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Social Anxiety

How To Overcome Social Anxiety?

Updated on May 21, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

Do you have a social anxiety problem? Have you ever experienced the feeling of being nervous or uncomfortable in a social situation? Do you clam up when meeting someone new? Do your palms get sweaty before making a big presentation? Do you have a fear of public speaking or walking into a roomful of strangers? Many people have social anxiety problems, but most people can get through it. If you find it difficult to overcome social anxiety, you must seek the help of a health expert. You should not ignore any mental health problems.

Woman Struggles With Social Anxiety

Watch this video explaining social anxiety. A woman struggles with social anxiety and someone helped her to overcome social anxiety.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety?

Having anxiety surrounding social situations can be difficult to manage especially if your struggles are causing you to feel like a burden to your loved ones. While it may be tempting to keep difficulties to yourself this only serves to further isolate you and amplify your anxieties. While it may feel embarrassing or nerve-wracking to be vulnerable with others. A trusted friend, partner or therapist can help you develop strategies to cope with social situations and be there for you in those moments of need. Remember that overcoming your anxiety does not mean you have to turn into the life of the party. It simply means finding ways to navigate social situations and being yourself comfortable. Source: YouTube Jay Shetty

Are You Suffering From Social Anxiety?

Introverts are often suffering from social anxiety because they feel like they don’t fit in. They often feel like everybody is watching and judging the way they look, speak, or act. There can be many reasons behind their negative thinking, like past incidents, childhood traumas, or experiences from which they have been traumatised. Many people carry their past unpleasant experiences to their adulthood and blame themselves for being the victims of anxiety. They never allowed themselves to get healed from those hurtful experiences. But once they accept themselves for who they are and know that they have the power to heal, the positive people and community around will support them too. You may like to read 5 Easy Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

Social anxiety is among lots of individuals. It is a kind of panic. Sometimes we don’t even know what we are suffering through social anxiety and in that situation, it’s even more difficult to overcome social anxiety. Many people have glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. There are effective ways to overcome glossophobia.

Most of the time, the cause of social anxiety is because of how other people treat you. Some people try to make fun of others in hurtful ways or try to pull legs simply to know the reactions. We have to understand it’s not always them and it’s also about the environment and the people surrounded with. Being in a surrounding with positive-minded people, one can avoid social anxiety and mental breakdowns. Never Belittle Anyone By Making Fun Of Their Weaknesses

When someone makes fun of you or hurts you with words or actions, never blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious and the keys to a happy life are in your hands. Always stay positive and believe good things are about to happen. By being open to new possibilities, you are inviting abundance into your life.

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The problem is sometimes people don’t know how to express their feelings. The most important thing is that you need someone who is ready to help you from the start of social anxiety because later it could be too late to be there for your loved ones.

Remember that no matter who you were or whoever made you down, still you’re unique, beautiful, and talented. Nobody is like you. How dare someone can rule on you? You’re the king/queen of your own life and happiness. Get up, go forward, and start doing what you like and what makes you happy in life. Success in life is not about making money or getting popular. Real success is achieving a state of happiness.

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Have you ever experienced social anxiety problem? Could you find the above-mentioned helpful in understanding social anxiety and how to overcome social anxiety? Remember, life is like a journey through the desert. The things you see and feel there might all be mirages. You better know how to distinguish between reality and mirages. Don’t get upset on silly matters. Always have a positive attitude and move forward fearless of failures.

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Are you suffering from social anxiety problems? If yes, how do you handle it?

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