Never Speak Unnecessary things

Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2021)

When you speak with others or in an audience do you make sure you speak about matters which are clear to you? Some people speak and give suggestions about anything even though they don’t have the correct information or knowledge about the topic. They don’t understand or bother about the harm it can make to the individual and community. You should never speak about matters unclear to you. Your words should not hurt others because words are very powerful which can make a deep wound in the mind of the listener.

Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

Moral Story – Three Men And The Building

Three people, known as wise men of their country, started a journey to other countries. They believed visiting other countries will help to improve their knowledge by learning about the culture and people of those places.

When reached another country they saw a giant shadow standing very far.

It was a multi-storey building but because of the long-distance, it was not clear to naked eyes. They were excited to see that because it was the first time they were viewing such a big thing in their life.

They did not go near because they were afraid that the giant shadow will attack them. With their knowledge and previous experiences, each one gave their own definitions about the same.

After returning home, they met the King and told about their new discovery. They requested the king to keep the army ready because they saw a giant terrible creature in the neighbouring country which may attack our country anytime.

Do not speak about a person based on the look

Often the basis of the assessment we make depends on what makes us see than what we actually saw. Many times we assess people and their actions through the light of our own ideas and experiences. Never judge a person without knowing the truth about that person.

Some people who do not have knowledge and experience about the small problems related to their own family or place, try to make suggestions and solutions of others and society. Those wrong suggestions make them fall and also become an obstacle for others’ success.

Without knowing the fact and the real picture, never try to speak on anything. We should never try to explain what is unclear to us. Before making suggestions and comments about a matter, try to learn at least the basics of the topic and if possible a little deeper. Remember, your one word can make someone happy or sad, reward or insult.

How to deal with fake news and baseless comments?

Some people have a bad habit of spreading fake news. Never forward such messages in social media. In the present world, social media is very powerful. You can find many videos and posts on negative topics and attacking individuals or community. They publish such things because they need more viewers. Some people have a tendency to make baseless comments on such posts and videos. They don’t care to find the truth in the posts and videos. It is fun to make baseless and attacking comments without even thinking about the harm their words can make. If someone makes such comments about you, avoid responding to such comments. It is better to ignore baseless comments.

Your one word can make someone happy or sad, reward or insult. Click To Tweet


Open your eyes and see, study and understand well about the matter before trying to make comments and suggestions.  You might have heard the old saying, ‘think before speak’.

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