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Spread Happiness
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2021)

Many of us are suffering from the ego problem. We do not want to bow our head to anyone. We want to prove that we are correct. Many small problems that can solve through discussions are not being settled. But we make it bigger because of our ego. Instead of creating a fight and destruction, we should try to solve problems and spread happiness.

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Spread Happiness | All Surrender Is Not A Defeat

Spread Happiness
Spread Happiness

This is an interesting small moral story related to the post.

All surrender is not a defeat. But it can bring happiness and save us from damage.

Story of a big tree and small plants

Because of the strong wind, the giant tree fell down.

But nothing happened to the small plants around the tree.

Lying on the ground, the tree asked the small plants, “how did you survive the strong wind?”

Fallen Tree
Fallen Tree Lying On The Ground. Small plants and grass are around the tree.
Image by Murray McLauchlan from Pixabay

Small plants replied, “You tried to compete, oppose and defeat the strong wind. The wind was stronger than you and it pulled your roots from the ground.

But we are not like you. Even when a light wind blows we bow heads. Hence our branches won’t break or strip up from the root.”

What happened in this small story. The giant tree was greed about its size. The ego didn’t allow to bow the head but tried to fight against the strong wind.

The wind was very strong and it has shaken the tree. The roots break and the tree fell down.

Moral – Be humble and co-operative with others. The fight will not bring happiness but give more damage to life.

How to spread happiness?

Do you think winning over a problem is possible only through strike and fight? Click To Tweet
Protesting Man And Woman Holding The Banner - Spread Happiness
A woman in the front and a man in the back protesting holding the banner

Some people think strikes and fights are the only solutions for winning over a problem. It is not true. We can solve many problems through discussion, compromise and reconciliation.

If we interpret winning as fighting, defeating and conquering only, it may cut out the roots of survival. 

What are the obstacles to spread happiness?


Anything that hinders enlightenment and makes one perform a vengeful act without giving a thought is ego.

Many people are suffering from ego problem. Their ego does not allow them to compromise or reconciliation.

Their ego forces them to fight with others to prove their strength. That worsens the problems which could be easily solved through discussions.

Ego is a direct outcome of ignorance. Relatively we all fall victim to our ego most of the times.

It is not the size of the ego, but the quality and quantity of wisdom help to respond to situations. Click To Tweet

Do you think sometimes Ego is linked to knowledge? You became more knowledgeable about something, or rather you think you know better than others. That moment you might take the view that you are an authority on that matter. Have you ever experienced like this?

Ego can be from one’s sense of superiority, or from an inferiority complex.


Greed goes deep into the root. It affects not only the branches but also pluck out the main root. Greed is very dangerous. We can never expect the damage it can cause.

Greed is so destructive. It destroys everything.

Eartha Kitt


All surrender is not a defeat. If necessary, surrender yourself for others happiness. That can solve many problems.

Sometimes your failure can give happiness for others.

Would it not be better if your lose and failure can protect the self-pride of others, avoid relationship breaking and save from tears falling?

Many people have reached the top because of the great mind of other great persons to compromise for them. Never forget the steps climbed to achieve success.

You might have seen during rain and heavy winds branches of plants lean. But when the rain and wind are over, branches and leaves will be straight. Most leaning plant will stand straight after a few seconds.

Quote Roots Of The Tree - Spread Happiness
Quote About Roots Of The Tree. Background image – Coconut Tree

It is not enough the branches touch the sky, but the roots should go deeper into the earth. If the roots are not deeper into the earth, the tree will fall down when the strong wind blows.

Every person who survives the strong wind will have some hidden strong roots. He will have a good heart for compromise and reconciliation.

Greed, Ego and Jealousy

Greed, Ego and Jealousy are dangerous and can damage our life. We should try to remove these from our mind. Read How to Overcome Jealousy


Anger is also very dangerous. Anger can bring an unwanted fight in the family and society. Learn to Control Anger


Patience is essential for happiness. If you have patience, you can solve many problems easily. Read the Importance Of Patience


Forgiveness is very important. Your ego may not allow forgiving others, but you should learn to forgive. Self-forgiveness is also important.

If people understand the importance of Forgiveness And Self-Forgiveness and follow that in life, the world will be peaceful.


Silence is the quality of a great person. Avoid unnecessary argument. The argument will not solve any problem. But it will create anger and fight.

In the workplace, travelling, meeting, family, community everywhere we can find an unnecessary argument.

The interesting fact is many times the person knows what he argues is not correct. But still, he will continue his argument. Later it may lead to a physical fight.

When I was in the job, I used to argue often. It was creating a lot of stress. When we argue, our ego and anger do not allow us to stop the argument. After that, we feel guilty for the incident and stress disturb us. Stress at work is a major problem for many people.

The right use of the tongue can solve many problems.

Keep silence wherever necessary. That will solve many problems. Click To Tweet

Read Silence Benefits


Life is short. Avoid unnecessary fight with others. All surrender is not a defeat, but an easy problem solver. Be always happy and spread happiness.

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