How To Tame Toddler Tantrums? Better Parenting Tips

Tame Toddler Tantrums
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

Are you worried about how to tame toddler tantrums? Many kids let their frustration out at least once a week and or more often. They do whining, begging and going wild for no particular reason. Are you surprised why do they do it? Continue reading till the end to learn easy ways to tame toddler tantrums of your child.

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What is tantrums and how to tame toddler tantrums?

Do you like to know what are tantrums and how to tame toddler tantrums? Tantrums are common among toddlers and preschoolers, crying, screaming, stiffening limbs, kicking, falling down or running away and many other. Tantrums are a way that small children express their feelings and deal with difficult feelings. Tantrums come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes as part of tantrum children hold their breath, vomit, break things or get aggressive

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10 Parenting Tips To Tame Toddler Tantrums

Tips To Tame Toddler Tantrums
Tame Toddler Tantrums
  1. Make your child feel comfortable
  2. Let your toddler choose
  3. Find out what’s really bothering your kid
  4. Distract your little one
  5. Become a good teacher for your kid
  6. Do not provoke tantrums
  7. Use positive words
  8. Keep a straight face
  9. Give praise when the kid deserves it
  10. Be smart about the pocket money

This is a beautiful video showing 10 parenting tips to tame toddler tantrums. Watch this beautiful video explaining the easy steps with graphics which may help to solve your worry about your toddlers.

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1. Make your child feel comfortable

When going for a tour, today many parents do not carry food or enough clothes because according to them everything is available on the way and can buy from there as and when required. It is also possible that people make fun of carrying a lot of things on a journey. Let them make fun of you. That is their habit.

Sometimes kids do not feel comfortable without their favourite blanket, dress and even without some special food. So, make sure you carry the favourite items of your kids with you on a tour, wherever possible. It will give them the feeling of home and safety.

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2. Let your toddler choose

“One way to prevent tantrums before they occur is to give your toddler the illusion of control. Instead of phrasing questions to elicit a yes or no answer, when appropriate, try to give the child a choice.” Source – Preventing Tantrums

3. Find out what’s really bothering your kid

Try to find out the exact matter and make them understand if their choice is not good. Never talk to your kid in anger because kids understand the words of love. Once they understand the bad effects of their choices they will not do a tantrum. 

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4. Distract your little one

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How can you distract a kid throwing tantrum? Easy. You can make a funny face, tell an interesting story or joke, start a small game or pillow fight, or go for a walk with the kid to divert your child’s mind. You can also tell your childhood story. Kids are interested to listen to such stories and they will laugh at your mistakes in childhood.

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5. Become a good teacher for your kid

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Kids want to do things that they think are right, but sometimes they may not know what that is and what will be the result. Be a good teacher to your kid. Explain your concerns and fears. Control your emotions and never yell at or in front of your kid. Parents are the best teacher for their kids.

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6. Do not provoke tantrums

Do not interrupt your kid forcefully because kids dislike interrupting. Your interruption or anger will not solve the problem but will provoke the kid and make the situation worse. Never show your anger but warn before your kid has to do it and explain why it is necessary. 

7. Use positive words

Most parents have a common tendency to use words like “no,” “don’t” “stop,” don’t do it. Parents say these thinking kids will listen to them, but you might have noticed many times these words motivate kids to do the opposite depending on the mood. Use positive words to help your kid understand the problems.

8. Keep a straight face

When your kid starts whining, you have the right not to respond. If that happens, keep your face straight and introduce a warning sign which will show you will stop listening.

9. Give praise when the kid deserves it

Don’t forget to thank your kid for doing something right. Appreciate and praise your kid as and when deserves it. That will make your kid happy and feel your love.

10. Be smart about the pocket money

Many parents have this question, “how much pocket money to give the kid’.? THERE IS NO special rule for this. Some parents are rich, some are normal income and others are poor. Rich parents give a good amount of pocket money to their children, but normal-income or poor parents cannot give that much pocket money to their kids.

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Children might see their friends spending a lot of money and they feel sad when their parents do not give them that much pocket money. So, they do tantrums at home and many parents try their best to give kids money even sacrificing other urgent requirements at home. This is the wrong way of parenting. 

Never give extra money to your kid. When kids ask for money, enquire and confirm the purpose and also teach them how to spend money. Don’t feel bad to tell your kids about your low income. That will help them to understand the value of money and the importance of saving money.

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A Parent’s Guide to Temper Tantrums – Infographic

A common problem among parents is handling the tantrums of their children.

A Parent’s Guide to Temper Tantrums

From Visually.

Be Cautious About These Child Behaviours Dangerous To Ignore

This might have happened many times while going with your toddler shopping in a busy shopping complex. Your child has spied on a toy or dress you don’t intend to buy due to a shortage of money or other problem. Suddenly you are at the centre of a gale-force temper tantrum. Everyone present in the shopping complex is looking at you and that makes you feel bad and angry.

What’s the best response? Why do these emotional meltdowns happen? And can you prevent them? Consider these tantrum tips.

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Do not worry about toddler tantrums. That is common in most families and a part of childhood. This is their technique to get things done as per their wish. Control your emotions and talk to your kids full of love and affection and that is the best way to stop toddler tantrums and bring them under your control. Help them, teach them to become great people in life.

What do you do to tame toddler tantrums?

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