Teaching Children Bad Lessons | Why And How To Avoid?

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2022)

Today many children are naughty and do many things without listening to parents. Some parents take everything as simple and do not make children understand what is wrong and what is correct. Learning bad lessons will affect the future of the children. Do you know how to avoid teaching children bad lessons?

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Why and how to avoid teaching children bad lessons?

It worries many parents how to raise their kids successful. And for that, they make many restrictions and teach them bad lessons also. This kind of teaching and restrictions lead them in the wrong way and affect their mental health and self-confidence. Parents and elders should avoid teaching children bad lessons.

1. Avoid unnecessary comments

Crying Child
Crying Child

What do you do when a child is sad and cry for any reason? Many parents, grandparents and other adults at home make wrong comments about the child. Sometimes in school or other places also make such bad comments.

What are the usual comments they make? “Are you a baby to cry, shame” or blame them responsible for their sadness.

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Kids learn what they hear from parents and elders. So, when this child finds friends in such a situation, this kid make the same comment to friends, because he/she learned that from the adults.

Instead of saying such wrong words, elders can make the child accept that sadness and crying is a natural human emotion, and not just for babies.

Crying is good because that relieve mental stress. That is a way of the body to empty the heaviness from the mind and heart.

When you find your child is not listening to your words or doing something wrong how do you react? Do you shout on them and punish for silly mistakes? It is wrong method. That may hurt their innocent mind or a wrong feeling that parents don’t love them. Instead of punishing you can make them understand the mistake with love. Do you know how to touch the heart of your children?

2. Do not make a perfectionist

Mother teaching son
Mother and son Image by Sergey Nemo from Pixabay

Some parents want their kids to be perfect in everything. They point out silly mistakes and ask the kids to make it perfect.

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Parents should avoid asking kids to make everything perfect. Parents need to teach their children that mistakes are okay and it can happen with anyone. Otherwise, the children will become a perfectionist.

3. Make children responsible

Teach children household work which they can do at their age. It is necessary for children to gain responsibility.

Boy baking
Boy baking at home Image by LaterJay Photography from Pixabay

But do not treat them as servants or force them to do anything. It would be better for parents to show love and consideration for their children. Appreciation helps to produce Dopamine hormone which is necessary for happiness.

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Teaching Children Bad Lessons – 8 Lessons You Should Avoid

Watch the below video explaining about 8 bad lessons a lot of parents unknowingly teach their kids. Also provide some healthy alternatives that’ll help you raise your kids to become mentally strong, confident, and self-sufficient adults.

What will you find in the video?

  1. Snitching is wrong. 1:02
  2. Children shouldn’t express their negative emotions. 2:27
  3. You should try to make people like you. 4:38
  4. Get good grades or you’ll never get a good job. 6:14
  5. “Always the best for my baby!” 8:03
  6. Making a mistake means losing something. 10:13
  7. Children should never be idle. 12:44
  8. Children must always share their toys. 14:09

What to teach children?

Daughter and mother expressing love
Little girl child holding mother’s cheek and expressing love
  • Teach and encourage your kids to talk openly to adults about unfair or difficult situations. They should be fearless to share problems with family. If some stories do not look like a big deal through the eyes of an adult, be patient and tell them to wait. Teach Children Self-Protection
  • Encourage children to express their feelings in a safe way.
  • Your children should not have to sacrifice their own interests and goals to please others. Children should let no one forced them to do something they don’t want to do.
  • Teach children to gain knowledge through hard work, but do not wrap up in good grades.
  • Parents should become a role model in financial matters. Make them understand the value of money and proper use. Teach them there are many things vital to happiness and well-being, but money can not buy everything required in life.
  • Do not punish for everything, especially for honest mistakes. If your child does not get a good grade, do not criticise or show your unhappiness. But realise that your child needs help with a tough subject.
  • Give them time and the chance to handle work they can do. If you do everything for them, they will rely on everything on others and will not have the knowledge or courage to do things when necessary.
  • Encourage your children to share their toys, books and other things with friends, but tell them to avoid bad friends.
  • Make them realise Parents Love Never Ends.
  • Teach Your Kids Kindness Can Make A Better World.
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Do not worry about the grade, awards and publicity of your child. Never compare your children with other children. Help them to become good citizens and successful in life. Make your kids to proudly say that their parents are behind their success. Avoid teaching children bad lessons.

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