COVID In Diabetic Patients – What Are The Serious Complications?

COVID In Diabetic Patients

Do you know what are the serious complications due to COVID in diabetic patients? People with diabetes are more likely to have serious complications due to COVID-19 infection. However, if your diabetes is well-managed, the risk of getting very sick can be lower. Continue reading and watch the video Dr Ambrish Mithal, Chairman & Head, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Max Hospital, Saket, to learn more about the risk factors.

The Serious Complications Due To COVID In Diabetic Patients

Complications Due To COVID In Diabetic Patients
Serious Complications Due To COVID In Diabetic Patients

We know that Diabetes and COVID-19 have a strong relationship. People with diabetes if they do acquire COVID then they have poorer outcomes. This means that if there are two people there, one is without diabetes and one is with diabetes. Especially if it’s diabetes with other commodities like heart and kidney, they tend to have poorer outcomes and long term also there they are affected more. So that is one part.

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The second part is that the virus itself may actually increase our blood glucose at times. The virus itself may be a direct diabetes producing-effect that’s being studied in the realm of research right now.

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Also, any stressful condition like a severe infection that many patients with COVID have can also increase our blood glucose. On the other hand, it’s important to realize that when we use medication like steroids which are commonly used in COVID and are often life-saving they can also actually lead to very severe spikes of blood sugar, very high spikes and that also can have a long-term effect.

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So people with COVID if they have diabetes and especially if they have at least moderate COVID, then their diabetes may worsen for some time and remain at a slightly higher level the blood glucose for some time. They should not get alarmed about that. What they need to do is check regularly and make sure they adjust their medication and talk to their doctor so that their glucose control post-COCID also remains optimal.

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Serious complications due to COVID in diabetic patients| Dr. Mithal | Max Saket

Final Thoughts

Hope that from the above, you must have understood the serious complications due to COVID in diabetic patients. If you have diabetes, you must control your diet and must have a routine of walking daily. Find the benefits of walking every day?

Are you diabetic? If yes, how do you control your glucose level? Do you have a morning routine of walking or other exercises?

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