Wake Up Early Morning Without Using Any Alarm

How To Wake Up Early Morning Without Using Any Alarm

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

What time do you wake up in the morning? Have you ever tried to develop the habit of wake up early morning? Did you fail after maximum 2 or 3 days and after that you were unable to continue it? It happens with many people. Let’s find how to wake up early morning without using any alarm.

A few questions people ask about waking up early morning

  • Why do I wake up early in the morning?
  • Is waking up early healthy?
  • What are the benefits of early morning wake up?
  • Why I Cannot wake up in the morning?
  • How can I wake up easier in the morning?
  • What is the best time to wake up early in the morning?
  • How can I wake up early after sleeping late?

What is meant by early morning?

The time between 4 and 5 a.m. is meant by early morning. If you get up at 6 a.m. that is not early morning. Some people work till late at night. Some others have smartphone addiction and hence they waste their time on social media, chat and other entertainments and go to bed after midnight. Some people don’t get better sleep at night because of negative thoughts, tensions and stress in their mind. Since these people don’t get enough sleep at night they can’t get up early morning.

What are the benefits of wake up early morning?

Woman wake up early morning
Woman wake up early morning standing near the window Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Early morning time is calm, your mind and body is refreshed after a good sleep at night. Your mind has the ability for full concentration on your work. Your concentration level will be high, your mind will have positive thoughts and you will be able to handle any kind of job.

3 Tips to wake up early morning

This is a motivational talk by Devika Bhatnagar one of the famous motivational speaker. She speaks well and explains in a simple language. Don’t miss to watch this video.

Start your day with a silent prayer

The new technology world has changed the life of many people and they have the wrong habit of picking up the smartphone and look for social media messages immediately after opening their eyes.

Early morning is quiet and the best time for prayer, meditation, study and doing any such activities. Click To Tweet

Start your day with a silent prayer. If you have the routine of meditation in the morning that also is a good habit. Make mind calm.

Girl morning prayer
Girl praying with closed eyes Image by Marcia bispo Bença from Pixabay

After the prayer, close your eyes for a few seconds and remember the important things to do in the day. Before that don’t use your mobile or any other activities which can send a wrong message into your fresh mind.

Morning Walk

I have seen many people, both men and women, going for a morning walk by 4 a.m. Between 5 and 6 a.m, the grounds and roads are busy with people. They know the benefits of the morning walk

Many people have the routine of wake up early morning and go for a morning walk before the sunrise Click To Tweet

These simple morning routines will transform your life

How to wake up early in the Morning?

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Summary of the video

What happens while sleeping?

While sleeping you lose your consciousness, the ability to process any logic and only your subconscious mind is active.

Access your subconscious mind

Do you reprogram your subconscious mind before you sleep? Find here how to reprogram your subconscious mind.  If you really want to wake up early in the morning, you have to access your subconscious mind. That is you have to hack your subconscious mind.

How to access your subconscious mind?

As your subconscious mind gets instructed by you, it just does the work accordingly. If you don’t want to wake up from inside, it helps you not to wake up. But if you really want to wake up from inside, it helps you to wake up even without any kind of alarm clock.

Find the solution for you by yourself

It is good to wake up early morning, but that doesn’t mean you should not sleep well. You should ensure to have good and enough sleep for better health. If you don’t sleep well, that will affect your mental and physical health. The body and mind need enough rest and relaxation. Maintain a good sleep schedule.

Find a solution for you by yourself. If you have a sound and full sleep at night, you will have more energy for the whole day. If you wake up early in the morning, you will get a lot of free time. So, just by waking up early in the morning, you can solve both the crisis of time and energy. Starting your day with a perfect morning routine will make your day bright. Maintain simple morning routines that will transform your life.

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Good habits are important for a successful life. Try to develop good habits. Start your day right to win the day.

Do you have the habit of wake up early in the morning? 

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