How To Tune Out Distractions

How To Focus On Studies – How To Tune Out Distractions

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2022)

Are you facing distractions while studying and find it difficult to focus on your studies? Distractions are not good for the study because you will lose concentration on your studies. Do you like to learn how to tune out distractions and focus on your studies to achieve success? In this article, you can find simple ways to tune out distractions and make you concentrate only on your studies.

How To Focus On Studies?

Many students have distractions and are unable to focus on their studies. The following steps and videos will show you how to regain focus if you get distracted, and how to set yourself up for focused success.

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Tips to tune out distractions and focus on studies

simple study tips to tune out distraction and focus on studies
7 Simple study tips

1. Set a goal

Set your study goals and start with the basics. Find a strong motivation to study, such as a goal to achieve which will help to restore your focus whenever you wander.

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2. Make a study timetable

Prepare a weekly study timetable. Set a routine for everything. Your timetable should include bedtime, mealtime and most importantly the time you should spend on your studies. Sleep well and have your day scheduled.

3. Find the right place to study

Picking the right place to study is very important because it has a major influence on the level of concentration and efficiency of the learning process.

Find a quiet place with good lighting and ventilation, preferably without a television, a computer, or a cell phone within your reach. Try staying away from social media.

Turn off all electronic devices. Studying in a closed room will help to boost your productivity and eases any distractions.

4. Find a study partner

Find a sensible, smart, and dedicated study partner on the same task who doesn’t mind teaching.

5. Regular breaks

Regular breaks are essential to maintaining a high level of concentration. Your brain needs time to recharge after it processes a bunch of information.

Break down the study times into smaller chunks of time. Whenever you feel tired while studying, get up, and do some physical activity for a few minutes.

If possible, go out walking for a few minutes, else at least walk up and down the stairs or walk around in the room. Do whatever you can do to get tiredness away.

6. Don’t panic

Don’t overthink the actual study process or worry about the time you have wasted. Spend that time reviewing the portions you feel least confident about.

Do revision regularly and don’t leave your revision to the last minute of the examination. Don’t view studies as something compulsory or just something you need to do to get a good result.

7. Examinations

Try to avoid games, phones, and computers during the examination period, and have plenty of rest and sleep before the day of the examination.

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Once you finish studying one topic take small practice tests on your own or with friends.

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The mind is just like a shining sun which can produce fire provided its energies are focused and directed towards a single point.

Power of focus for students – Focus on studies

Watch this motivational video talk by Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a very famous motivational speaker explaining things in simple language and always with a smiling face. He is an inspiration for the youth.

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Unwanted stress can have negative effects on your physical and mental health, which in turn will affect your concentration levels.

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Study for yourself, not for others. Do not succumb to any unwanted pressure from your tutors, parents, or relatives. You should definitely make them proud of your achievements, but that should not be the ultimate goal of your studies. Try to tune out distractions and focus on your studies.

What steps you are taking to tune out distractions and focus on your studies?

Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

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