Never Allow Obstacles Break Success In Your Life

Never Allow Obstacles Break Success In Life
(Last Updated On: September 4, 2018)

Never Allow Obstacles Break Success

Success rules and wise quotes from great successors are precious and helpful to overcome the fear of failures and move forward to a successful life. Never allow obstacles break success in your life.

Obstacle is a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.

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Tom Bilyeu – Top 10 Success Rules

You must have heard about Tom Bilyeu, a man who went from growing up in an obese family. From being dead broke and not able to pay his bills, build a billion-dollar brand. He became a relentless agent for change with a goal to help people reach their true potential.

Tom Bilyeu is best known as a co-founder of Quest Nutrition. His goal with Quest Nutrition was to show that food can be “good for you and still taste good”  and to end metabolic disease.  Tom and his team made protein bars from their kitchen when starting Quest Nutrition. Bilyeu and his wife, Lisa, started Impact Theory in October 2016. Impact Theory publishes a long-form interview talk show, hosted by Bilyeu. They designed impact Theory to “leverage the self-sustaining power of commerce to influence global culture”.


1. Don’t let obstacles break you

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As Confucius said “when it’s obvious that the goal cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

That may be the single best piece of advice you’re ever going to get. Write that down burn it into your flesh tattoo, it on your soul. Do whatever you need to do to remember that once you set a goal, once you’ve decided in your life, there is something that you’re going to make come true. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching that.

But the reality is is you go things are gonna get in your way there will be an inevitable slew of obstacles coming at you. But when it gets so hard that you realize that the path that you’re on is simply not going to take you where you want to go. Rather than give up on what it was you said you were gonna do find a different path and in that.

When you really  make that the cornerstone of your identity, that you refuse to bend or be broken by obstacles, by challenges. But instead you rise to those challenges, you go over under through them, you do whatever you have to, you devise any plan to find a way through, then your life will change.

Once that becomes your reaction to not change that thing that meant so much to you.  You’ve dedicated your life to making it come true that you don’t change that but rather you find another way. You tap into your creativity, you find somebody that can help you you.

Do whatever it takes to get on the other side of that you do,  whatever it takes to build that life that you want to see. But if your reaction is to change your goal to make it easier, to move it closer, to be less of who you could be, simply so you can check a box you’re never gonna have anything that’s worth having.

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2. Take the first step

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Why like if you had to boil it, down why didn’t L got it locked? The answer is they never start. Now the reason that most people never start is because they don’t think that they’re gonna get a result from their actions. And then that’s gonna come down to a belief that they believe about themselves I’m too stupid, I’m not good enough, I don’t have the natural talent, I wasn’t born at the right time or in the right neighborhood, my parents didn’t teach me that. That’s why most people fail.

There’s a great quote by Amelia Earhart. I’ll paraphrase the hard thing is taking the first step. Everything else is just persistence. And I’ve always loved that quote because it’s so true. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to get it right. It doesn’t mean that just because you start you’re gonna win. In fact most likely the first thing you do you’re gonna fail.

Think about all the times  that you guys tried something and it failed, or the first time when you tried to get the business going and it didn’t work, or the first house you tried to sell and nobody went for it, or the first time you lost money.

And the question is what did you do then? If you learned from it double down figured it out focused only on the truth then you’ll move forward you move forward because you believe you can learn and that’s that thing hiding in that. And this is the thing when people ask me hey my mom or my wife or my husband whatever they don’t have that belief system they don’t have what Carol Dweck calls a growth mindset how do I get them. There the answer is you don’t until they are convinced that they can learn anything that they put their mind to that. Their energies double down into that area of gaining skills will actually pay off with a real-world ability to do something new they’re not going to act.

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3. Outwork everyone

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Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest athletes of our time  would show up on game day and if he saw anybody else at the gym as early as him even though he was always the first on the court he would end up practicing longer than that person. And I had the honor of interviewing one of those people one time and he said I went up in ask Kobe Kobe we have a game in an hour like what are you doing out here practicing so long, and Kobe said I needed you to know that I was willing to outwork you. And in that game they ended up winning and that lesson stuck with that guy forever.

When you’re willing to put in the work, when you’re willing to take control of your environment and put yourself through the stressors required for adaptation you literally can become anything and my life is proof of that.

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4. Prepare for the luck

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I hear people talk about luck a lot and I know that people think about the role that luck plays in their life. But the reality is luck is all around luck is ever-present. Luck literally is coming to you every day, it’s passing you by it’s happening to you right now.

But the question is are you able to take advantage of the luck? Have you prepared for the luck? And I think that it comes down to we have a misconception about what luck is? We think of luck as something as being passive that we sit, we wait, we’re in some obscure place and still somehow the luck finds us. But the reality is were awash in luck. What we’re missing is the ability to make use of it.

If you have a bunch of bullets, but no gun, you really have nothing. If you have a gun, but no bullets, the same thing. That magic moment comes together when you have two things that work in conjunction. And you have them both.

You can’t have luck without the diligence, you can’t have success without the skills. You’ve got to spend your life preparing to capitalize on that, look and to look at what somebody has done, to look at a moment of success in their life. and to say that it was luck is to create a frame of reference for you in which you can’t see how you yourself can leverage what you have to get lucky.

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5. Find deep fulfillment

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One thing I want to make really clear and if you ignore everything else this is the one where you stop and you pay attention, because this could save years of your life. The game you’re playing is not success, the game you’re playing is not money, the game you’re playing is brain, chemistry. The only thing that matters in life truly, the only thing that matters in life is what you think about yourself.

When you’re by yourself and have nothing but your own thoughts, if in that moment you feel good about who you are, who you’re becoming, what you’re capable of and what you’re willing to do to make a better future for yourself, those you care about and other people around you. You will love your life.

It is the single most pleasurable neurochemical state is deep fulfillment, okay not happiness. A bowl of ice cream brings me a lot of happiness but it is a very transient experience deep and lasting fulfillment matters and what that comes down to is how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself.

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6. Know your why

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The piece of advice that I always give to somebody whether it’s an entrepreneur or somebody who wants to be the greatest parent of all time. What is your goal you’ve got to start with your goal. Everything works backwards from that. Simon and I did a video that essentially broke the internet about Millennials. Somebody watched it what got Simon on the world stage is this whole concept of why you’ve got to know, why you’re doing, what you’re doing.

If you’re just showing up every day to cut and dye hair to keep your lights on, you’re gonna have far less energy to make it through the hard times than somebody who is there to help. Transform somebody to help, make somebody their best to help them, feel their best and I hope that you guys saw that video not too long ago of the hairdresser that went around and he was doing makeovers on homeless people right man it was incredible it was so beautiful.

The look on their face at that moment where they see themselves for the first time in front of the mirror. And they are seeing something totally new. They’re seeing a version of themselves that they did not know was there. And the ability to give that gift like it is so easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind of what you do, what any of us do, but if at the core I view is a deep and unending why for what you’re doing.

You’ve got something now, you’ve got a chance to transcend what you’re doing and the way that happens is very tactical has nothing to do with like whoo being down. There it’s none of that you’re gonna have the energy that you need to fight through.

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7. Protect your vision

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We get to decide who we are. There’s no objective truth that you’re going to find or uncover. You’re simply the collection of the things that you believe to be true about yourself. And once you begin to form that opinion of who you are you’ll act in accordance with that belief, you begin to shape a vision of yourself in your own mind and that becomes the reality.

So letting other people influence that, letting other people come in and degrade what you think of yourself is one of the most day and damning things that you could do. Because they cloud your ability to craft to craft a vision of the person that you want to become. And that vision is so hard for all of us to hold on to that we have to protect it. We have to keep other people out of that. We’ve got to have intention in creating the person that we want to become.


8. Get better

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You are all hopelessly average by birth.. We all are and that’s the great news. Because the most important thing to understand about the human species, we are the ultimate adaptation machine. If you guys were paying attention not too long ago they sequenced the human genome and they realize that the human genome has 20,000 genes.

And everybody they thought that they were going to cure cancer, all the diseases, age-related disease, everything type 1, type tight type 2 diabetes was all gonna be a thing of the past. We’re gonna have it figured out and then we realize that an onion has more genetic diversity than we do.

And how could that be and so they’re literally going? Is this really possible? Do we misunderstand something like how is it that an onion has more genetic diversity than we have? And somebody finally said hey maybe all this stuff  that we’ve been referring to as junk DNA.

Maybe it  actually plays a role and then they began to realize that all that junk DNA that was outside of those 20,000 genes we saw expressing themselves is what is called epigenetics, now if you’ve ever heard of epigenetics that’s amazing you’re way ahead. If you haven’t heard of epigenetics let it become one of the most important things in your life. Because epigenetics is what has made us the most dominant species this planet has ever seen. It is the only thing that you need to know. It’s what I call the only belief that matters, the only belief that matters is that you can learn anything.

I don’t need you to believe that you’re good now. That doesn’t matter. Who you are now is totally irrelevant. The only thing I want to know who are you willing to become and what’s the price you’re willing to pay to get there.
And that’s what humans are designed to do. If you put us under stress we can learn something new we can get  better.


9. Turn negatives into positives

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What are some ways that I can stop giving this negative feedback to myself? Okay, so first of all you’ve got to train yourself to use the negative thoughts that you have as a habit loop trigger of something positive. That’s the first step to all of this. So I don’t think anybody is going to be able to get rid of the negative voice and even if you could I  actually don’t think you would want to.

I think the reality is you want to use that as your jujitsu flip to get over to the positive way of thinking. To get into that positive habit loop to remind yourself that even if you’re not good at it yet, you can get good at it that you’re going to learn by whatever you’re doing.


10. Build the life you want

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I don’t think people really realize we construct our lives, we build them from nothing, we decide what our goals are, we decide in what way to move, we decide who we’re going to become and what we’re going to get. But it’s a decision, it’s a process. It isn’t something that somebody hands to you. And so if you find that your life is a misery, understand that your life is an exact reflection of your choices. And if you want a different life, you need to only make a different choice. But I know right now many of you are thinking, but I don’t know what way to go, I don’t know what choice to make, I don’t know what it is that I want to do.

And as ROI Maurice Keene said I don’t believe skill was or ever will be the result of coaches it is a result of a love affair between the child and the ball. So ask yourself what’s that thing you love. And don’t judge yourself if it was something that you loved as a child ,that people are telling you.

You couldn’t possibly make money and it’s that part of the equation that I want to break for people.  I want you to understand stop asking yourself what you can make a lot of money yet and start asking  yourself what would you enjoy, what is that life that you don’t need to escape from what is the life that is your love, what is the thing that as a kid you did whether people wanted you to or not, what is the thing you would sneak out that night to do because you weren’t gonna be stopped from doing it.

Everybody has something like that in their life. Some spark of interest maybe long-dormant, maybe that they’ve pushed aside because they think it’s stupid well, maybe they failed once and they think they’re bad at it even though they love it. That sting of the failure has convinced them to stop pursuing it at the end of the day that is what it gives you that energy.

The end of the day thing that matters is what fills you with joy. At the end of the day the only thing that matters it’s not success. Ensure this hell isn’t money. I’m feeling about yourself. When you’re buying the things of giving energy it’s what you think about yourself, it’s how you react to the hard things is whether or not you push blue. And when you push through, when you persevere, when you go down the process of taking the time to structure your life to build it into something that you want it to be, to build it into something that you’re proud of to become the person that’s capable of the things you want to do.

That can first fall in love with something and do it for the love of it and not worry about what other people think. If you hate your life, I guarantee you the thing is that you were trapped by what other people think. You don’t want to give it up because somebody will think you’re a failure, you don’t want to give it up because it’s a paycheck, you don’t want to give it up because you’re scared. You’re scared you don’t know what you’ll do next.

But imagine a world for a second. Well all you thought about was what do you love, what do you enjoy in that moment. It doesn’t matter if it changes from day to day just what do you love, what fills you with joy, what gives you that energy at the end of the day.

The only thing that we all have is right now, this moment, it’s what you’re experiencing loving, what you do, how you spend your time. That’s the point of all of it. The point of life is that in each transient moment that passes by doing something that fills you with joy nobody can give you that we’ve got to build that life.

So go out figure out what it is that you want to do and brick by brick have the courage to build that life.

Bonus Tip – Never Allow Obstacles Break Success

People get stuck, they become so dogmatic, they become so convinced that they’re right and that feeling of being right gives them a sense of self-worth. And I’m telling you right now with compassion because I want to see you win. Valuing yourself for being right is a trap, thinking of yourself as smart is a trap and I get it man I know how good it feels when you’re right, when you have the right idea and it goes out and it wins.

That feels so good but if you can recognize that over time it can only paint you into a corner because the world changes. The world is adapting the very thing that makes humans the ultimate apex predator. Is that we adapt?

Charles Darwin said “it’s not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent but rather the most adaptive

To change you’ve got to be willing to change, you’ve always got to be willing to seek out, this confirming evidence you’ve got a hunger for it, you’ve got to want to be proven wrong, you’ve got to literally invite people into your world that are going to point out flaws and you’re thinking because your thinking has already taken you as far as its going to.

So if you want to get farther, if you want to get to that next level, you’ve got to stop valuing yourself for who you are, what you think,  how smart you are, when you’re right, when you’re wrong all of that is irrelevant. You’ve got to value yourself entirely on your willingness to admit that you’re wrong, you’ve got to value yourself on your willingness to learn, you’ve got to value yourself for your willingness to sit humbly at somebody’s feet and seek their wisdom to not try to be the hero but instead to try to be the one that collects the knowledge.

When you can flip over into that, when you can value yourself for a willingness to stare naked leave at your own inadequacies you’ll start to make progress in life. But no matter how far you’ve got, no matter how much you want, no matter how certain you are, no matter how much the things you’ve done in your life have proven to be correct as Charlie Munger says you must force yourself to consider arguments on the other side you can always reject them,  you can always look at it and really think about it and say at the end of the day it’s just not correct.

But when you are trying to hold on to your ideas simply because they’re your ideas or simply because they worked in the past or simply because you like them, you will fall into a trap of dogma and you’ll no longer be able to see fresh ideas and move in new directions.

But if you’re willing to acknowledge that this world is constantly moving its ever-changing, the only thing true about the future always and forever is that things change and if your thinking doesn’t change you’ll never be able to keep up.

So if you want to do something extraordinary with your life step number one

Always seek out that disconfirming evidence always look at arguments from the otherside.

If you’re able to do that, then you’ll always be able to stay ahead of the curve and Ageing won’t be a problem. Because you can stay fresh in your mind, you become invincible when you bend and not break, and that’s what this kind of mindset will allow you to have.

So if you want to win, stop thinking about how you’re right and start asking how you’re wrong.

This is a very nice video lessons from Tom Bilyeu.


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You may have to face many obstacles in life. That is part of life. But never allow obstacles break success in your life.

What’s the first step you need to take?

What obstacle you want to stop from break you?
Feel free to share your views in the comment box.

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