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Determined to Succeed

Determined to Succeed: The Only Way To Achieve Your Goals

Updated on March 2, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

Do you know determined to succeed is the only way to overcome failures and achieve your goals in life? Whether you’re facing a specific challenge or simply looking to develop a more resilient and determined approach to life, this post will provide you with valuable insights and guidance. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it means to be determined to succeed, why determination is so important for achieving our goals, and some practical strategies for cultivating a more determined mindset. So let’s dive in.

What does being determined to succeed mean?

Have you ever set a goal for yourself, only to become discouraged and give up when faced with obstacles or setbacks? It’s a common experience and one that can be incredibly frustrating. But what if there was a way to cultivate a mindset that would help you push through those challenges and achieve your goals, no matter what?

That’s where the concept of being “determined to succeed” comes in. Determination is a powerful force that can help us overcome obstacles, stay focused on our goals, and persevere through difficult times. And while some people may seem naturally more determined than others, the truth is that determination can be cultivated and strengthened through intentional effort and practice.

What is determination?

Determination is a quality that drives individuals to achieve their goals and overcomes obstacles, despite the challenges they face. It involves setting a goal, creating a plan, and relentlessly pursuing it until the goal is achieved. Determination involves being motivated, focused, and committed to success.

The importance of determination

Determination is essential for success in any field. Without determination, it is easy to become discouraged and give up when faced with setbacks. Determination allows individuals to overcome obstacles, develop resilience, and achieve their goals. It is the driving force behind success.

Developing determination

Determination is a quality that can be developed and strengthened. To develop determination, individuals need to set realistic goals, create a plan, and stay focused on their goals. They should also stay motivated, believe in themselves, and not let setbacks or failures discourage them.

Learn From The Nature

If you observe and study nature closely, you will discover that it offers a multitude of lessons. The flora and fauna of our planet, which have been created and sustained by a higher power, can provide us with invaluable insights and knowledge. In many ways, nature is like a great textbook, filled with lessons about resilience, adaptation, interdependence, and more. By taking the time to observe and learn from the natural world, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, and develop a stronger appreciation for the beauty and complexity of life.

Nature is full of examples of determination and persistence in the face of adversity. From the tenacity of a tree growing in a rocky crevice to the resilience of a bird building a nest in the midst of a storm, there is much we can learn from the natural world about the power of determination.

Lessons To Learn

One lesson we can take from nature is the importance of staying focused on our goals, even when the road ahead is difficult or uncertain. Just as a seedling must push through the soil to reach the sunlight, we too must be willing to push through obstacles and challenges to achieve our objectives.

Another lesson we can learn from nature is the value of patience and perseverance. The growth and development of plants and animals often take time and require sustained effort over long periods of time. By observing and learning from the determination of the natural world, we can cultivate a stronger, more resilient mindset that will help us to achieve our goals and overcome any obstacles that come our way.


At times, we use the phrase “Oh! He is a touch-me-not!” to refer to a feeble individual who cannot endure adverse circumstances. This expression is frequently employed in a negative sense because touch-me-not plants wither at the mere touch of a finger. Nonetheless, if we consider the other aspect, touch-me-not plants only wilt for a brief time, after which they recover their previous state.

The touch-me-not plant, also known as Mimosa pudica, is a unique plant known for its response to touch or other forms of stimulation. When the plant is touched or subjected to any external pressure, its leaves and stems fold inward and droop, making it appear wilted or dead. This is a defensive mechanism that the plant uses to protect itself from predators or threats.

Now, let’s explore the other aspect of touch-me-not plants. Although they may wither at the slightest touch, it’s worth noting that this response is only temporary and lasts for a few minutes. After that, the plant will return to its previous state.

Leeches and snails

Leeches and snails are two creatures that exhibit similar behaviour to touch-me-not plants. Some species of leeches curl inward when touched, similar to the touch-me-not plant. However, after a brief period, they return to their original shape and continue on their journey. Similarly, when snails encounter obstacles on their path, they retract their tentacles and then continue their journey after some time.

At times, we should incorporate this touch-me-not-plant, leeches and snails attribute into our lives. Others may belittle us in various ways, and they may try to overpower us. Occasionally, we may yield to external pressures and stumble, but it should not be a perpetual downfall. Like the touch-me-not plant, we should stand up from each tumble. We may encounter many reasons to fail, but the determination to succeed is the only reason to overcome defeat.

Tips For Determined to Succeed

Setting clear goals

Setting clear goals is an essential step in achieving success, no matter what area of life you’re focused on. When we have a specific, measurable goal in mind, it provides us with direction and motivation, helping us to stay focused and make progress. Clear goals also help us to prioritize our time and energy, and to make more intentional choices about how we spend our resources. Whether you’re aiming to improve your health, advance in your career, or achieve a personal milestone, taking the time to set clear, meaningful goals is a powerful way to move closer to success.

Maintaining a positive mindset

Tom Bilyeu Mindset Quote
Mindset Quote Tom Bilyeu

Maintaining a positive mindset is a key factor in achieving success and happiness. When we approach challenges with a positive attitude, we’re better able to stay motivated and persevere through difficult times. Positive thinking can also help us to focus on solutions rather than problems, and to see opportunities where others might only see obstacles. Of course, staying positive isn’t always easy, and it can be especially challenging during times of stress or uncertainty. However, with practice and the right mindset, it’s possible to cultivate a more positive outlook and reap the benefits of a more optimistic approach to life. So stay positive, and keep pushing forward! A growth mindset will give you the self-confidence to overcome challenges.

Taking action

Taking action is a critical step in achieving success. It’s not enough to simply set goals or think positively; we must also take concrete steps towards our objectives. This might mean breaking a large goal down into smaller, more manageable tasks, or creating a plan of action that outlines the specific steps we need to take. Taking action also means being willing to face our fears and push through discomfort or uncertainty. It can be tempting to stay in our comfort zones, but growth and progress often require us to step outside of them. By taking action, we can move towards our goals and build momentum that can carry us forward even when things get tough. So don’t wait for the perfect moment or the perfect plan; take action today and start moving closer to the life you want to live.

Embrace failure

While failure can be discouraging and difficult to deal with, it’s also an essential part of the learning and growth process. When we embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve, we’re better able to bounce back from setbacks and make progress towards our goals. Rather than seeing failure as a sign of inadequacy or weakness, we can reframe it as a necessary step on the path to success. Embracing failure also means being willing to take risks and try new things, even when we’re not sure of the outcome. It’s natural to want to avoid failure, but by doing so, we may also be missing out on valuable opportunities for growth and learning. So next time you experience a setback or stumble on your path to success, remember to embrace failure as a teacher and a guide on your journey.

Surround with good people

Attention avoid negative friends
Three friends sitting on the sofa

The people we surround ourselves with can have a powerful impact on our lives and our success. When we have a supportive network of family, true friends, and colleagues, we’re better able to stay motivated, navigate challenges, and achieve our goals. Supportive people can offer encouragement and perspective, help us to see our strengths and weaknesses, and provide practical assistance when needed. On the other hand, negative or unsupportive people can drain our energy, undermine our confidence, and hold us back from reaching our full potential. Never keep bad friends. So if you’re striving for success, it’s important to surround yourself with people who believe in you and your goals, and who are willing to support you on your journey. Remember, success is rarely achieved alone, so don’t be afraid to seek out and cultivate positive relationships with people who can help you along the way.

The role of perseverance

Perseverance is a crucial component of determination. It involves the ability to keep going despite obstacles, setbacks, and failures. Perseverance allows individuals to stay committed to their goals and achieve success. It is important to remember that failure is not the end, but a learning opportunity that can be used to improve and get closer to achieving one’s goals.

Overcoming obstacles

Obstacles are a part of life, and they are inevitable when working towards achieving goals. Determination helps individuals to overcome obstacles by providing them with the resilience and motivation needed to keep going. When faced with obstacles, individuals should assess the situation, create a plan to overcome obstacles, and remain focused on their goals.

We will encounter many obstacles that disrupt our journey, and unexpected interferences may cause us to feel discouraged and make it difficult to move forward. However, we should not be disheartened or stop our journey. We have a goal in life that should inspire us and propel us forward.

Staying motivated

Staying motivated is essential to maintain determination. Motivation can come from various sources, such as self-belief, encouragement from others, or the desire to achieve a goal. To stay motivated, individuals should visualize their success, celebrate small victories along the way, and surround themselves with positive influences.

Turn failure into success

When the handle of our spade breaks or the blade loses its sharpness, we replace the handle and sharpen the blade to continue using it. Similarly, a blacksmith heats and shapes shapeless iron into a strong weapon by beating it flat and sharpening it in the fire. A weapon is only sharp when it has passed through fire.

We become stronger by going through challenging situations. Obstacles and impediments provide opportunities for us to sharpen our skills and improve our abilities. We should continue to put in our best effort with renewed hope and a sense of purpose to turn failure into success.

Determined To Succeed Tips
Determined To Succeed Tips

The rewards of determination

Determination pays off in the end. Achieving a goal that one has worked hard for brings a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride. It also helps to develop confidence and self-belief, which can be applied to future endeavours. Determination helps individuals to realize their potential and reach their full capabilities.

The lives of successful individuals are a testament to the fact that success is achievable with determination and hard work. These individuals were not born heroes, but they became one through their sheer perseverance and hard work. Their success was not a result of favourable circumstances or encouragement from others alone. They faced and overcame adversity and did not give up when faced with obstacles. You can read many success stories to know about their struggles.

Success in life is possible for everyone who is willing to let go of their pride and trust in themselves and a higher power. Self-confidence and faith can give us the strength and resilience to keep moving forward despite challenges and setbacks.

Overall, the message is that success is not handed to us on a silver platter. We must work hard and remain committed to our goals even when the going gets tough. Success is not a matter of luck or circumstance; it is a result of our determination, hard work, and faith.


In conclusion, being determined to succeed is a key ingredient for success in life. The ability to withstand adversity, overcome obstacles, and persevere through difficult times is what sets successful people apart from the rest. It’s important to remember that success is not an overnight achievement, but rather the result of consistent effort and hard work over a long period of time. With a strong sense of purpose, self-confidence, and trust in a higher power, anyone can achieve their goals and become a hero in their own right. So, let us all strive to be like the touch me not plant, which may wither at times, but always bounces back with renewed vigour and strength.

Are you determined to succeed?

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