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How To Drink Water

How To Drink Water The Right Way?

Updated on March 19, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

Do you know how to drink water the right way for better health? It is a fact that many people don’t know how to drink water the right way. Have you been drinking water all wrong? Do you have the habit of drinking a lot of cold water? Are you aware of the bad effects of drinking water in a standing position? Do you know the benefits of adding herbs, fruits, or spices into the water? Let’s check the answers for all these and also the bad effects of using plastic utensils for drinking water. This article and the video of Radhi Devlukia will help you to learn how to drink water the right way.

How To Drink Water The Right Way?

Today we are going to be talking about none other than water. How do you drink your water? Shaken not stirred? Did you know that up to 60 per cent of our body is made of water? Every single cell in our body needs water to survive whether it’s our digestion, lungs, heart, or lymphatic system, everything needs water. Many times if we’re feeling tired, or lethargic, if we feel a bit groggy, if we have a headache when our muscles feel tight, a lot of the times it’s actually simply because we are dehydrated. It’s actually also a key component when it comes to our immunity.

Our lymph system which is a system that carries around all of our immune cells like our white blood cells is actually based on water. And so to keep our lymph system and our immunity high, we have to keep our body hydrated and water only is the thing that’s going to do that. Continue reading to learn how to drink water the right way.

How to drink water the right way
The Right Way Of Drinking Water
  1. Drink water hot or at least at room temperature
  2. Sit down to drink water
  3. Drink water slowly
  4. Drink hot water first thing in the morning
  5. Don’t drink water with your meals
  6. Drink water in anything but plastic (copper or silver is great)
  7. Add Flavor To Your Water
  8. Boil spices into the water
  9. Add fruits or fresh herbs into the water

Here’s how to drink water the right way

1. Drink water hot

To Ayurveda boiling water actually enriches it with energy and it gains a quality called SUKSHMA which means penetrating. the hot water is easily absorbed into your circulatory system and helps it flow throughout your body. This means that nutrition is delivered more effectively to your cells and your body is removing the waste products from your cells more efficiently too.

This is something that I have recommended to so many of my friends with gut issues. And I have had so many of them come back to me and tell me that just changing this one thing going from having ice-cold water to having warm or boiling water has made such a difference whether it was to do with their gut discomfort, gas, or bloating it has made a huge difference to them. So try it out.

2. Sitting down to drink

Standing and drinking water is actually not recommended at all. In Ayurveda, it says that actually the water can accumulate in different parts of your body and cause swelling. When you drink water too fast it actually just gushes through your body and it doesn’t allow time for your water to go through all the organs that it’s supposed to. Now water is supposed to move through your organs to also remove some of the toxins or impurities. So if it doesn’t reach the kidneys or it doesn’t reach the liver then those toxins will actually build up in our organs and that’s what can also lead to bad health.

Drinking water standing can also increase the amount of fluid that gets to your joints and so sometimes people will have pain in their joints or swelling on their knees or hands and it could be because we are just drinking water standing up.

Drink water sitting down
Drink water sitting down

3. Drink water slowly

Taking small sips throughout the day is most beneficial to you. You can start your day off by having a good few glasses but as you go through the day drink it slowly. Drink it every hour. Sometimes it helps to set a reminder on your phone. Every hour have a big glass of water and just sip it within that hour. Then get to your next one and your next one. It makes it easier to spread it across the day allowing the water to absorb into your body slowly and efficiently but even more than that when you get to the end of the day try not to drink too much. It will disrupt your sleep and it also puts too much pressure on your bladder when it’s supposed to be resting and rejuvenating.

4. Drink hot water first thing in the morning

Before your morning coffee drinking, hot water first thing in the morning as the first thing that goes into your body is so important because of the toxins that accumulate in your body overnight. This actually helps flush them all out before we start all over again. The next day starting your morning with hot water can really help just cleanse out your system before you get ready for the day.

5. Don’t drink water with your meals

Ayurveda, recommend that we leave at least a 45-minute gap between drinking large amounts of water and having our meals. The reason is that drinking water or at least large amounts of water before we’re about to eat dilutes the digestive enzymes in our stomach and then it makes it harder for our stomach to digest our food. So leaving at least 45 minutes before and 45 minutes after a meal is ideal but if you do feel thirsty during your meal if you’re having quite a dry meal then have up to half a cup of warm water and sip on it slowly throughout the meal water fresh and carefully measured.

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6. Drink your water in anything but plastic

Plastic actually has so many different chemicals in there that even the BPA-free plastic bottles can still leech chemicals into the water, especially water bottles that have maybe been left on shelves for too long or that have been put into heat. You just never know where your water bottle has been and so there are chances that the chemicals have already leached into the water before you’re drinking it. What a lot of people don’t realize is that these plastic chemicals can actually affect our endocrine system which means our hormone levels, increases estrogen levels in our body. BPA is also linked to being carcinogenic which means it increases our risk of cancer. And so if you are having three or four or even two bottles of plastic water a day, it could be having a huge impact on your hormone levels.

Avoid Drinking Water In Plastics
Man drinking water in a plastic bottle

“I actually had a friend who had been drinking water from plastic water bottles for I’d say close to 10 years and recently he had a blood test and his doctor specifically said to him that his estrogen levels were high. And the first question that he asked him was whether he drinks water from a plastic bottle.”

Getting a filter put on your tap can be quite a cheap simple solution in audible also recommends drinking water from copper jars or copper jugs. It says it infuses the water and positively charges it. It also infuses it with minerals too that our body needs. Another recommendation is drinking from silver cups which can be a little bit expensive. So you could just stick with glass but basically, anything is better than plastics.

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7. Add some flavour to your water

Even add some flavour to your water precise flavour. Now if you can’t seem to start loving the taste of water then you could infuse it but wouldn’t recommend adding anything with sugar because our body actually ends up not recognizing the water to be water, it ends up taking it as food instead and so it hydrates your body differently.

8. Boil spices into the water

So if you do want to add something to your water it is recommended to use herbs or spices. Boil different spices into the water like cardamom or black pepper and good old trusted ccf which is coriander, cumin, and fennel seeds. All of these also help with digestion in your body so you get added benefits to it.

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9. Add fruits or fresh herbs into the water

Another thing really loves doing is adding fruits or fresh herbs to my water. Add basil into it. Sometimes love adding mint to water, and then fruits like grapefruit, oranges or strawberries anything that you like but as natural as possible keep it fresh it’ll be tasty.

How To Drink Water The Right Way? – Radhi Devlukia

Radhi Devlukia shares plant-based recipes with influence from all parts of her life; India where her roots are, Africa where her parents were born and raised, the UK which is where she was born and raised, and now the USA where she lives! She loves merging cultures and flavours from all parts of her life to create flavorful, vibrant dishes. Ultimately she launched Radhi Devlukia YouTube Channel to really share all the things she learns and experiences throughout her life that bring her joy, help her evolve and nourish her mind, body, and soul, and also spread the power of spices around the world.


Hope that now you know how to drink water the right way. As you know, we have to drink plenty of water for better health, especially during this COVID-19 period. We should not get dehydration. Drinking enough water is essential for detox of the body. These are only a few tips and not a complete list. You must take proper care in drinking purified or boiled water and also in the right way. Help others to learn how to drink water the right way.

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References and source: Radhi Devlukia YouTube

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