Healing Emotional Pain

How To Heal Your Emotional Pain?

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2022)

What do you do when you feel frustrated, sad, unhappy, or depressed? Do you try to heal your emotional pain or add more negativity to your mind? Have you heard anyone ever say before, that emotional pain is a completely normal thing and emotional pain is a process of healing? I found a wonderful video of Sri Gaur Gopal Das explaining emotional pain. He teaches that we are human beings so each of us has all emotional feelings. I thought it would be good to share his talk with others because emotional pain is a major problem affecting most people, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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Emotional Pain

Most of us believe that being emotional is weak. When someone becomes emotional we used to say that his mind is weak. From the wonderful talk by Gaur Gopal Das, it is clear that being emotional is not about being weak, being emotional is being a human. Being emotional shows our strengths and truly shows how strong we are. Someone has rightly said, “Tears are the physical manifestation of our emotional pain.”

Do you cry when you are emotional? When you cry it shows you are strong because it takes a lot of courage to cry out and let out all your pain and anger, aggression, rage and frustration. So, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to let loose, it’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to be broken and it’s ok to be emotional and sentimental rather than pretend to be strong but broken from inside. Releasing emotional pain is not a weakness, but your greatest strength because it makes you realise that you are a human being.

How to handle emotional pain
How to handle emotional pain
Never be afraid of being emotional, vulnerable, broken and sentimental, it is a human trait. Click To Tweet

Want to heal your emotional pain?

We all go through emotional pain and at times it is unbearable. Sometimes it looks like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. COVID-19, unexpected disasters have caused a lot of emotional pain. With all our lives getting affected, that pain keeps constantly nagging us and makes us feel worthless, empty and melancholy. We fail to realise that going through that pain and experiencing it is also a part of the healing of emotional pain. We don’t understand that it takes time for things to settle. We’re not early, we’re not late, we’re just on time. Watch this video to know more about healing and emotional pain.

Going through negative emotions is normal.

If you’re feeling frustrated at this point, that is normal. If you’re feeling depressed at this point because of everything happening around you, that is normal. If you’re feeling anxious, worried about what the future would be and how things would pan out for you in the future, that is normal. If you’re feeling disappointed with the nature of things happening all around you, in the country, in the world, that is normal. If you’re feeling completely lost and lonely to yourself despite being in the middle of people at home, that is normal. If you’re feeling a little nudged by people in your physical space, your home or wherever you live emotionally when you don’t find that space, that is normal.

This happens with each and every one of us. It is just a part of life that we go through all of this and currently because of the pandemic and the situation we go through. This is normal. Don’t feel guilty about the negative emotions. Don’t kill yourself by guilt and add to the negativity. There is already so much negativity around. Don’t add more to it. How will it work? That is why I am wanting to tell you this thing. It is normal. To go through these emotions is absolutely normal. I know some of you have lost your dear ones. It’s painful and it is normal to feel the pain.

We are not machines. We are sentient human beings. We are not robots. We are not the silicon chip that is found in a smartphone.

Real human being and the statue

I remember I was in America I was sitting in a park with my friend at a distance on a bench. And I saw just across the other side there was a massive statue like a statue of a guy. And he didn’t have a shirt. The statue had just like shots and it’s like ripped with eight pack abs and like muscles and really ripped guy. Right next to the statue was the bench and on the bench was another guy sitting, a real human being with his shirt off, as well summer season in America, it was hot. He was wearing shorts, he was ripped with eight pack abs and muscles muscular guy. I was watching both from a distance. And the guy there the statue was the way he was or where it was. And the gentleman who was sitting there despondent, depressed. Holding his face in his hands, very very depressed, felt like really affected. I felt I would like to go and talk to him but I didn’t know American man. I don’t want to kind of just go and interfere and get into his private space. But I felt like I wanted to help him.

And then I had a thought in my mind. Here’s the statue, here is the guy. Both guys don’t have a shirt on. Both guys have a shot on. Both guys are ripped. One doesn’t feel anything. The other feels maybe he had a heartbreak. Maybe he had someone whom he loved who left this world. Maybe he lost his job. Maybe he was insulted by somebody. And I feel that healing doesn’t begin after the pain is over, healing begins when we go through the pain.

Friends, we are human beings. If we are human beings, we would get hurt. I always say this,

“As long as we are alive, we will experience pain because of problems. Once life ends, we can’t even feel the fire of cremation. So please understand this thing that we are all human beings and not machines. Feeling sad, feeling depressed, feeling lonely, getting hurt by someone’s insult, is normal. It is completely normal.”

Gaur Gopal Das

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Experiencing the real pain is a part of the healing process

I feel that healing doesn’t begin after the pain is over. Healing begins when we go through the pain. Experiencing the real pain is a part of the healing process as well.

Letting the pain go through the pain and allowing it to happen, is a part of healing as well.

Some of you guys if you work out you would know when you’re working out whichever muscle you’re working, whichever part of the body you’re working, you have to know one thing that your muscles are being toned. The finer tissues of your muscles are being toned and they cause pain. And when they cause pain, that pain, when those tissues repair themselves when you rest, is when muscles are developed. That pain is a part of healing. That pain is a part of growth. So do not resist that pain. Let that pain come out.

I read something very interesting this morning. I was really amazed to read this. I can’t remember who said it, I can’t remember where I read it. But this post was really really interesting.

It said – Tears gliding down your eyes, tears coming down your eyes are the physical manifestation of an emotional pain we are going through.

There is an emotional pain inside, but the pain comes out from our eyes, physically, through our eyes. Literally physically tears coming down. But this is simply a manifestation of the emotional pain we are going through.

What will happen if we don’t release our negative emotions?

What will happen if we do not allow the physical manifestation to happen if we cannot release those emotions if we cannot release the pain?

"If we don't release our negative emotions, they pile up and become toxic." – Gaur Gopal Das Click To Tweet

How toxic it will be if we cannot release those emotions if we cannot release the pain? And therefore releasing our pains, releasing those emotions. releasing what we are going through is healing. Healing is not just some positivity. Healing is not just some motivation. Healing is not some pushed positive motivational talks. To go through our pain, to release those emotions whether it’s through tears, whether it’s through doing what we do. Trust me, that is a very very essential process of healing as well.

And this is why who was saying that I don’t know who said it recently. I think probably even I said it in one of the Insta live sessions that our body is made probably of 75 per cent water. Isn’t it? 75 per cent water. And probably whatever 25 per cent blood. Don’t ask me technical questions on that. right. And our heart is probably made of like 25 per cent water or 75 per cent blood pumps blood to the other parts of the body. The body is composed of primarily water, less blood. But when the body is hurt, what comes out? Blood. And the heart is primarily composed of blood, hardly any water. But when the heart is hurt, what comes out of the eyes? Tears! (water). Isn’t it a very interesting principle there?

Do not resist your emotional pain

But I must tell you something, guys. Do not resist your pain. Please do not resist your pain. It’s normal to go through this emotional turmoil especially during the current situation and scenario. Let me tell you one more very important crucial aspect is this. The mind is not going to remain negative all the time. After a while, the mind gets tired of being negative.

Positive motivation can only help when your mind is ready

There’s a point of time when your mind is ready for something positive. When it’s ready then positivity will help you. When it’s not ready anything that you push inside is toxic. It is important for us to go through that inner journey releasing that pain allowing ourselves to feel those emotions. And when we are ready, trust me, every positive word will help you bounce back, every positive word will heal you. But that’s the second part of healing.

The first part of the healing of emotional pain

The first part of healing is to just go through what you’re going through. And therefore if you’ve lost a near and dear one and if you’re in pain, please know it’s normal. In those memories that you have in your heart of those individuals, cry if you feel like crying. Be angry if you feel like being angry. Be upset if you feel like being upset. Just go through what your heart is going through. Because that is an essential aspect of healing. And your heart and your mind will come out of that phase in time.

As you feel, now that I need something to come out of this that is when videos on social motivational videos online or somebody is discussing with somebody around you will really heal you further as well. Let the healing process go on.

Be authentic and genuine with your emotions

It’s absolutely normal to feel negativity in this negative situation or in any negative situation. And feeling that negativity going through those feelings being very authentic and genuine in how we go through or what we go through is a part of healing. and that is when we will be able to take the next phase of healing which is the positive things which can help us bounce back and come out of what we are going through you. Credits: Gaur Gopal Das

How do you handle emotional pain?

Hope that the motivational talk of Sri Gaur Gopal Das helped you to understand the fact that emotional pain is normal and nothing much to worry about it. When we feel emotional pain, we have a wrong thinking that only we have such pain and others are always happy. That is not true. All human being has pain. The only difference is how we handle it. Frankly speaking, I am unable to handle emotional pain. This video taught me emotional pain is normal and it will happen. Also taught to release emotional pain and do not hold it for a long which can cause mental health problems like anxiety, stress, depression etc. People who have faced such mental health problems only know the real pain in the mind and body. So, always try to release your emotional pain to keep your mind free and cool.

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No need to worry, why we aren’t being in positive feelings all the time. Sometimes we exaggerate our emotions more than they. At that time we need someone to say, cool everything is normal. If our mind is not cooling, that can cause problems to us as well as to others by hurting them with unwanted and unimagined incidents. While giving expression to our pain, we need to be mindful of not venting out our emotional pain on others, making them target our negative behaviour.

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