Emotional Decisions Can Be Destructive And Here’s Why

Emotional Decisions Can Be Destructive

Most of our decisions are influenced by emotions in some way. Making emotional decisions is natural because that is human nature. Some emotional decisions are ok, but many times emotional decisions can be destructive for self and also for others. Let’s find out why and how emotional decisions can be destructive.

Why Emotional Decisions Can Be Destructive?

Do emotions affect decision-making?

It is a fact that your emotions certainly play an important role in your decision-making process. So, it is better to avoid making decisions when you are emotional, angry, sad etc.

If you have anxiety, that can keep you from making a poor choice. When you are feeling really emotional, your emotional decisions can become self-destructive.

When you are excited, there is a good chance that you make quick decisions without considering the implications and the future.

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If you are in an angry mood, your emotional decision can be very destructive according to your reaction. There is a chance that you talk words that you never want to talk to others. You will fight with others for silly matters that can be easily avoided. You should speak words carefully and never hurt the listener.

When you are sad your emotional decision might make you more willing to settle for things that aren’t in your favour. At that time, you may ignore the loss or damage that can happen with your decision. If you are sad because of a failure, you may feel hopeless and might wrong emotional decisions.

Why You Should Never Lose Hope?

Sometimes your mind becomes fearful of something, and at that moment your emotional decisions may be clouded by uncertainty and caution.

Are emotional decisions good?

It is not necessary that emotional decisions are always destructive. When you visit a place of disaster, or when you see the problems and pain of people, your emotional decisions can be compassionate. That time your decisions will be helpful to others.

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Short Story – Emotional Decisions

After killing the king, the treasurer left the palace with all the treasures and settled in a distant land. After a few days, he felt remorse. As a solution, he decided to do something that would be beneficial for the country. He started making a tunnel by digging the hill that divides the country in two.

Meanwhile, the prince learned about the killer of his father and came to the old treasurer. When the prince was ready to kill him, the man requested him not to kill him until the tunnel, which is beneficial for the country. The prince agreed to that. 

When the tunnel was completed, he went to the prince and said, “You can kill me now.”

The prince said, “In the early days, I hated you. But I learned patience, effort and fortitude from you. Now you are my guru.”

Moral of the story

You should never emotional decisions that can be destructive. If you take quick decisions based on your emotions, your mind can guide may guide you through the wrong path that is destructive for you and also for others. Control your emotions and give the mind time to heal emotional pain. Have the patience to listen to others and give them time to correct their mistakes. You can Light Up Your Inner Self To Deal With Your Pain

Emotional vs rational decision-making

Emotional decisions can be destructive, and rational decisions can be creative. Although there will be initial bravery for things that are exciting, the final result will not be favourable.

Before engaging in an exciting activity, ask yourself these questions.

  • Is this something necessary to do now?
  • Are there other ways?
  • What are the consequences of this?
  • What are the benefits? 

Only good deeds with good intentions produce good things. All others will end in temporary emotional satisfaction. The need and suitability of decisions should be determined by looking at the result of decisions. It is not good to give up such deeds if the one who is doing the deeds is doing himself a misfortune.

If you find yourself in the wrong, then the best way and the only way is to correct it. No matter where you hide, you will not escape the consequences of your deeds. Remedial action will not cure your mistakes. But remedial action can ensure that such acts are not repeated.

Don’t make decisions when you’re emotional

It is better to think before making decisions and avoid emotional decisions. Your emotions will affect your decisions and you may regret them later.

Final Thoughts

You can not always control your emotions. Avoid making emotional decisions that can be destructive. Before making emotional decisions you can wait for a few minutes to think thoroughly or discuss the problems with others. That will help you to make decisions good for you and for others. Sometimes you may not be able to change your decisions and you may regret the same.

Do you make emotional decisions?

Have you ever regretted wrong emotional decisions?

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