Best Foods For Diabetes Control

Best Foods For Diabetes Control And Lower Blood Sugar

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2023)

Diabetes is one of the rapidly growing global lifestyle diseases. There are many best foods for diabetes control. The main problem is many people ignore diabetes in the initial stage and do not control their diet. With proper diet and physical activities, diabetes can be controlled well. If not controlled, diabetes can cause blindness, kidney failure, heart issues, stroke and lower limb amputation. Learn how to manage your diabetes and your blood glucose levels with these best foods for diabetes control. Supercharge your meal plan and keep your diabetes in control.

The primary task for diabetes control

The primary task of diabetic patients is Controlling their blood sugar levels. Sugar enters our bloodstream from the food we consume and hence the major factor in controlling diabetes is controlling the food. Here are some excellent foods which one must consume to control or prevent diabetes.

  1. Green leafy vegetables
  2. Whole grain
  3. Berries
  4. Beans
  5. Citrus fruits

Here are some best foods for diabetes control

1. Green leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables
Leafy vegetables

The first best foods for diabetic control are leafy vegetables. The number one benefit of green leafy vegetables is they are low in calories and are low in carbohydrates. Hence they keep blood sugar levels in balance. Green leafy vegetables are also rich in fibre. Hence they help with the absorption of sugar in the right face.

You must include spinach, methi leaves (Fenugreek) and drumstick leaves in your regular meals. Among all green leafy vegetables, drumstick leaves have proven to really reduce diabetes. They are rich in ascorbic acid which leads to increased insulin secretion in our body and so it reduces the sugar level.

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2. Whole grain

Whole Grains

The second best foods for diabetic control are whole grains. Substituting refined grains with whole grains can really help reduce diabetes. Compared to refined grains whole grains have lots of fibre and nutrients. Whole grains also have a lesser glycemic index, thus comparatively having less impact on blood sugar levels. Whole grains like Brown rice, Raggi and rice and such things are excellent food to control blood sugar. Ragi is excellent food among all millets. It reduces oxidative stress and inflammation which in turn helps in controlling diabetes.

3. Berries

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants

The third best foods for diabetic control are Berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all are excellent food. They have antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is very common in diabetic patients. Again, berries are very good in vitamin C too, which is known to keep blood sugar levels in balance.

4. Beans

Beans - food for healthy hair

The fourth best foods for diabetic control are beans. Beans are low in Glycemic index and so it effectively reduces blood sugar level. The GI – Glycemic index of soya beans is 15, while kidney beans are 28 and chickpeas are 33. Beans are complex carbohydrates. So the body digests them slower than any other carbohydrate diet. Eating beans would really help even in weight loss. And so blood sugar and cholesterol are reduced.

5. Citrus fruit

citrus fruits oranges pomegranates
citrus fruits oranges pomegranates

The fifth best foods for diabetic control are citrus fruits. Add citrus food to your daily diet. Oranges and lemons have amazing anti-diabetic effects. Modern researchers believe that they have bioflavonoids. All this is available in orange and lemon and this has anti-diabetic effects. All these citrus fruits are excellent in vitamins and minerals without adding carbohydrates to your food. Vitamin C of all these citrus food helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

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Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, berries, beans, and citrus foods should be the major part of a diabetic person’s diet. Moreover, you should also control yourself from consuming foods which can disturb your sugar level.

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Foods to avoid in diabetes control

Avoid food which has a high Glycemic index like white rice, white bread, pumpkin, white potatoes, maida preparations, refined sugar, sugary drinks, sweet cakes, pastry biscuits, packaged snacks and packaged foods. Avoid consuming all these foods, which can spike your blood sugar rapidly.

Keep eating every two hours

More importantly, keep eating every two hours. The major mistake many do is by skipping breakfast or having a very late breakfast. Make sure you eat something within one hour after you wake up. You can have warm lemon juice with chia seeds first in the morning or add amla powder with a pinch of turmeric in warm water early in the morning. These morning drinks can help to maintain your blood sugar level throughout the day.

Keep your mind free from worries. Be flexible. Be humble. Diabetics are known to be perfectionists. They want everything so perfect that they are never satisfied with anybody else. Now you have to be caring. You have to be humble Other than others you be a perfectionist, but expect nothing from others. So be very kind to others that would help you only.

Yoga believes that diabetes is one of the psychosomatic disease. So the effect of the mind on the body is going to be obvious. When the mind is not in a happy state, the mind is full of worries and tension and anxiety. Then its effect is going to be there and a person’s diabetes can never be cured.

Surrender all your challenge is to hire reality. Learn to accept people as they are. They are not as intelligent as you. So you do your part to the best of your capacity. Be satisfied with your work, but accept others as they are. Don’t try to impose your ideas on them. Try and live a very happy and peaceful life after all it’s your life. Diabetes is set in. But if you work on yourself, you’ll be able to live your life very normally, happily and very successfully. So do your path well and live happily.

5 Best Foods for Diabetes Control | Dr Hansaji Yogendra

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Hope from the above, you could find the best foods for diabetes control and lower blood sugar levels. This doesn’t mean that you should not take medication. If you are diabetic, you must consult your doctor and follow his advice. Proper food, medication and regular physical activities can help you manage your diabetes. Remember, healthy food is important for good health. Avoid all junk foods and eat organic vegetables and organic foods. You can easily control diabetes by eating the best foods for diabetes control and following regular physical activities.

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