Self-Care Tips That You Can Implement In Your Life

Proven Self-Care Tips

As we all know, COVID-19 pandemic is affected the whole world and many people are in quarantine and isolation. In this situation of quarantine and isolation, learning and practising self-care tips are more important than ever. During a difficult time like these, we need to be willing to prioritise ourselves in order to keep everyone else healthy. I found a video of experts explaining proven self-care practices that you can implement in your life for your benefit and also for the benefit of the community. Let’s check what are those self-care tips.

Why Self-Care Tips Are Important?

The whole world is going through an unexpected and unavoidable situation. The COVID-19, a tiny Coronavirus has proved that human is not as strong as he thinks. Man invented many things, reached above the sky limit, developed technologies to do face to face discussions watching each other anywhere in the world sitting at home. He increased the lifetime of people through organ transplantation. Like than many more things, but a tiny virus forced him to sit at home, controlled and stopped the movements from one place to another.

8 Self-Care Tips

Impact Theory has compiled an episode featuring extraordinary clips from some amazing guests on the topic of self-care. Les Brown, Kelly McGonigal, Cal Newport, Lori Harder, Brendon Burchard, Tucker Max, Ed Mylett, and James Altucher, along with host Tom Bilyeu, share stories, tips and tactics on how to best take care of yourself. You can learn how to get out from negative self-talk, why staying physically active is so critical.

You need to make sure that you are taking the time to prioritise your own self-care. In the video, you can find self-care tips from experts. You can incorporate these practices into your own life.

8 Self-Care Tips and Tactics That You Can Implement Right Now

Topics Discussed

  • Les Brown explains why you need to believe that you can get out from under the labels.
  • How you live your life is a result of the story you tell yourself about yourself.
  • Kelly McGonigal explains why movement is so critical to mental well-being.
  • Other than thinking and planning, everything we do is a form of physical movement.
  • Cal Newport talks about why we need to take breaks from social media
  • How to regain your solitude and carve out time for yourself.
  • Lori Harder advocates staying in touch with your playful, goofy side.
  • Brendon Burchard describes his methods for forming and keeping great relationships.
  • Tucker Max explains why you have to connect to and acknowledge your emotions.
  • Tucker shares his story of psychoanalysis and the value of a non-judgmental mirror.
  • Ed Mylett advocates the power and necessity of stacking gratitude.
  • James Altucher shares his story of learning to deal with failure and depression

Watch a powerful example of why we all need to remain grateful for what we do have. In this situation, self-care practices are very important for your good health and also to save others.

Here Are The 8 Self-Care Tips

  1. Connect With Yourself
  2. Be Active
  3. Take Social Media Breaks
  4. Create Life Balance
  5. Nurture Healthy Relationship
  6. Acknowledge Your Emotions
  7. Stack Gratitude
  8. Maintain Daily Practice
Self-care tips
8 Self-care tips

1. Connect With Yourself – Les Brown

Connect With Yourself - Self-care tips
Connect With Yourself – Self-Care Tips

Why do you need to believe that you can get out from under the labels?

The easiest thing I’ve done was to get out from under the labels and to live the life that I live. The most difficult thing I’ve ever done was to believe that I can do it. The difference is that when you don’t know what’s impacting you and it’s something that that’s holding you down and you’re not aware of it.

There are things that you in my situation. You live in a dominant culture that is designed to destroy your sense of self and your belief in yourself. And you have to learn ways in which you can begin to connect with this power that you have within yourself to handle where you are. The key is to be constantly in a perpetual process of discovering the truth of who you are and fighting constantly to look for ways in which you can escape the inner conversation.

Life is going to beat up on you in so many ways. Negative thoughts and how you feel about yourself. They don’t die. They come back once you stop doing the maintenance work on your mind.

Les Brown

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How you live your life is a result of the story you tell yourself about yourself

People live their lives as a result of the story they believe about themselves. As a speaker when you speak this problem when people see you what you do is distract, dispute, and inspire. You distract people from their current story with your guess and the questions that you ask through the process of the ongoing questioning. And the way in which they respond and the things they have learned you dismantle their current belief system and inspire them to create a new chapter with their lives. But that’s an ongoing process of constantly interrupting that conversation what psychologists call you self explanatory style because life is going to beat up on you in so many ways and many things they come back you know negative thoughts. Find Easy Ways To Stop Dwelling On Negative Thoughts

2. Be Active – Kelly McGonigal

Why movement is so critical to mental well-being?

Be Active - Self-Care Practice
Be Active – Self-Care Practice

It has been studied in every age group, every health status, every gender, every socioeconomic status people who are more physically active or happier they have better relationships. They’re more meaning in life. They’re less at risk for things like depression and loneliness. If you go further than just sort of that kind of epidemiology and you look at how movement affects the brain, and how movement affects mental health. It’s as if humans were born to move and when we are physically active it puts us in a state of not just body but of mind to be the best version of ourselves.

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Everything from the neurochemistry of the runner’s high which makes us enjoy cooperating with other people more and gives us hope and optimism all the way to how. If you are regularly active you have a different brain and nervous system than people who don’t exercise. You have a brain and a nervous system that are more sensitive to pleasure and more resilient to stress.

Human beings, as individuals and as a species, we thrive when we are active.

Kelly McGonigal

I could literally just talk for the next hour listing the many ways. But I think that the biggest takeaway is that that human beings as individuals and as a species we thrive. When we are active that our brains aren’t just housed in bodies like it’s a suitcase that’s carrying our brains around. Our brains really work best when we are in bodies that are active.

Where does the hypothesis that our brains were created to move us come from?

This is an idea that I feel like you can’t even explain it. This is an idea that if you look at the structure and the function of the brain everything that humans do other than think is a form of movement. Communicating language, emotion, expressions, labor, finding food, celebration, procreation, it’s all a physical action.

And the idea is basically other than think and ruminate and plan that’s you know that there is no other reason to have a brain except to interact with the world. And even like thinking is subservient to our ability to engage with the world. And so basically we have a brain that scaffold every type of interaction we have with the world which is movement and I think it’s it’s not even like a fancy idea, it’s it that just is true.

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3. Take Social Media Breaks – Cal Newport

Take Social Media Breaks - Self-Care Tips
Take Social Media Breaks – Self-Care Tips

Why do we need to take breaks from social media?

I think it’s getting stark that having this thing as a constant companion. It’s not good for us and what’s important about this to understand is that it’s also not fundamental. So this behaviour of constantly looking at the phone it’s not intrinsic to this technology. In fact, we had both social media and smartphones for years before it became normal to look at your phone all the time. The reason we do that and this is the behaviour that’s causing all these issues. The reason we do that is that around the point when the major social media platforms were preparing for their IPOs they completely re-engineered the social media experience.

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How to regain your solitude and carve out time for yourself?

Now we think about something we look at all the time it sort of trained us to think of it like this constant companion that we always need to be looking at in every downtime. It’s pretty easy to get it back all you have to do is on a regular basis do something without your phone. You basically go back to about ten years ago not all the time but just occasionally. Have some activity you do most days without your phone. Even if it’s 20 minutes there you’re already getting little doses of solitude you’re breaking the solitude complete solitude deprivation syndrome.

4. Create Life Balance – Lori Harder

Create Life Balance - Self-Care Tips
Create Life Balance – Self-Care Tips

Staying in touch with your playful, goofy side

I actually think it’s a must for everyone to kind of find how to dance in the different categories of your life. Because we’re not just one thing and when we go all-in on one thing were severely neglecting the other parts of us which make for an empty human you know which makes for someone who doesn’t feel who never feels full.

5. Nurture Healthy Relationship – Brendon Burchard

Nurture Healthy Relationship - Self-Care Practice
Nurture Healthy Relationship – Self-Care Tips

Methods for forming and keeping great relationships

One of the objectives of this game has to be deep relationships because you’re gonna see scenes of your life surrounded people you love at the very end. So live your life so it’s this epic beautiful movie. And so I think that was where the intention came from was I just wanted to have great relationships. The second is I’m so good at recognizing how awesome people are. I have a talent finding capability of just goodness. I don’t attract hassles like they’re nowhere that I’m too annoying I’m too happy for them there’s too much positive psychology happening.

I’m always trying to realize that maybe I can make somebody smile today. And now when they go home they’re nice to the kid. That’s a real thing. So I treat people with that recognition because I don’t fear sometimes. When someone treats you bad it really does mess up the rest of your day. I’ve had a lot of drama with relationships early in my life. I just wanted to be the positive ripple

6. Acknowledge Your Emotions – Tucker Max

Acknowledge Your Emotions
Acknowledge Your Emotions – Self-Care Tips

Why you have to connect to and acknowledge your emotions?

I just never thought about my emotions. I never really connected with them. I had never really. I just had never really had those conversations with myself or with anybody else really. And so part of therapy was understanding. First recognizing the pain was there. Then it was accepting that it actually existed right which is hard like you think. Well if you recognize it, you accept it but no no like.

7. Stack Gratitude – Ed Mylett

Stack Gratitude - Self-Care Practice
Stack Gratitude – Self-Care Tips

The power and necessity of stacking gratitude

I started to stack gratitude. I started taking inventory because if you can find things to be grateful for in that space. As your life gonna be rich when there really are external things to be grateful for. So my first mechanism out of that space was honestly to stack the things I was grateful for and I started reinforcing it over and over and over again. And what happens is there’s this reticular activating system in our brains right and all of a sudden because that’s the messaging.

I was giving myself all of a sudden all these things start to come into my awareness that I’m grateful for. I start to magnetized to myself some people that I needed to find into my life and that was the next layer. I started to see things to be grateful for my health, my fitness, people who loved me and what it is it changed my state.

When I stacked gratitude, I changed what I did in the morning and I changed what I did in the evening. And so somehow by grabbing control of my morning and by grabbing control of my evening, I got some measure of control over the middle of my day. I was an out of control person back in those days meaning this I woke up worried stressed fearful.

I got to grab control of my morning and I set up routines in my morning maybe they serve me maybe they didn’t but they were things I could deliver on doing for myself and so not only did that give me control over the day but I started to stack my self-confidence.

8. Maintain Daily Practice – James Altucher

Maintain Daily Practice - Self-Care
Maintain Daily Practice – Self-Care

Learning to deal with failure and depression

If I keep doing this, if I keep hitting the accelerator on this activity, good things will happen and that’s what I call it in the into yourself. I call this daily practice. Every day I make sure, I factor in these four things. I’ll say the four things. But then I’ll say how from the beginning you can do it.

So the four things that I started doing and again this was just me. I mean I work for others might not am I. Am I getting a little better in terms of physical health now. As you age your physical health changes is different but I’m at least attempting to you understand and essentially eat, move, sleep better every day, emotional health.

Every day I think, am I eliminating toxic people from my life and focusing on positive people who I love and want to support, and they love and want to support me?

James Altucher

Better ignore the bad sides of this person and focus on the opportunity that no situation is never at like zero of those situations worked out. Every day I think am I eliminating toxic people from my life and focusing on positive people who I love and want to support and they love and want to support me. And then every day you could tweak that like a bonsai tree. There’s always people moving in and out of your life and you could always tweak it and so that’s emotional health.

How To Follow The Self-Care Tips?

Do you know why many people never achieve their goals? The simple reason is that too many toxic negative energy, draining in their lives. In order to do something you have never done, you have got to become someone you’ve never been. You have to set effective goals outside of the comfort zone that will challenge you. Improve yourself and live a better life.

Are you waiting for the hero to change your life? None like that. Recognise, you are the only hero you have been waiting for. You have to save yourself none else will save you. You hold the keys to your own freedom and you are the only responsible person for your success. Learn to grow yourself and achieve success in life.

Be yourself and believe in yourself. Self-confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit. Remember, someone’s version of reality is not your reality. Learn to boost self-confidence.

Some habits are the cause of your failures. Stop habits that destroy motivation.

How To Make Use Of Lockdown Time?

This is a beautiful time for self-reflect and to connect more with yourself, doing more of what makes you happy. You can do so much in this free time. You have the privilege to be at home safe and healthy. This is a perfect time to do all those things you never had time to do or start with your dream projects. You can learn many new things online and help others by sharing your knowledge with others all over the world. Helping others will brighten your life.

Don’t waste your precious time on unnecessary things like social media chatting. Make use of your time on creative and useful work beneficial for you and the community.

Life can be stressful. Many of us are impacted by stress differently though from what we do at work, how we train and our lives at home. There are many simple ways to overcome stress. We are constantly exerting ourselves and oftentimes we only think about what we do to stay fit and how we eat. But we overlook the importance of better sleep. Remember, good sleep at night is important for good health and a strong immune system.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed learning the above self-care tips. You could understand how these amazing individuals use self-care practices to help them create the best versions of themselves. Hope that you will be able to prioritise your own needs and help you achieve the same kind of extraordinary success you need to take care of you. Don’t forget to share the above self-care tips with others.

What are the self-care tips you would like to follow?

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