidates have to pass many tests to get a good job. But sometimes ineligible persons use the wrong methods to get jobs. After a few days of work, such people themselves prove their inefficiency. Never Keep Ineligible Persons Keeping ineligible persons on responsible jobs becomes a liability for others and society. We should not encourage …

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4 Simple Steps To Overcome Stress

Simple Steps To Overcome Stress

Do you have stress in life? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most people have stress because life is a journey with sorrows and happiness. We have to face many challenges and unexpected problems which cause to stress. The good news is that you can fight yourself and overcome stress with simple steps. I hope this post will help you realise stress is nothing if you fight with a powerful mind.

The Secrets About Forgiveness And Self-Forgiveness

The Secrets About Forgiveness And Self-Forgiveness

It is difficult to forgive when you realise the mental pain but forgiving others is essential for your well being and peace of mind. Do you know the benefits of forgiveness and self-forgiveness? After reading the post and watching the video talk, you will realise the reason for your unhappiness, stress and other such problems and take a decision to make changes in your life through forgiveness and self-forgiveness.