Skilled Driver

How Clever Rich Man Selected A Skilled Driver

A clever rich man called candidates for a driving test to select a skilled driver for his car. He took three candidates to the ground for the test. There was a pit in the middle of the ground. He asked the drivers to test drive to prove their ability.

Never Speak

Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

Many people speak and give suggestions about anything even though they don’t have the correct information or knowledge about the topic. They don’t understand or bother about the harm it can make to the individual and community. What we should do? We should never speak about matters unclear to us.

Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer

Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer

We all pray at least once or twice a day before sunrise and after sunset. Are you able to control the mind from wandering during prayer? Concentration in prayer brings happiness and peace in the mind.

Develop Effective Communication Skills

How To Develop Effective Communication Skills?

For everyday life communication is important. Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill. Many jobs require strong communication skills. Good communication skills help to enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends, family and society. Learn to develop effective communication skills fundamental to a successful life.

Never Waste Time

Never Waste Time | Time Is Precious And Priceless

Never waste time because time is precious and priceless. Many of us do not realise the value of time and waste time on entertainment, fun and such matters which are not important for a successful life. We should always use our time properly and positively. We should never spend our time without purpose and meaning…

Why Most People Never Get Rich

Why Most People Never Get Rich

Many people cannot improve their lives or get rich because of their negative attitudes. They do not explore new ideas or even reject help offer from others because they are afraid of taking risks and fearful of failures.

The Key To Female Work Participation

The Key To Female Work Participation Lies In Our Homes

The way out of the current impasse in female participation is in our hands. Change is inevitable. We have to unleash the hidden potential of so many of our women.

Overparenting Damage The Future Of Children

How Overparenting Damage The Future Of Children

Support and valuable advice of parents at a certain level helps the child to boost self-confidence, build a closer bond between parent and child, and become successful in life. But some parents go beyond the limit, load their kids with high expectations and micromanage their lives on every point. They do not know overparenting do not help but damage the future of the children.

Avoid Teaching Children Bad Lessons

How To Avoid Teaching Children Bad Lessons

It worries many parents how to raise their kids and for that they make many restrictions and teach them bad lessons. This kind of teaching and restrictions lead them in the wrong way and affect their mental health and self-confident. Parents should avoid teaching children bad lessons for success in life.

Boost Happiness Hormones Endorphin, Dopamine, Serotonin And Oxytocin

4 Happiness Hormones And How To Get It Free

There are 4 hormones which determine a human’s happiness.It is important to understand these hormones, as we need all four of them to stay happy.

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