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Simple Tips For Better Mental Health

5 Simple Tips For Better Mental Health

Updated on January 31, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

In the present busy world, many people have some kind of mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and stress and it shows symptoms as physical health problems. Most people ignore the problem because they don’t realise the root cause is a mental health problem. In this post, you can learn 5 simple tips for better mental health which can be done daily. It doesn’t take that much time, all it needs is a conscious awareness from your side and a willingness to change your lifestyle.

5 Simple Tips For Better Mental Health

5 Simple Tips For Better Mental Health
5 Simple Tips For Better Mental Health
  1. Good quality seven hours of sleep
  2. Hydration of at least three litres of water per day
  3. Maintaining a gratitude journal at least once or twice a week
  4. Including meditation in daily life
  5. Social connection

1. Good sleep for better mental health

The first and foremost important tip is good quality seven hours of sleep. There is something called sleep hygiene. It is true that many people have sleep problems at night. If you don’t get good sleep and enough rest at night, your body and mind can’t refresh properly. You may ask how to achieve good sleep at night. Here are two simple tips for better sleep at night.

1. You need to go to bed approximately around the same time and also wake up from bed at approximately the same time as well.

sleep and wake up
sleep and wake-up routine

2. You need to dim the lights as much as possible, especially the lights from your smartphones.

During the Covid times, we have been on the phones all the time. There is something called blue light which has a wavelength almost similar to sunlight.

Blue Light smartphones laptop mental health
Blue Light

The blue light from the tablet and phones goes into your eye stimulates the retinal receptors and decreases the melatonin and makes you not have a good sleep.

Effect of blue light from electronic devices
Effect of blue light from electronic devices

Melatonin is a hormone that will help you sleep.

Low Melatonin can affect sleep
Lady has a sleep problem

So the sleep hygienist recommends that you shouldn’t look into your phone, tv, tablet or any kind of device at least one hour before you go to bed.

2. Hydration for better mental health

Another easy fix is hydration. Your brain needs water to work efficiently and if you don’t drink enough water dehydration makes it work even harder. We are already putting a lot of stress on the brain and we don’t want it to work even harder than it’s supposed to. Health experts recommend drinking at least three litres of water per day on average. You may like to learn How To Drink Water The Right Way?

3. Maintain a gratitude journal

The third important tip is maintaining a gratitude journal. The main problem we have is we do not appreciate what we have. We spend most of our time in our life looking for something that we don’t have.

Gratitude journal - Tips for better mental health
Maintaining gratitude journal

Take a pause and then appreciate what we have. Stop complaining about what we don’t have. The biggest thing that we can do for ourselves is to maintain a gratitude journal of appreciating the things that we have been blessed with. Self-contentment is extremely important and with our busy lifestyle that is an important piece that is missing.

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4. Meditation for better mental health

The fourth important tip is meditation. It is time to include meditation in your daily lifestyle to boost up your mental health. Multiple research study shows that mental health is significantly increased or improved by meditation techniques.

Meditation techniques for better mental health
Meditation techniques

The technique doesn’t matter as long as you do that on a daily basis. This is a long-term investment that you’re going to do for yourself. It’s going to reap benefits significantly down the road. So do not ignore this and try to include this in your lifetime.

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Social connection

We talk about social distancing, it shouldn’t be termed social distancing, it should be physical distancing, but social connection as human beings. Social connection is extremely critical to boosting our mental health. One simple tip is to write down three important people in your life and make sure that you talk to them at least five minutes once a week.

Social connection
Social connection

It has to be with a hundred per cent attention. Avoid doing something else and be focused on your conversation. Even if you talk for five minutes make sure that you give your hundred per cent attention to that five-minute conversation. This is going to give you a significant amount of satisfaction compared to spending 30 minutes multitasking.

Simple Tips For Better Mental Health – Dr Pal


Hope that this helps you to have better mental health. It’s absolutely important that be proactive and take control of the situation. Control anger, learn to forgive others, and learn to overcome workplace stress because these are a few small things that make your mind disturbed. Ensure that when you wake up your mind is fresh and follow simple morning routines to make your mind and body energetic and transform your life.

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