Surabhi Gautam A Village Girl Became An IAS Officer

How Surabhi Gautam A Village Girl Became An IAS Officer?

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2019)

Have you heard the inspiring success story of Surabhi Gautam, a village girl who became an IAS Officer?

How did Surabhi Gautam became IAS officer?

Her success story is inspiring and will motivate and guide you to overcome obstacles and move forward to success.

If you are a student trying for IAS, you can learn many things from her experience. Watch the below videos and listen to her talk.

Who is Surabhi Gautam?

Surabhi Gautam was born in an orthodox village Amdara, in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, India, where girl child had unequal rights.

Years later she walks into the same village and the entire village is celebrating her success. She talks that knowledge is the only art of recognition.

Surabhi Gautam is an RGPV Alumni and has secured AIR 1 in Indian Engineering Services (IES), she has worked at Bhabha Atomic Research Center and Indian Railways. She has recently Secured AIR 50 in UPSC Civil Services Exam.

She completed her in an ordinary engineering college and went on to work in BARC as a scientist through gate score.

Later she prepared vigorously for IES-2013, with flying colours she became the first ranker.

She then chose to work in Indian Railways of Signal Engineers and currently serving the nation.

What is IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the administrative arm of the All India Services. Considered the premier civil service of India, the IAS is one of the three arms of the All India Services along with the Indian Police Service (IPS) and the Indian Forest Service (IFoS). Members of these three services serve the Government of India as well as the individual states. IAS officers may also be deployed to various public sector undertakings. Source: Wikipedia

How Surabhi Gautam Became An IAS Officer?

Watch the video to know about her in her inspiring words.

10 mistakes every UPSC CSE aspirant commits

Any aspirant irrespective of their academic background can realize the dream of clearing the Union Public Service Commission’s civil service examination (CSE) and join the most elite services of the country by preparing well.

There are some mistakes that most UPSC CSE aspirants make and thus fails to clear the hurdle. Click To Tweet

Here are the 10 mistakes and how to avoid them. Must watch for all aspirants.

What are the books and resources used by Surabhi Gautam?

UPSC Civil Services Exam 2017 – In this lesson, Surabhi Gautam (AIR 50 CSE 2016) talks about the books and resources used by her to prepare for the UPSC CSE. Watch to learn more.

Even before writing the examination negative thoughts disturbing their minds they will affect the result.

Remember, your thoughts become your actions. Always keep a positive attitude and positive thinking. That positive energy will boost your self-confidence and help you become successful.

Your thoughts become your actions. Always keep a positive attitude and positive thinking. Click To Tweet


The inspiring story of Surabhi Gautam reveals that hard work and dedication is important for success. Many students are facing the problem of fear of failures. Fearless of failures will bring success.

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