Duty Towards Neighbour

Duty Towards Neighbour | Make An Impact In Your Life

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2019)

Do you have a good relationship with your neighbour? What is your duty towards neighbour?

We all have neighbours near our home. You might have experienced being on good terms with your neighbour has many benefits. If you do not have a good relationship with the neighbour that can make your life frustrating, day after day.

Impact of duty towards the neighbour

“Love of our neighbour, then, has just the same respect to, is no more distant from, self-love, than hatred of our neighbour, or than love or hatred of anything else.” Joseph Butler

Everybody needs good neighbours

Below cartoon video is being used to promote how everyone needs good neighbours where they live.

Duty Towards Neighbour

Village Children Playing
Vector Image Of Village Children Playing
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  • Do you show your neighbour a warm welcome and extend a helping hand?
  • When your neighbours need something from you, do you provide them with it when you can?
  • Do you ignore helping them, especially elderly or disabled neighbours?
  • Are you kind to your neighbours and respect them?
  • Do you try to ease their pain when they are sad?
  • Do you make fun of the way they live, talk or dress?


Good neighbours are always there to help you. Your relatives may be staying far away from your home. Your neighbours are the one who will come first to help you in trouble. Keep a good relationship with your neighbours. Visit their house often. Enquire about their problems and extend help. Some neighbours may be shy to ask for help. But it is your responsibility to understand their shy nature and help them.

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