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Never Forbid Children From Doing These 9 Things

Do you allow your children to do normal things or always make limits? You may be thinking limits make the child feel safer and calmer.  Your friends also might have suggested making restrictions on everything. But certain restraints can do just the opposite and make your child feel insecure and slow development in life. Never forbid children from doing normal things.

9 Things you should never forbid children from doing

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Never forbid children from doing normal things
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Never forbid children from doing these things
  • Asking questions
  • Feeling angry or jealous
  • Being Greedy
  • Saying ‘No’
  • Having secrets
  • Being afraid
  • Being noisy
  • Crying
  • Making mistakes

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9 Things you should never forbid children from doing

1. Asking questions

Most children ask many questions about whatever they see and hear. Some parents get irritated with this and shout on them. This is not good. Let children ask questions and clear their doubts. That helps their brain development.

2. Feeling angry or jealous

Every human have the right to express their emotions. Children also have this right. If they get angry or jealous, don’t feel bad about this. Teach them how to control anger and also make them understand the bad effects of anger.

3. Being Greedy

As mentioned earlier children has the right to experience all the emotions. As a human being child can be greedy. But greediness is not good and hence make them realise the impact of being greedy.

4. Saying ‘No’

Most parents want their children to always say ‘YES’ for everything. But is this practical? Children will say ‘NO’ for things which he/she doesn’t like. They have the freedom to accept or reject.  You can teach them when to say ‘YES’ and when to avoid saying ‘NO’.

5. Having secrets

We all have secrets which we never disclose to others. If so, why your children can not have secrets? But that doesn’t mean you should not ask children about activities of the day or ask about something smell wrong in their attitude and behaviour.

6. Being afraid

Everyone has some kind of fear in the mind. That is good also. If we have no fear to do anything, we will make many mistakes. If a child is not afraid about the punishment in the class for not doing homework or studying well, that child will not improve the study. Let them have fear in the mind for things which some control is required.

7. Being noisy

Some children make a lot of noise. They shout, sing and argue for silly things. Sometimes parents get irritated with their noise-making attitude. Let them make noise because childhood is the time for them to make noise.

8. Crying

Is crying a bad habit? Not at all. Crying help to relieve mental stress. Never laugh or make bad comments when a child is crying. Parents should identify the exact reason for child crying. Try to console the child with love and affection.

9. Making mistakes

Many parents have a bad habit of shouting on children when they make silly mistakes. A child is a beginner in life. Beginners make mistakes in every field. Make them realise their mistakes and guide with corrective measures.

Above mentioned points can also be toddler tantrums. Tantrums are a way that small children express their feelings and deal with difficult feelings.

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“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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Allow children to do things which do not harm them physically, mentally or affect their behaviour. Restricting everything will make them take actions without your knowledge which may create trouble.

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