Disturbed Mind

Disturbed Mind | How To Keep Mind Free From Disturbance?

Updated on March 26, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

Have you ever experienced a disturbed mind? What a question, isn’t it? Are you looking for easy ways to keep your mind free from disturbance? If yes, this post is for you. Let’s find the solutions.

In the intricate tapestry of human existence, the mind is our most complex and enigmatic thread. It’s a realm of immense depth and diversity, where thoughts, emotions, and experiences interweave to form the unique fabric of our individuality. However, not all minds tread the same tranquil paths. Some minds, for reasons as varied as the human experience itself, become disturbed—a state that can feel like navigating a labyrinth of shadows.

In this blog, we embark on a journey to unravel the complexities of the disturbed mind, shedding light on the enigmatic world of mental health. We will explore the causes, effects, and potential for healing and transformation that resides within these minds. Our mission is to foster understanding, compassion, and hope as we navigate the intricate maze of the disturbed mind together, offering insights, guidance, and support to those seeking clarity and solace on this challenging journey.

What Is A Disturbed Mind?

In the life journey, we all experience dissatisfaction and disturbed mind. That is human nature and part of life. The reasons are many and depend on the individual and situation. It can be financial problems, health-related, family problems, career problems and the list goes on. Problems have no end. Why is this happening? Let’s try to find out the reason and solutions.

Why do we have a disturbed mind?

The main thing is we give preference to problems rather than God-given talents and gifts. If we divert our minds from problems to gifts we can keep our minds happy.

Many people think only they have problems and others are happy. That is not true. Then what is the truth?

The truth is some people have the capacity to handle problems in a positive way. They hide their sadness with a smile and a pleasant mood in front of others.

What are the reasons for a disturbed mind?

If our neighbour, friend or relative has a better vehicle or better house than what we have, it disturbs our mind thinking about this.

While walking, working, and even sleeping our minds disturb by thinking about how to get better than them. How do you manage when your mind is disturbed?

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Many people build palace-type houses and buy the latest model of costly luxurious vehicles just to show their status is better than others.

Where do they get this huge amount of money for this? Do you think it is stolen or plucked from a tree? No, not at all. Some money is earned from their hard work and another huge amount is a bank loan.

Sometimes after a few instalments, they lose the job and do not repay the loan. After that, the Bank will start recovery and sometimes they become homeless. Why take all these problems on the head?

Most of the reasons for a disturbed mind are created by ourselves.

The disturbed mind of village people – Moral story

In a village, people were sad because they didn’t have everything their neighbours had.

To overcome this sadness, they prayed and one day they heard a revelation to solve this problem.

After midnight(12.00 a.m.) pick up stones from your nearby places. Write your problems on the stones.  Fill the stones in a bag, run towards the sea and throw the bag into the sea.

After a few seconds, waves will bring back the bag. You will find writing on the stones will be changed from problems to happiness. Select all the stones that contain happiness as per your wish and requirement. Put them in the bag and return to your home.

Throw all the stones into your courtyard and you will see miracles. It will fulfil all your wishes for happiness. 

This was the revelation they heard.

One Guru was staying in this village. Villagers met him and requested him to accompany them at night to do as per the revelation. But Guru didn’t reply. He kept silent with closed eyes. 

As per the revelation, after midnight, the villagers picked up stones and wrote their problems but had unlimited problems to write.

But they knew they had to complete the procedure by throwing back the stones in the courtyard before dawn.

Wrote maximum problems on the stones, filled them in a bag ran towards the sea and threw the bag in the sea.

Yes, as the revelation heard, waves brought back the back. They checked the stones and found the writing on the stones changed from problems to happiness.

They picked up many stones, but it did not satisfy them because they had the desire to get more and more.

They returned home and threw the stones from the bag in the courtyard.

Yes, the miracle happened. 

Multi-storey beautiful house, a beautiful wife, a courtyard filled with costly diamonds and gold, a lot of money and everything as they wished. 

They met the Guru and asked, “Do you realise now?“. But the Guru replied nothing. He kept silent. 

They celebrated the victory by singing and dancing through the village. While celebrating they found their neighbours have houses better than their house, a beautiful wife than their wives and money more than what they have. Seeing all these, they felt more sad than earlier. 

Looking at their sadness, the Guru asked them, ” Do you realise now?”

The moral of the story

When we look into others’ wealth and status, negative thoughts and dissatisfaction disturb our minds. We should look into ourselves and be happy with God-given gifts.

Credits – Gopinath Muthukad YouTube Video

What are the reasons for a disturbed mind?

Mind itself is a disturbance

Do not try to be someone else or behave like someone else. Because you are unique and if you try to become another person, it will disturb your mind. 

Sometimes you have a disturbed mind because of other people’s hurting words or negative comments about you or your family.

Let them do it because that is their way of living. They feel happy about that. 

Ignore baseless comments.  Focus on things that matter for your success.

Time is precious. Don’t waste time focusing on the weakness of other people.

The mind itself is a disturbance. You want to stop the mind from working but it goes on and on.

Your legs and hands do not move without your intention. But your mind is not like this because the mind is the master and you a slave.

Mind move around without your intention or permission. Positive thoughts bring happiness and negative thoughts disturb the mind

Your disturbed mind asks your mind itself to solve the problems of disturbance. What do you think, is it possible for the troublemaker to help solve the trouble?

So, what is the solution for this? To keep your mind calm, you need to become the master of your mind and make your mind a servant.

Read good books and grow spiritually.

Leave all kinds of work and spend a few minutes in a totally silent and peaceful place. Allow the mind to relax. Meditation is good for mental health.

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How to relieve the disturbed mind?

Gopinath Muthukad advises, “The important thing is we should have control over our mind. Never allow your mind disturbed. We can’t get away from our thoughts. Especially, if our thoughts are related to something we have seen, then we cannot get away from our thoughts.”

This is true. That picture will appear in our minds frequently without our permission. Negative thoughts will appear and different images about the same matter will appear in our minds. That disturbs the mind causing sleepless nights causing anxiety and a painful mind.

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The young man and the Guru – Moral story

A young man met a Guru crying loudly and told him “I have nothing and I don’t have anyone”

The Guru asked him, “Why are you not taking out all those priceless things that you have in your treasure chest?

The young man replied, “Treasure chest? I don’t have even a single coin in my hand”.

The Guru asked him, “Can I take out the precious wealth from your treasure chest?”

Guru explained about the young man’s precious wealth

1. Eyes

Your Eyes have the most powerful lenses that any scientist can invent. I put the value of 5 lakhs per eye, so both eyes have the value of 10 lakhs.

2. Heart

From the moment of your birth, your Heart is working day and night with no payment or reward. I put the value of 50 lakhs for your heart. 

3. Brain

Do you know your brain contains about 100 billion neurons? If all the computers in the world connect, that will not match the power of your brain. I put the value of 1 crore for your brain. 

After hearing this, the young man got up and shouted at the Guru, “Are you mad?”

The Guru replied, “No. It is you who is talking nonsense that you have none and nothing when you have the most treasured things in the world with you. If you don’t realise about your precious wealth, that is your mistake.

Guru continued saying to him.

Tonight you sleep well with a calm mind. Tomorrow morning get up with a new light and a bright mind.

The thing you should realise is that your life is what and how you make it.

We have 2 options to make our life, either ‘Amrit’(nectar) or mortal. 

There is no need to make it mortal because that will happen naturally. But to make it ‘Amrit’ immortal, you have to do hard work. Only the persons who hard work without rest can make life ‘Amrit’ (immortal). 

It is not like what you think as everyone is always happy. Everyone has problems in life. But it is important how they make life ‘Amrit’.

You should realise many persons who fell into the huge pit of disappointment in life self-created their life as ‘Amrit’ and climbed the success ladder.  You should read the inspiring success stories of such persons.” 

Hearing Guru’s wise words the young man filled with enthusiasm. 

Guru said to him, ‘You should remember one thing. Announcing problems is not life, but the courage and strength of our minds are important for moving forward to success. That will make our life ‘Amrit’. 

He went home and slept well with a calm mind. The next morning he got up with a new and bright mind. 

Advice from Gopinath Muthukad

We should fill our minds with positive vibes. When we have a disturbed mind, we should be able to control it and make it positive. We should guide our minds toward the greenery of life ahead and not the damage and problems. That is the only way to relieve from a disturbed mind.

Credits – YouTube Video – Gopinath Muthukad

How to control a disturbed mind?

Mind Management Techniques – Video

In this motivational video, Devika Bhatnagar explains simple and easy mind management techniques. I watched some videos and also embedded them in my other posts. She explains simple methods in simple language easy for common people to understand and follow.

I have created text on some of the main points of her talk below to help the visitors who have difficulty watching the video. This is not the full video script, but a few points only.

1. Relaxation technique

What is relaxation?

Any time, out of 24 hours in a day, provide 10 minutes for mind relaxation. That will give a lot of pleasure to your mind. Your mind will become very fresh.

2. Number Technique

This number technique is nothing. Count the numbers in reverse, from 100 to 1. Before counting every number, you have to take a long breath, stop the breath and leave the breath. Slowly you have to do this exercise.

In the video, she is showing a demo of this technique. It will give a lot of oxygen to your mind and your mind will become very fresh.

3. Meditation technique

What is meditation?

Meditation is when you are concentrating on any special objective or concentrating on nothing. If you are a beginner, start with 10 minutes, then 15 minutes and increase to 30 minutes. Meditation will also make your mind very fresh.

4. Vajrasana technique

What is Vajrasana?

Vajrasana means sitting on the foot. Vajra means Diamond. When you sit in Vajrasana for 10 minutes your body and mind will become like a Diamond. You become like a Vajra. So, this Vajrasana is also useful for you.

5. Morning exercises

Make a routine of any kind of exercise in the morning. Morning walk, jogging, cycling or anything you like and convenient for you. This will make your mind and body fresh and energetic.

Early morning is calm and peaceful and the best time for prayer, meditation and study. Do you wake up early morning and start your day bright?

The way you start the day will affect the work in your whole day. Find simple tips to start the day right to energise your mind and body and win the day. 

Do you have the routine of the morning walking every day? A morning walk is very good for your physical and mental health. Find the benefits of a morning walk.

Your mind and body need a good amount of energy for the hard work in the daytime. If you follow simple morning routines, that will help to get maximum energy free of cost and help to maintain good health.

A disturbed mind is like flowing water

The mind is like flowing water. When it flows it runs through many places. Rather than that, if you put the water in a dam you have full control over the water. You can use it for any purpose as per your need, for irrigation, generating electricity etc.

In the same way, if you put the dam of the discipline of your mind, you can see wonders in your life.

Always concentrate on your work. Have control of your body and mind, and focus only on your work whatever it may be. If you do it properly, you will grasp it properly.

Your mind is in your hands. You have to control your mind. Make your mind your servant or an employee. You have to manage your mind.

Manage your mind, your mind will listen to you. Take care of your mind.


We should be happy with whatever we have. Never allow the mind to worry about unnecessary things. You should learn to control the disturbing mind otherwise that will affect your life.

What do you do when you have a disturbed mind?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below

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