How To Become An Expert In Speaking Effectively

Speaking Effectively To Become An Expert
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2022)

Every day you communicate with many people. Do you ensure you are speaking effectively? If you don’t speak effectively people will not listen to your words. Your words and body language should attract people to you. Let’s find a few useful tips to become an expert in communication.

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Are you speaking effectively?

If you are working in an office, you are communicating with co-workers, management and customers depending on your job. If you are a teacher, you are communicating with students and other staff. Are you speaking effectively and impressing the listener with your words?

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5 Ways To Master The Art Of Speaking Effectively

  1. Choosing words wisely
  2. Improve vocabulary
  3. Importance of body language
  4. Perfect enunciation
  5. Emotions are vital

1. Choosing Words Wisely

Words are powerful and hence word choice is important to communicate effectively.

Words have the power to make friends or enemies, build nations or destroy everything. It has the power to strengthen relationships or break them.

If you often use negative words, people will think negative about you. Make sure that your words are meaningful for as long as the listener can understand you.

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You can use slang words while talking to your friends, but should not use slang words in professional speech or at work. Be careful about using slang words in your speech.

2. Improve Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary has an important role in good communication. You can improve your vocabulary and become an expert by reading vocabulary books and watching vocabulary videos. In the present digital world, you can learn vocabulary from many expert YouTube videos. Avoid using difficult vocabulary while communicating with the common man and use easy-to-understand graded vocabulary. While speaking with fluent persons in English, you can use difficult vocabulary.

Recently while watching a YouTube video, I could find the speaker is delivering the speech in a hurry. I made a comment about this on his post. Noticed in the next videos he understood the problem of listening and presenting speeches at a normal speed. It is important that the delivery of your words are not too fast or too slow.

Always use positive impactful words to make your relationships better. When you speak quickly people may not understand the meaning.

Some people have a high volume while speaking and some have very low volume. While listening to speeches, you might have realised a steady volume of speech is quite eluding. By increasing and decreasing your volume naturally, you can take the listener on a roller coaster ride of communication.

Importance Of Body Language

Do you know the importance of body language in communication? Body language is the art of ‘non-verbal’ communication. Your body language will communicate many things which you don’t speak.

Eyes – Always have eye contact with the person whom you are talking with. If your eyes move around that is a sign of indifference.

Hands – Keep your hands loose and use them only for pointing as needed. Never keep stiff hands because that reflects arrogance.

Position – In a channel show or meeting, to show a casual attitude you can sit during the presentation. But on other occasions, it is always better to stand because that denotes your strength and passion.

Perfect Enunciation

Are pronunciation and enunciation the same? What is the difference between Enunciation and Pronunciation?

“Enunciation and Pronunciation are the two components of language which let you be fluent and clearer in the spoken language. Enunciation is the art of speaking words clearly and concisely, whereas pronunciation is the act of speaking words correctly, it is more related to the accent, and intonation of the words rather than just clearly expressing the word as in the case of enunciation. Both these terms are interrelated as pronunciation itself is the component of enunciation.” Source: Difference.Wiki

What does it require in good communication? Don’t use the wrong method of speaking every word distinctly. Speak clearly and don’t slur while speaking. Add punch to your conversation through correct enunciation.

Emotions Are Vital

Are you an emotional person and your eyes get wet while speaking? If yes, don’t feel bad about this and don’t hinder yourself from expressing your feelings. Do you think emotional people who shed tears are weaker? Many people think and say the same. But that is not always correct. They are sensitive to their own feelings and at the same time, they are sympathetic to that of others. If you can shed tears, that means you are a strong person.

You might have noticed some people always laugh even in difficult situations. If you are one of them, you can continue the way you are. Nothing wrong with that. This attitude shows you do not let difficult circumstances take a toll on you. That shows your strong mind to handle difficult situations.

On some occasions depending on the seriousness of the matter, it is good to apply an intense expression. That will help the listener understand the gravity of the matter and situation. But no anger at all. Whatever the situation may be, you must control anger in communication. Speak with self-confidence.

To have an engrossing conversation, you can use your emotions during communication. But ensure not to allow your emotions to spill out heavily. Ensure control over your feelings and express the right emotion at the right time in a conversation.

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Infographic –  Speaking Effectively

This infographic is explaining the 7 speaking habits that will make you sound smarter and will help for speaking effectively.

7 Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter
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Speaking effectively is very important to making more friends and becoming an expert speaker. Your words and body language should impress people to get more listeners.

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