Make More Friends And More Likeable

5 Tips To Be Likeable And Make More Friends

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2019)

Do you have many friends? How do you make more friends?

In the ever-changing world of technology, people have many friends on social media whom they have never seen in real life. People try to make more friends, connect with them and share thoughts and knowledge.

If you do not have many friends, then you might be looking for tips on how to make more friends.

5 Tips To Be Likeable And Make More Friends

Do you want to be more likeable? Of course, we all want to be liked by others. This is one of the most common questions that people ask.

Making good friends is easy, but it depends on your attitude. You should learn easy ways to establish an emotional connection with them.

Talent does not make you more likeable.

There are a few ways to be liked by others. Let’s see what they are.

The Right And Wrong Use Of The Tongue is a major factor in making friends.

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Here are 5 tips to make more friends

  1. Smile from within
  2. Stop being moody
  3. Stop Judging others
  4. Avoid being an attention seeker
  5. Be quick to apologize

How To Make More Friends?

This video gives you essential tips to be more likeable and to improve your confidence.

Many people think extra talent is required to get more friends. Are you also one of them? If yes, you are wrong. There are easy ways you can practise to be liked by others.


Do you smile when you see a person or just ignore and move on?

One smile can do wonders. But there is one problem. If your mind is not free and happy, you can’t smile.

Have you noticed little children smile even meeting a new person?

Some times a smile wipe out all the anger and tensions in the mind. Click To Tweet

These days you can see people walking on the road busy on their smartphones. They don’t even see other people on the road. They smile at smartphones, but not at people.

It is important for you to smile so that people start liking you. Great communications start with a great smile.

Your smile force the other person to smile back and that will help to start a good conversation. That conversation with a new person will make a way to become friends. Try to spread happiness.

Great communications start with a great smile. Click To Tweet

Stop being moody

All human beings have issues, personal thunderstorms going on in life. But make sure that your problems do not affect your relationship with others.

Learn to hide your problems and mental stress when interacting with others.

You may say, No, that is not possible. You can find many people who have many problems. But they never show moody while meeting and talking with others.

Most people like to have a friendship with people who crack jokes, fun, laughing, talk nicely with a smile on their face.

People avoid friendship with people talks negative, angry or depressed. So, keeping a pleasant mood is very important to attract more people to become your friends.

Stop Judging

Some people have a bad habit of judging others. They judge not only friends but also a person whom they meet the first time.

They may not know anything about that person. But just by looking at the appearance, behaviour or listening to the talk they start judging.

You can be open-minded but do not judge others without knowing their walks of life and culture.

People from different places having different culture work together or travel together. There will be differences of opinions, their style of working and different lifestyle.

The world does not revolve around you, so you have no right to judge others.

Avoid and ignore baseless comments and weird assumptions about others. When people realise you have the bad habit of judging others unnecessarily, they will never like to keep friendship with you.

Don’t be an attention seeker

Some people try to impress and to seek the attention of others. They speak about their strength, status, wealth etc. Sometimes they talk to strangers this way. The status of the stranger may be much higher than them. They may be unaware of the facts about the person when self-praising.

Everyone love attention. But that doesn’t mean your all words and actions are pointed to seek the attention of others to you.

Never interrupt and jump into every conversation of others and making comments. Remember most people never like friendship with such persons.

Try to understand others, appreciate others and help others.  Make other people feel special and better in their lives. This will help you to become likeable and make more friends.

Be quick to apologize

The last but the most important thing in life is to learn to apologize. Never hold grudge against others.

You should try to solve the problem in a better manner and also need to apologize. People will appreciate your action and like you.
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Learn Self-Forgiveness

Make more friends
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Surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus on good.


In order to win people’s hearts, you should have a positive attitude. If you try, definitely you are going to be liked by others and make more good friends.

Do you have many good friends?

How do you make more friends?

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