How To Change Life By Changing Your Thought Process?
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How To Change Life By Changing Your Thought Process?

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2020)

Do you know the nature of your thoughts determines the quality of your life? Positive thoughts, Happy, optimistic, emotions and feelings are good for your mind and body. On the other hand negative, sad and gloomy thoughts are bad and force you to stay bed-bound with stress and depression. In this post, you can learn how to change your life by changing your thought process.

Brendon Burchard, Life coach to billionaire and one of the greatest influencers of all time, knows exactly how to make an impact. In the below video, he explains everything in detail.

How To Change Life By Changing Your Thought Process?

Your thoughts shape your actions. Maximize the quality of your thoughts and you will maximize your results. Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. If you read the stories of successful people, you will find tough situations helps to build strong people in the end.

Your thoughts, actions and emotions create your personality which creates your reality.
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Your thoughts, actions and emotions create your personality which creates your reality. Click To Tweet

Thoughts can be either conscious or subconscious. You have more control over your conscious thoughts because you are aware of conscious thoughts.

Subconscious thoughts come from your memory without invitation or your knowledge. You are not aware or do not focus on such thoughts. Subconscious thought hangs out reminding you of your past incidents and holds you back from living a life that is full of joy and happiness. Sometimes subconscious thoughts can be detrimental to your mental health and success in life.

Subconscious thoughts disturbed me a lot, but better now. Still, sometimes it comes in the mind and disturbs. I have experienced the effect of unnecessary thoughts.

By becoming aware of all of your thoughts you can change your future. You can change your thoughts through self-examination and understanding where your thoughts come from. The best thing is to always get engaged and do not sit idle. Do some small physical work like gardening, cleaning etc. That diverts the mind to focus on the work you do.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Norman Vincent Peale
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Girl doing meditation in the morning – Quote Eleanor Roossevelt

Setting up intentions before the day starts really do make a difference. Start your day right to win the day.

Change Your Life By Changing Your Thought Process | Brendon Burchard

Brendon details precisely how to achieve impossibly high performance, how to evaluate yourself and your goals and deal with failures and stress. How To Set Goals To Become Who You Were Meant To Be?

Points in the video

  1. Brendon shares the story of being suicidal, then being in a nearly fatal accident.
  2. Describes becoming obsessive about learning leadership and psychology.
  3. Your life is determined by each decision you make, every day.
  4. Describes his self-evaluation and visualization process.
  5. How to observe your life dispassionately?
  6. Explains how to deal with failures and feeling bad.
  7. Going through the motions is the death of high performance.
  8. Discusses leveraging guilt and pain, courage and contemplation.
  9. Brendon strongly advocates the need for community.
  10. Tom advocates learning to endure hardship, failure and stress.
  11. Brendon advocates allowing joy and deep pleasure.
  12. Brendon explains how he came to value relationships so deeply.
  13. What one change could people make to have more of an impact.

High-Performance Mindset

Change Life Quotes – Brendon Burchard

“Your life doesn’t end up an accident. Your life is a series of actions that you initiate or don’t initiate.”

“I’m totally cool with guilt. It’s good that we feel bad when we do something that is below our standards or that’s not right.”

“The world completely underestimates the power of visualization, completely misutilizes the human power of contemplation. The number one thing I say to my clients: Going through the motions is the death of high performance.”

“Emotion is not something you have. Emotion is something you generate.”

How To Change Thought Process?

Hold on only to the positive thoughts that relate to your successful future. Let go of the past, and start visualizing the future you desire to achieve success and happiness.

Learn to be the master of your mind and body with positive thinking and affirmations.

Instead of worrying about weaknesses be grateful for every small thing in your life. How To Give Your Weakness To One Who Helps? Gratitude is very powerful to shift you from a state of stress to a state of contentment and bliss. How Gratitude Can Change Your Life?

Find ways to appreciate your life, appreciate each and every good thing around you. That itself will give a positive mindset and happiness.

Always try to create the best version of yourself and never stop this. Click To Tweet

Final Thoughts

After reading the article and watching the video you must have realised that thoughts have the power to control your life. Positive thoughts will help you to make life successful with full of happiness whereas negative thoughts will damage your life. Bad mental health is the root cause of many physical health problems. Without realising this fact, you take unwanted medications which not only cure but also create more problem for your health. Try to maintain good mental health, fill your mind with positive happy thoughts. Never keep angry or stress in your mind. Forget the past and forgive others. Be always happy and make your life successful.

  1. Do you have the bad habit of dwelling on negative thoughts?
  2. Do you keep angry in your mind for a long and look for a chance for revenge?
  3. What is your morning routine to start the day?
  4. How do you maintain your mental health?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

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  1. Great article. Just shows you that everything is so interconnected. I tried Laughing Yoga myself once where you force yourself to laugh for a few minutes. Crazy that this changes your mood instantly (by releasing endorphines). Fake it till you make it in a way. I’d say this is the same with trying to influence your though pattern.

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