Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO Success Story Biography Quotes
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Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO Success Story Biography

(Last Updated On: February 29, 2020)

Do you know the inspiring biography, success story and top 10 rules for success of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella? Let’s find his success story, from  Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet to Microsoft CEO.

Who Is Satya Nadella?

Satya Nadella is an Indian, born in Hyderabad into a Telugu family. His father, Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher, was a civil servant who worked for the Indian Administrative Service of the Government of India. His passion and hard work helped him to achieve success in life.

Earlier he was the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group.

He has been credited for helping bring Microsoft’s database, Windows Server, and developer tools to its Azure cloud.

Satya Nadella Quote learning
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Satya Nadella Quote Always keep learning

Satya Nadella Biography and Success Story

“With all the abundance we have of computers and computing, what is scarce is human attention and time.” Satya Nadella

What is the Biography of Satya Nadella?

  • Born into a Telugu speaking family in Hyderabad, India.
  • Attended the Hyderabad Public School.
  • Attained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology.
  • Subsequently travelled to the U.S. to study for an M.S. degree in Computer Science.
  • Later received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  • He knew that computer science was what he wanted to pursue.
  • Worked with Sun Microsystems prior to joining Microsoft in 1992.
  • At Microsoft, he has led major projects including the company’s move to cloud computing.
  • He has been credited for helping bring Microsoft’s database, and Windows Server to its Azure cloud.
  • Third chief executive in the company’s history.
  • An India-born American business executive.
  • The current chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft.
  • Before becoming CEO of Microsoft, he was Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group.

What are the previous positions held by Nadella?

  • President of the Server & Tools Division (9 February 2011 – February 2014)
  • Senior Vice-President of Research and Development for the Online Services Division (March 2007 – February 2011)
  • Vice-President of the Business Division
  • Corporate Vice-President of Business Solutions and Search & Advertising Platform Group
  • Executive Vice-President of Cloud and Enterprise group
  • On 4 February 2014, Nadella was announced as the new CEO of Microsoft, the third chief executive in the company’s history, following Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Source: Wikipedia

What Are Satya Nadella’s Top 10 Rules for Success?

  1. Be a lifelong learner
  2. Find the soul of your company
  3. Have confidence
  4. Fall in love with what you do
  5. Build a great company culture
  6. Be a source of energy
  7. Seek work-life harmony
  8. Have a clear vision
  9. Partner broadly
  10. Build your capabilities

Satya Nadella’s Inspiring Talk

In the video, he is speaking about his 10 top rules for success.

Above details and video source: Youtube

When I think about my career, my successes are built on learning from failures. Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella’s Quotes

Satya Nadella Quotes
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Satya Nadella Quotes

The Advice That Changed Satya Nadella’s Life

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shares advice from former CEO Steve Ballmer and his father. He speaks with David Rubenstein for “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations.”

Video Transcript

David Rubenstein –  You’ve now had to follow Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer to legendary figures did you feel at that time that you’re really ready for the job following those legends or were you saying I can’t do a better job than they did?

Satya Nadella – The best advice I got from both bill and Steve I think helped me a lot.  Because the clear message was don’t try to be like us, don’t even bother to sort of say oh I’m succeeding these people. Just be wrong in fact I remember very distinctly even
during the interview process this is true for the board was conducting. They  asked me hey do you want to be the CEO? And I said only if you want me to be the CEO. And the feedback I got was well but people who want to be CEOs are like I want to be CEO.
I said look that’s not me and I remembered when I’m going and talking to Steve and he says yeah just be yourself it’s too late to change.

David Rubenstein –  Since you’ve been the CEO three and a half years the stock is up about I guess it’s about a hundred and twenty percent. When you go to the your annual shareholder meetings and you get a standing ovation for what you’ve done there’s.

Satya Nadella – No I get a lot of people to asking me hey look come home and fix my computer.

David Rubenstein –  Okay! You are a  native of India, what part of India?

Satya Nadella – I was born in Hyderabad which is in the central part of India.

David Rubenstein – And so growing up your parents doted on you I assume.

Satya Nadella – Yeah they did.

David Rubenstein – And they told you you were gonna be Prime Minister or something important in the country, what did they want you to be?

Satya Nadella – They just wanted me to stop playing cricket and take my studies a little more seriously.

David Rubenstein – Now you were an avid cricket player?

Satya Nadella – Yes that is correct I was in love with it yeah.

David Rubenstein – And when did you realize you weren’t going to be a professional cricket?

Satya Nadella – It’s pretty soon quickly I realized that at best I would pay. You know you know what is considered perhaps first-class cricket in India but I was not going to go much further than that. But you know then I that’s where my dad in fact I remember one of the big decisions that changed my life was you know my entire outlook was so provincial. When I look back at it Richards hey I want to stay in Hyderabad maybe study Economics in full  illegal signs and work for a bank. That was about the extent of my ambition an he looks at me. He says what are you doing you gotta get out of this place and so he pushed me out to get to an engineering school. and that pretty much of course you know define the trajectory after’

David Rubenstein – His father was a member of the the Senior Civil Service which was an important position I guess in D&D is that right yeah?

Satya Nadella – My dad was a very different guy than me in terms of let me say his academic promise. So it is always humorous which you look at my report cards and he says oh I couldn’t I don’t understand how anybody can have these kind of marks. And but the nice thing about it was he would say it in such endearing ways that he’d never made me feel bad.

David Rubenstein – I mean the marks weren’t high enough or weren’t not high enough?

Satya Nadella – They weren’t high enough yeah the guy had never met an exam he didn’t ace as he would say and so he was it was astounding to me that he would have a son who couldn’t A’s an exam now.

David Rubenstein – Your father’s still alive?

Satya Nadella – Yes

David Rubenstein – He must be very proud of what you’ve achieved?

Satya Nadella – Not enough

David Rubenstein – So you went to college in India and then you decided to get a graduate school in the United States,

Satya Nadella – Yeah

David Rubenstein – Where did you go?

Satya Nadella – I went University Wisconsin in Milwaukee for my computer that’s when I switched from Electrical Engineering to Computer Science.

David Rubenstein – But when you’re in India University of wisconsin-milwaukee can’t
be that well-known in India so how did you happen to wind up there?

Satya Nadella – I’ve never been to west to Bombay quite frankly and then I showed up in Milwaukee.

David Rubenstein – Did you have a winter coat or what?

Satya Nadella – That was my first very valued possession in life our winter coat which
is very important. Unfortunately I’d picked up this bad habit of smoking in India in college. And the one nice thing about going to school in Milwaukee is you as fear a smoker. You have to go out in the winter and smoke and that one winter in Milwaukee cured me of my smoking hat.

David Rubenstein – So you’ve got a job after you graduated at Sun Microsystems and what was your job there?

Satya Nadella – I was a software developer.

David Rubenstein – And then you got recruited to go to another company called Microsoft and that was in 1992, that’s right? So but you also had applied to go the University of Chicago School of Business so how did you decide to do one or the other?

Satya Nadella – Frankly David I I was very committed to saying oh I want to go to the business school maybe who knows maybe even go to Wall Street aha that’s what sort of my.

David Rubenstein – The highest calling of mankind?

Satya Nadella – say is David Rubenstein and I thought wow maybe that’s what I should do. And then somewhere along the lines I started talking to people and I said hey why would you do that you were in tech and you should really come back. It was an amazing time because Windows NT which eventually became a server business. And what-have-you was just starting out and and I subsequently went and did some
combination of part-time and other courses and actually finish my MBA which I find stunning in money.

David Rubenstein –  You’re commuting in other words you were working and then on weekends you’re commuting universe Chicago and that must have taken a lot of energy to do both.

Satya Nadella – It was crazy.


Satya Nadella’s inspiring biography, success story, top 10 rules for success, motivational quotes will help for success and happiness in your life.

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