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7 Amazing Success Habits You Must Adopt To Achieve Success In Life

Success Habits You Must Adopt To Achieve Success In Life

Updated on January 23, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

The new year 2020 is started and we all wish to make it a successful year. This year is a special year because the number 2020 is related to  Twenty20 cricket match. In Twenty20 cricket match, each team faces only 20 overs. It means a high score in fewer overs. Do you wish to learn how to attract success in 2020?  Let’s find the success habits you must develop if you want to win in 2020.

  • What are the best habits for success?
  • Why habits are important to success?
  • How can I become more successful?
  • What are good habits?

7 Amazing Success Habits

Good habits and consistency are what creates successful people.

  1. Journal writing.
  2. Use the “do it anyway” mind strategy.
  3. Workout every day.
  4. Become a Great Reader.
  5. Beat the sun up.
  6. Push Yourself. (Do things that make you uncomfortable).
  7. Mix with Successful People.

1. Journal writing – Success Habit

Do you have the habit of journal writing (diary writing)? If not, start it today. Writing happenings of daily life is a good practice. That will help you to understand your mistakes and find ways to correct them in future. It is better to have a good planner and journal. A planner will help you to focus on things on a priority basis. A Journal will help you to understand and correct the faults.

2. Do it anyway – Success Habits

Do you find excuses or feel laziness to postpone your work? That is one of the bad habits many people are facing. You are aware of the benefits of a morning walk every day, but your laziness holds you back under the blanket. You know the importance of the assignment given to you, but you feel tired and not in a mood to complete the work.

What to do in such situations? You must follow “Do it anyway mindset trick of Mel Robbins”. If you start doing work, you will be able to complete it. If you listen to the excuses of your mind, you can never do it.

3. Workout Everyday – Success Habits

Physical work is important for good physical and mental health. Physical labourers and farmers are not required to do an extra workout because their work itself is the best exercise for their body and mind. But people who are working in the office should have a routine of exercises to relieve the negative elements from their body and mind.

Many people are facing stress at work problem. Do you know How To Manage Workplace Stress With Physical Exercises? It is not necessary that you have to do heavy exercises or go to the gym daily. Simple exercises or small physical work can do magic in your health.

Read The 7 Top Excuses For Not Exercising Enough

4. Become a Great Reader – Success Habits

Do you know the success story and top 10 success rules of Oprah Winfrey?

Do you have the habit of reading regularly? If not, start this good habit today. Ensure that you read only good books and articles. Reading is the best method to gain more and more knowledge. In the digital world, you can read many good articles on the internet free of cost.

Reading helps not only to gain knowledge but also helps to learn positive things required for a successful life. Don’t forget to share a good article which you find is useful for success and happiness with your friends. Help them also to read and bring positive changes in their life.

5. Beat the sun up – Success Habits

What time do you wake up in the morning? Early morning is the best time for starting your day. Wake up early in the morning doesn’t mean you should not sleep well at night. Good sleep at night is very important for a healthy mind and body. Your body and mind need proper rest. Do you know how to wake up early morning without using any alarm?

Learn Simple Morning Routines That Will Transform Your Life

6. Push Yourself – Success Habits

Push Yourself - Success Habits
Push Yourself – Success Habits

Do you ignore doing things because of the fear of failures? Have you ever stopped doing important assignments because of fear of rejection or thinking about the wrong comments people may make about your performance? If you do only the work from your comfort zone, then how can you learn new things and improve your life?

Learn powerful tips to boost self-confidence, remove self-doubt, face challenges fearless of failures and move forward to success. To become successful you should have a positive attitude and optimism. Avoid Negative self-talk and learn the bad effects and solutions.

Fill your mind with positive vibes and push yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable. In the beginning stage, you might feel to quit but never quit. Tell yourself and make your mind believe that you can do anything. Never stop believing in yourself even for a second. 

7. Mix With Successful People – Success Habits

Make more good friends and avoid bad friends is one of the most important habits for success. Never keep bad friends because they will damage your precious life. Try to have a network with successful people and learn their secrets and rules for success. Have you heard the old proverb “The stone which lies near the jasmine flower will also bear its fragrance.” If you mix with successful people you will also become successful. But you have to learn from their life and work hard fearless of failures.

Find Easy Ways To Make Friends | How To Become More Likeable?

7 Amazing Success Habits You Must Adopt In 2020

Watch this video and listen to the inspiring words of well known successful people.

Success Habits – The Law of Attraction Explained – Bob Proctor

The law of attraction is always working. It’s like the law of gravity. If I let this go it’s gonna go down. It’s never gonna go back up, it’s gonna go down. That is law of gravity. Anything heavier than earth is attracted towards the center of the world.

If there’s no belief it ain’t going to happen. When you believe it you’re encased in the idea, you fuse with the idea and that makes all kinds of things happen. When you believe it there’s no quitting. You never quit. It doesn’t matter what happens you don’t quit. Quitting is never an option.

An Example Of The Law Of Attraction – Bob Proctor

You attract according to the vibration you’re in. This thing we live in is a molecular structure. Your body is a mass of energy.

Do you know if you put your body in front of an infrared television camera in a completely dark room, your whole being would be nothing but a glistening radiating gleaming form?

The feeling is conscious of where it is of the vibration we’re in. When we don’t feel good, we’re in a negative vibration. We want to feel good, move into a positive vibration. Stop and think of what you’re grateful for. But understand this, you will never attract to your wealth, happiness, health until you get the paradigm to get you on that frequency. Source YouTube Video

Have a good sleep at night

It is important to prioritize the quality and the amount of your sleeping time every night. If you have a better sleep at night, you will realize quantum gains in your productivity in your output throughout your day. Find Easy Ways To Get Better Sleep At Night


If you want to become successful, you must adopt good successful habits. If you fall into bad habits that will give you temporary pleasures but will surely damage your valuable life. Never listen to the words of bad people, never follow any bad habits. Be a good human being with self-respect and respect for others.

How can you mix with more successful people in your life?

Where do you need to push yourself harder?

Where can you apply the “do it anyway” strategy to?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

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