How A Railway Porter In Kerala Achieved His Civil Services Dream

How A Railway Porter In Kerala Achieved His Civil Services Dream
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

Sreenath, a Railway Porter in Ernakulam Jn., Kerala, India cracks Kerala Public Service Commission Examination by using railway station’s Free WiFi to study. The high school pass-out has been working at Kerala’s Ernakulam Junction for the past five years.


Inspiring Success Story of Railway Porter

Stacks of books are routine for civil services aspirants, but for Sreenath K, the mobile phone, and earphones are his lifeline.

He prepared for the exam with the help of technology.

Making use of the free Wi-Fi at the Railway Station, Sreenath downloaded the study material.

He studied not only in his free time but also while carrying heavy luggage on his shoulders, listens to his digital coursework, his teachers speaking into his earpieces.

Throughout his work, he listened to course material and solved problems from test papers to prepare for the Kerala Public Service Commission examination.

Since the examination is tough, most aspirants shut themselves from the world, apply for sabbaticals from their day jobs, and spend hours in libraries pouring over books.

But Sreenath continued doing his job and made time to study through it.

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But Sreenath has put the Free WiFi to good use.

He scored 82 marks out of 100 in the written test for the post of Village Assistant.

Sreenath, Railway Porter briefed his success story

Speaking to ANI, he said it is a huge success for a daily wage earner, who had to carry heavy luggage to earn his bread and butter.


The success story of Sreenath, a Railway Porter is a motivation to many people who don’t have money and facilities to get the higher education.

Sreenath proved that dedication and hard work is necessary for achieving success.

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