Why And How To Touch The Heart Of Your Children?

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How do you react when your naughty children do not listen to your words and continue with their naughty activities? Do you get angry, shout on them and punish for their mistakes? If yes, you should learn how to touch the heart of your children and avoid hurting their mind. Let’s find how is it possible.

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Do You Touch The Heart Of Your Children?

New generation children are a little naughty. Some parents and teachers find it difficult to handle them. They use the wrong method of shouting and punishing children for their mistakes. Instead of punishing, you can touch the heart of your children and guide them to the correct path.

Children’s heart is clean and soft. Shouting or any kind of punishment can make a severe wound in their heart which can affect the mental health. This wound may affect their self-confidence and sometimes fill their mind with anger and revenge. Is Physical Punishment Of Children Good For Children’s Development?

Some wounds heal fast, but some remain unhealed for many years. What is the best method to handle children? The best method is to touch the heart of children through unconditional love, make them understand their mistakes and the consequences. Help them not to repeat mistakes.

How to find the talents in a child?

I found a YouTube video of a group of teachers conference with Gopinath Muthukad, the famous magician and motivational speaker. This video inspired me to write a post on this topic. Some contents of this post are taken from the video talk because I found it is good to share the motivational message of Muthukad.

Unconditional Love. Be close to the heart of every child. At that moment you should be able to touch the depth of their heart. When your fingertip touches their heart, their inner secrets will come out.

A magician can not do this, but a teacher can do this, only a teacher can do this. Every day when you reach the classroom, your eyes should touch the eyes of every student. This is important.

It is not important the children sitting in the front or back. Your eyes should touch the eyes and fingertip touch the heart of each student. Your unconditional love should make the student say, ‘ this is my dearest teacher’.

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I still remember the names and faces of some teachers who taught me 40-50 years back in primary school. Because those teachers have touched my heart. You also must be remembering some of your best teachers.

Children never forget the teachers who loved and supported them. After many years when they meet, the teacher may not recognise easily because the small child has grown up and became a great person having power and status. But the student will surely recognise the teacher, meet and touch the feet and get blessings. This is the culture of India and none can ever change it.

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Teachers can find out the best talents in students, but today it does not bother many parents about their children’s’ talents. They only want the highest grade in the exam. Some parents encourage their children to participate in television programmes but there also want children to get a good result. Everything is for good results and fame but not to improve the children’s passion and talents.

How teachers can change the thinking and attitude of the parents?

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10 Important Things Your Child Should Learn By Age 10

This is the tragedy of today that it worries many parents about the grades of their children. What the teachers can do with such parents? Teachers can talk to such parents and make them understand achieving success in life is more important than achieving a good result in a school examination.

We should think about how many persons who had good results in school examinations have become successful in life?

Do not ignore failed students – Touch the heart

We have the custom to arrange a reception and give awards for the students who achieved the highest marks in the examination. Instead of this, you can select the failed students. Where are they going?

Nobody bothers about them. When you celebrate, appreciate and distributing awards to the students who achieved success, those failed students also sitting somewhere in the back side of the reception hall with a wound in the heart.

There can be many reasons behind the failure of those children. They might have difficulty in studying because of mother’s sickness, problems in the family or regular disturbance from drunkard father.

What will those failed children do tomorrow?

None ready to accept or console them, but all ignore them. What will those children do tomorrow?

When they walk with the wounded heart, drugs and alcohol lobby and the criminal gang is ready to welcome them. These children in search of a little love from someone misunderstand these negative people and get into the wrong group.

This is one of the reasons for Teenage Addictions. This is what we have to think and act to save these children.

Following others way is not life, but have to be different in our way of life.
Teachers should lift up the fallen children and help to become rising stars. That is your life victory.

Never Forbid Children From Doing These Things

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How to handle a child’s mistake?

Touch the heart through unconditional love

Touch The Heart Of Children
Teacher touching the head of the child with love

Earlier days when a teacher finds anything wrong in the behaviour or activities of a student, the teacher could advise and take proper action. This helped the children to avoid repeating the same mistake.

But today, if a teacher tells something to a child, the next day parents will be in the school with a complaint. Instead of correcting and advising the child not to repeat such mistakes again, they reach the school and in the presence of the child talk to the teacher favouring the child. This gives a wrong message to the child. 

How Overparenting Damage The Future Of Children

You can not change the children through shouting or punishment. With love filled words parents and teachers can make a bigger wound about the mistake done than with a stick in the heart of a child. 

But they should know how to handle this. Hold the child close to your body, make him feel your love and affection and understand the mistake done. That love filled words will make a bigger wound in the mind than punishing with a stick.

Both wounds are different. Love filled words will make a wound helps to understand the mistakes and not to repeat. Once they realised the mistake, that wound will heal soon and their mind will be free and happy.

But the wound from shouting or punishment will affect mental health and also chances to develop anger and revenge.

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The most important thing is to become a role model for children. When you advise a child not to do something wrong, you should have the right to say that. Means you should not be doing the wrong thing what you ask the child not to do.

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Children give preference to actions than speech. They don’t mind what you speak but follow what they see.

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Children need love and affection from parents and teachers. Do not make jokes about a child or make any bad comments in front of others. If you find any mistakes, call them near to you and talk personally. Make them realise the mistake and advise not to repeat.

Touch the heart of children and that will make them great persons touching the heart of others through their love.

How do you manage your children for their naughty activities?

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2 thoughts on “Why And How To Touch The Heart Of Your Children?”

  1. My younger son has been passed 5 classical singing exams along with 5 harmonium exams . He had taken part in the auditions but after 10 th , he think that in the music there is no carrier. Every day I am giving him counselling he is listening but not taking action to join again. How can I prepare him to join again .

    1. Congratulate and appreciate for his success. If he has no talent, he can’t pass classical music. A good counsellor can help him. Make him understand making money is not life, but achieving success is life. Normally children like to choose music as a career, but parents do not like. It is not necessary that he has to choose music as a career, but he should not stop learning and practising music. Let him choose any career, but he can be a singer along with his career.

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