How To Control Loose Talk And Argument?

How To Control Loose Talk And Argument?

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2022)

Some people have a bad habit of loose talk and unnecessary argument on everything. Sometimes this wrong attitude creates unexpected and unwanted problems. They don’t realise the bad effect of loose talk and argument. They don’t understand the benefits of silence. It is better to keep silence than responding to loose talk and unnecessary arguments. Simply ignore such discussion and maintain silence. That will prove your personality and positive attitude. Let’s find what is loose talk and what is silence benefits?

What Is Loose Talk?

Talk in a loose manner is loose talk. A talk or a statement that is made carelessly or recklessly without thinking of the ramifications of the speaker’s statements. The loose talk gives a feel of offending and can cause harm to the listeners.

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How To Control Loose Talk - Silence Benefits
How To Control Loose Talk And Argument?

Loose Talk Moral Story

This is an interesting moral story about a donkey and a tiger. This story explains the loose talk and silence benefits.

One day a Donkey met a Tiger on a grass field. The Donkey said to the Tiger, ‘The grass is blue.’ Tiger replied, ‘No grass is green.’ They argued for a few minutes and it became intense. Both are firm in their own words.  To end this argument, both went to Lion, the King of the forest. 

The king Lion was sitting on the throne in the middle of the animal kingdom. They told the lion they are in an argument and need his help to solve the problem. “Your Highness, the grass is blue, isn’t it?” The donkey yelled before the tiger could say anything.

The lion replied, ‘Yes! The grass is blue.’ The donkey said, “This tiger does not believe the grass is blue and annoys me. Hence Tiger should be punished.”King Lion declared, ‘Tiger will be jailed for a year.” Donkey heard King’s verdict and jumped in joy in the entire jungle. The tiger sentenced to one-year jail. 

After the verdict, Tiger went to the Lion and asked, ‘Why Your Highness! The grass is green, isn’t it? ‘ Lion replied, ‘Yes! The grass is green.’ Tiger said, ‘I said correct, then why am I sentenced to jail? ‘ Lion replied, “you did not get punishment for the grass being blue Or green.

But I punish you for debating with that stupid Donkey. Brave and intelligent creatures like you have argued with a donkey and also have come here to get a decision”. Sometimes being quiet is better than Arguing with fools.

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How To Control Loose Talk?

In this video, Devika Bhatnagar explains easy steps to control loose talk.

There is an old saying “Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold“.


The conversation is a give and takes of words at the right time. Avoid interrupting while the other person is speaking. Don’t say something just because the other person is asking for it, or you want to say it.

Think before you speak. It is on your tongue, say something, only if you mean it. “Meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words

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What are the silence benefits?

How and why should practice silence in daily life? Many people ask this kind of questions. Silence doesn’t mean to keep quiet every time. But silence means control loose talk and unnecessary argument. If we watch videos of great persons, we can find they keep silence even when someone insult or provocate. Silence benefits are many, you can practice and experience it in your daily life.

Have you ever thought why the creator have given us two ears and one mouth? It is to listen more and speak less that also only good and when necessary. Your ears are always open and can hear all the sounds without your permission, but your mouth opens only when necessary. All the good and bad sounds enter your ears, but you have full control over your mouth to speak out good or bad words.

The Power Of Silence

5 Tips To Maintain Silence

Watch this motivational talk by Devika Bhatnagar explaining the power of silence and 5 tips to maintain silence. She is a good motivational speaker who explains in simple language.

Stay Silent When Angry

It is better to stay silent on a topic which you have no idea about. Stay silent, when you are angry to avoid utter something out which you might end up regretting later.  Your words may hurt the other person.
Use words carefully and avoid hurting the listener.

It is also possible that your angry mood speaks out provocative words and that worsen the situation leading to any unexpected things happen.

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When you are angry, don’t take out your wrath on someone. Just stay silent for a few minutes. Don’t engage in conversation with anyone for a few minutes. Tell them you are not feeling well and will talk later.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths, take a walk or even you can take rest for a few minutes. Allow your brain to cool down. You can Control Anger with Easy Steps.

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Avoid unnecessary argument and loose talk. Think before speak and ensure your words do not hurt or provocate others. Be a good listener, respect others and allow them to speak. Enjoy silence benefits and lead a successful life.

Do you keep silence when necessary or argue with others for everything?

Do you have the habit of loose talk?

Have you ever experienced silence benefits?

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