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Do Not Spread Fake News
(Last Updated On: April 9, 2019)

One foolish word or fake news is enough to spread nervousness and uncomfortable in a peaceful place. Spreading lies are the reason for many problems.

Many people have a bad habit of forwarding all the messages through social media, not even realising the truth and the outcome it can cause to others.

Lies spread quickly that also spices added by everyone spreading it and that way a silly word will become a problematic one causing disharmony. 

Never Spread Fake News

Short Story

A Rabbit was sitting alone under a tree thinking what will happen if the earth split apart now. A big fruit fell down from the tree on the ground making a big sound. The Rabbit feared that is the earth splitting sound and ran.

Other animals saw the rabbit running fast with fear and asked what happened. Rabbit replied the earth is splitting. Hearing this, other animals including Elephant, Tiger also ran with the Rabbit. 

On the way, Lion stopped the animals and asked who saw the earth is splitting. None could answer but Rabbit told he saw the earth is splitting. All the animals including Lion followed Rabbit to the tree where he was sitting.

When no sign of earth split found, rabbit said, he heard the sound only but didn’t see earth splitting. They found the big fruit lying on the ground and realised the rabbit misunderstood the big sound as earth splitting.

Fake News Spread Quickly

Stone once has thrown cannot be taken back. You do not know where will it hit and what damage it can cause to others. Just like that, words once told cannot be taken back.

You can say the easy word ‘SORRY’ as many times as you want, but that may not heal the would in the mind of the listener. Hence use words wisely and do not spread messages without knowing the truth.

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Technology is improving day by day and within minutes your message will reach to unknown people staying very far. Remember, once you sent a message to a person you have no control over the message.

So, think and find the truth before spreading a message to others. Many fake messages look like real and even have a request to spread. 

In the social media, YouTube, visual media everywhere you can find fake news and real news added with spices. This is not a big surprise because they need hot and controversial news to promote their business.

Many people spread fake news. Not only fake news but also any news, images and videos which can create a problem for others and the community should not be shared.

If the real problems are pointed out and resolve that would have benefitted many people. Instead of criticising and spreading false allegations, pointing out mistakes and finding solutions will help many people to return from their mistakes and lead a better life.

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Remember, when you ignore and do not spread fake news, you are helping for a peaceful world and harmony among people. Avoid and discourage others also from spreading fake messages, news, images, videos that can be harmful to others. Let us build a peaceful world.

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