We all come from different backgrounds and face unique challenges. But we have the choice of living life to the fullest. It is not important how long we live, but how well we live. Add meaning to your life each day.

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Keep life simple, stay happy and live life to the fullest!

Every life has a purpose. Simply Life Tips is designed to help you find it, ignite the fire within you by discovering your greatest strengths and improve your personal power.

Life is not what you have, but what you make it! Make your life beautiful with success and happiness.


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Mathukutty P V

Mathukutty P. V.
The mind behind Simply Life Tips

He started blogging out of passion.

He found blogging to be a great medium for sharing favourite things with the world.



Let's strive to go beyond our own boundaries to reach out the unknown and make the life successful with full of happiness.

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