You Should Never Stop Learning And Always Update Your Knowledge

Never Stop Learning And Update Your Knowledge
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2021)

What is your opinion about learning? Some people stop learning after getting a job. But others continue their study even while working. They are always eager to learn new things. They never miss an opportunity to learn something new. We should never stop learning.

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Never Stop Learning

For some people, learning never ends. They read a lot and acquire knowledge. They may be an expert in many things, but they continue to learn something new.

Learning is always gain and no loss. The more you learn, your brain muscles get more energy and more power.

The Moral story of Frog

A mother frog and froglet were staying inside a well. Everyday mother frog tells a story to froglet.

Since the mother frog has only a little knowledge inside the well, the story ends in maximum 2/3 lines.

One Eagle sitting on the tree was watching the frog’s family and listening to the same story daily.

The eagle felt pity for the mother frog’s struggle to tell the same story every day. So the eagle decided to show the mother frog the beautiful world outside of the well.

One day the Eagle carried the mother frog and showed many places. It was an amazing experience for the mother frog to see the outer world. After two days of the tour, the eagle brought back frog to the well.

From that day, mother frog told new stories to the froglets about what it saw and learned in two days.

Moral of the story – Never Stop Learning | Update Your Knowledge

Never stop learning even at old age

Many people live with what they saw and learned in their limited knowledge and lifestyle.

Living a simple life is not bad. But limiting life to little knowledge and self-belief is not good.

Never stop learning update knowledge even at old age
An Old Man Reading And Updating Knowledge – Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

Some people stay in the same place and the house of their ancestors. Some have the same job continuing for generations.

From childhood, they are in the same place following the same culture and beliefs. This is not bad.

But they may not have any knowledge about the happenings of the present world.

When these people share their little old knowledge to new generations, that become an unrecoverable defect to their future.

Even they may not realise the limitations of their little knowledge about the present world.

Some people start their career with their minimum knowledge. Because of many reasons they might not have got good qualification and knowledge.

But they have the chance to learn more while working. Many people do not learn more and continue their whole life with their little knowledge and small job.

Such people can not help the new generation to learn new skills. They will share their old little knowledge to the new generation.

Because of the lack of knowledge and fear in mind, they do not allow their children to go out and get a good education. This affects the future of the new generation.

It is necessary to learn new things to become successful in life. We have to come out of our comfort zone and always learn new things. Never stop learning because we have to learn new things to live according to the changes in the world.

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What are the benefits of learning new things?

Benefits of learning new things
Benefits of learning new things
  • Give you a range of perspectives to call on in your own daily life.
  • Helps you to easily adapt to new situations.
  • Inspire you to think creatively and follow better actions.
  • Deepens your character and makes more inspiring to those around you.
  • Make you more confident.
  • Boost self-confidence.
  • Helps to have a positive attitude.
  • Learn to help others.
  • Improves the quality of your life.
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Never stop learning – Is there any age limit?

Old couple reading a book - Never stop learning
Senior couple reading a blue cover book. A cup of coffee is in the hands of the man.
People photo created by freepik –

The common understanding among people is that there is an age limit for learning. People say older people cannot learn as well as younger individuals because their brain memory will not work as younger.

You might have heard people saying, ‘my age is over to learn new things.’. Have you ever said or thought like this?

At 96, Karthyayani Amma scored 98 marks in Kerala Literacy Mission test

You must have heard the saying “A true learner always looks for gaining knowledge at any age.

96-year-old Karthyayani Amma proved this saying is correct. She proved age is not a barrier to learning. This old lady scored 98 marks in Kerala Literacy Mission test.

She was honoured by the Govt. of Kerala. In the honouring ceremony, she expressed her wish to learn computer. The Govt. of Kerala, fulfilled her wish by giving a new laptop to her. Now she is learning to use a Laptop.

She was a star in the media for many days and still appears in the Television channel programmes.

Older people can learn just like younger people. But they use a different area of the brain. Read how the brain of older people learns new things.


Your learning should not be just for a career or earning money. After getting a job, do not think your life is settled and you don’t need to study more. Never stop learning. Always try to learn new things. Do not miss or ignore an opportunity to learn something new from books or from others. Share your knowledge with others and help them to learn.

What is your view on learning?

Are you interested in learning new things?

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