Moral Stories

Think Before Taking Action

Think Before Taking Action – The Crocodile And The Monkey – Moral Story

It is very important to think before taking action. If you take any action without proper thinking, that may put you in trouble. Your friends may give you attractive offers, or they may ask you for some help. How do you handle such situations? Many people immediately take action without thinking thoroughly or discussing it with others. You should always think thoroughly before taking any action.

How valuable you are

How Valuable You Are? Moral Story Of An Old Watch

Have you ever tried to realise how valuable you are? What is the real value of your life? Your value depends on the people surrounded by you, where and how you decide to put yourself among them. Remember, each and everyone is a diamond with unique skills and talents. If a diamond is kept in a box hidden, people can’t find its value. All you need is to polish yourselves and be with the people who understand how valuable you are.

Good Deed Moral Story

Good Deed Moral Story For Kids

Do you know your one good deed can turn into another good one? Many times we ignore helping others although we can easily help them. Sometimes we are selfish and do not bother about the problems of others. You can find many great people who are remembered for their good deeds. They helped others and lived for others. So, never hesitate to help others in whatever way possible. Your one small help, a good deed may do miracles in their life.