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Speaking Effectively | 5 Ways To Become An Expert

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2019)

Every day you communicate with many people. Do you ensure you are speaking effectively? If you are working in an office, you must be communicating with co-workers, management, customers etc depending on your job. If you are a teacher, you must be communicating with students and other staffs. Also, you must be communicating with your friends, relatives, and neighbours.

Are you speaking effectively?

You should ensure that you are speaking effectively and people are very interested to listen to your words. Click To Tweet

Here Are The 5 Ways To Master The Art Of Speaking Effectively

  1. Choose words wisely
  2. Expand your vocabulary
  3. Emotions while speaking is vital
  4. Create a punch with perfect enunciation
  5. Make use of  body language appropriately

Communication Quotes Bill Gates Speaking Effectively

“Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Below video will help you to ensure that you are speaking effectively and not making any communication mistakes.

Word choice

Words are powerful and hence word choice is important to communicate effectively.

Words have the power to make friends or enemies, build nations or destroy everything. It has the power to strengthen relationships or break.

If you often use negative words, people will think negative about you. Make sure that your words are meaningful as for as long as the listener can understand you.

Make sure that your words are meaningful as for as long as the listener can understand you. Click To Tweet

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You can use slang words while talking to your friends. But at work, you should not use slang words. Be careful about using slangs in your everyday speech.


Always use positive impactful words to make your relationships better. When you speak quickly people may not understand the meaning. So make sure your words are distinct and clear. Speak with self-confidence.

Learn to overcome self-doubt.

Roger Sessions  Communication Quote
Communication Quote Roger Sessions

Infographic –  speaking effectively

This infographic is explaining the 7 speaking habits that will make you sound smarter and will help for speaking effectively.

7 Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter
Courtesy of: http://www.writemyessays.net

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Speaking effectively is very important to make more friends and to become an expert speaker.

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