Toxic People

How To Deal With Toxic People?

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Do you know how to deal with toxic people? Toxic people are dangerous because they can do harm to themselves and others. Some toxic people might be dealing with their own stresses and traumas and also they upset others. Their negative activities and negative habits can cause problems to others.

What is the meaning of toxic people?

Anyone whose behaviour adds negativity and upset to your life is called a toxic person. Sometimes, you can find people who are toxic are dealing with their own stresses and traumas. They act in a way that doesn’t present them in the best light. A toxic person usually upset others along the way. You should identify toxic people and avoid any connection with them.

Short story about toxic People

In a certain company, a young employee went to the HR head and said “I can’t work here any longer, I want to quit this job.”

The HR head asked, “why, please tell me what happened”.

“The whole atmosphere is so toxic to my mind”, replied the young man, “there are people here who are into a lot of politics. Then there are those who talk negative all the time. Some spent most of their time gossiping than working. I don’t think I can handle this any longer.”

The HR head said, “Ok. But I have a request to make before you leave.”

The man asked, “please tell me what can I do for you, sir”.

But HR head said, “I want you to do this one last thing sincerely. I want you to take a glass of water filled to the brim and walk around the office area three times without spilling a single drop of water on the floor. After that, you may leave the job if you wish.”

To it sounded weird, the man thought it was just a matter of a few minutes anyways. He took a glass full of water and walked three times around the office floor. He then came to the HR head to tell him that he was done.

The HR head asked, “when you were walking around the office floor did you see any employee speaking badly about another employee, any gossips, any disturbances?”

The man replied, “No.”

The HR head further asked, “Did you see any employee looking at another employee in a wrong way”?

“No”, replied the young man.

“And you know why”? asked HR head. “because you were focused on the glass to make sure you didn’t tip over and spill any water. And the same goes with our life. When we focus on our priorities we don’t have the time to see all the drama around us, the mistakes of others, gossip, politics, negativity etc. The fact is anywhere we go we are going to find toxic people. Change of job or change of situation doesn’t necessarily ensure freedom from such people. We should certainly do what we can, to positively change things around us. But when we know that we’ve done our best and things still remain more or less the same we should shift our focus to the glass of water, our priorities, our growth, our excellence. And then we won’t be as much affected by the negativity around us. And if it is absolutely beyond our capacity to handle we may actually need a change knowing well that the new job or the new situation will bring fresh complexities along with them as well.

Credits: Gaur Gopal Das

How To Deal With Toxic People?

Point to remember

When you focus on your priorities you don’t have the time to see all the dramas around you, the mistakes of others, gossip and the negativity.

If you keep your attention focussed on your goal, you will never notice the obstacles and pitfalls along the way.

Toxic people will criticize you more when they don’t want you to achieve your goals. Some people will demotivate you because they think that you can achieve whatever you want but they can’t. So we must take that as a compliment.


Avoid bad friends otherwise, they will damage your life. Toxic people will teach you negative patterns. You should learn to break your negative patterns. Learn to make more good friends.

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