The Right And Wrong Use Of The Tongue In Daily Life

The Right And Wrong Use Of The Tongue In Daily Life -
(Last Updated On: June 29, 2018)

Dictionary meaning of Tongue

Tongue – The fleshy, movable, muscular organ, attached in most vertebrates to the floor of the mouth, that is the principal organ of taste, an aid in chewing and swallowing, and in humans, an important organ of speech.


The tongue is a very powerful part of the human body. It has the power to direct, destroy and delight. Click To Tweet


We need the tongue to chew, swallow, sing and talk. It identifies taste and makes us eat more or dislike some food completely.

The tongue can make friends or make enemies, can say good words to make others happy or hurt others with rude words.


Words from tongue can prove the personality and character of a person, some words can console others and some can make others angry. Click To Tweet


Sometimes a single word can create big quarrel and cause damage to family, community or person. Harsh words emanating from the tongue can shatter people and ruin them for a lifetime.


Find which type of tongue you have.

Tongue infographic


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Misuse of the tongue

A tongue which speaks evil things is an evil tongue. It is true that we have many uses of the tongue that are good.But there are specific references to types of its misuse as well.

We witness the misuse of it every day, sometimes it is classmates who gossip and betray one another or people who verbally abuse each other. It can be a powerful tool for good or a powerful weapon for those who are bent on bad habits. The tongue has the ability to determine the direction of our life and can make or break us.

Any misuse of the tongue like cursing, backbiting, lying, spreading a rumor or any such activities are done to cover up a weakness. A mature person can control the tongue and thus control the whole body. Lack of control of the tongue indicates gross immaturity.

Every day we have the option to be frustrated, hurt, irritated, angry or judgmental about something that someone else has done with us or others. It is easy to jump to the wrong conclusion, especially when we have not heard all the facts. Spending more time listening helps to avoid misunderstandings and quarrel.

Misuse of the tongue cuts across communities and relations. Parents can use it to either build or destroy their children. Some people apply it maliciously against one another for their own benefit or hiding their weakness and faults.

Employees can use it to degrade or destroy the careers of their superiors or subordinates. Careless use of words can become a cause of wars.

Words can promote, spread lies, tear families and break relationships. There are chances and reasons to misuse its power. Amongst them are, uncontrolled anger, pride, selfishness, hatred. If you use any bad words knowingly or unknowingly while speaking to an audience that will give a bad name to you and the organizers of that event. Sometimes people will react to your words. You may like to read how to speak well with others or audience.

You may be remembering and knowing the pain of hurting words you have spoken to others, like words of pride, dishonesty, envy, gossip or anger. Find how to control the anger with easy steps.

You can try to restore broken relationships through repentance and forgiveness, but you can never retrieve spoken words, just like a stone once thrown cannot be taken back.


Tongue quotes Mahatma Gandhi
Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi

Power of words

Words are incredibly powerful. They can build up, encourage, motivate, tear down, hurt and cause horrible scars. Transforming the tongue begins with a change of the mind. The mind influences the tongue. When the mind filled with anger, selfishness, envy, pride or any other such bad emotions, that will affect everything we do. So it is good to guard against engaging the tongue without engaging the mind. Take a moment and THINK before you speak. Answer the following questions and make sure that what you are going to say passes this test. If you do not pass this simple test, then don’t speak anything at that time.


T – is it true?
H – is it helpful?
I – is it inspiring?
N – is it necessary?
K – is it kind?


The pen is the tongue of the mind. Horace

Listen! Clam up your mouth and be silent like an oyster shell, for that tongue of yours is the enemy of the soul, my friend. When the lips are silent, the heart has a hundred tongues. Rumi


What can you do for the right use of tongue?

Assume responsibility for every word you speak. Ask those around you, your family members, friends, co-workers and ensure that your words are not offensive. They can easily observe the effects of your words and attitudes.

Evaluate their observations and try to make a change in your speech patterns, if necessary.

Try to fulfill all the past promises first, and then think carefully before making any new promises. Ask for forgiveness for any words or actions that might have hurt others and also try to avoid hurting words in future.

You can use its power in a good way by being a good listener, being tolerant, being quick to hear, slow to speak and choosing words carefully. By using it in a good way you can earn the respect of others, settle quarrels and most importantly can bring peace within you, in your family and community. Good use of it will save you from many avoidable problems.

Learn to speak words that will encourage, comfort and inspire. When the thoughts of your mind are focused on what is good and true, your words will reflect it, bring honour to others who, in return, will also respect you.


Do you use your tongue for cursing, backbiting, lying, spreading a rumor or any such bad activities?

Could you forgive others who hurt you with their words?


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