Stop Friends From Bad Habits

Stop Friends From Bad Habits – Moral Story For Kids

Do you stop friends from bad habits? If not, you must help your friends to avoid bad habits. In the present world, it is easy to get into bad habits. Most times, children get into bad habits without their knowledge and permission. It is natural because, at their age, most children do not understand what is right and what is wrong. At their age, children have the curiosity to learn and taste new things. Many negative people or even bad friends take the advantage of this curiosity and force children to get into bad habits through attractions. Don’t get into such bad habits and also stop friends from bad habits.

Stop Friends From Bad Habits – Moral Story For Kids

In a village there lived Tom, a nine-year-old boy with his parents. Tom was very good at academics, sports and other curricular activities. His parents and teachers were very happy and proud of him.

His best friend Jack was also in the same class, but he was not good at academics and other activities like Tom

Tom was very gullible, but Jack was very mischievous. He always used to plan some mischievous act in his mind.

One day the class teacher told the students present in the class:

Students, tomorrow there will be an examination in English. So everybody should come well prepared for the exam. Remember, whoever gets poor marks will be taken to the principal.

Hearing these words from the teacher, Tom got scared and said,

The principal is very strict. So I will come well prepared for the exam tomorrow.

After school, Tom went straight back home. After having some food, he started studying for the next day’s examination. In the evening, when Tom was studying, suddenly Jack came into his room and said,

I came here to take you. Let us go out and play.”

Tom replied, “I still have to study two more chapters. So I can’t come with you to play. You also go home and prepare for tomorrow’s exam.”

Jack said, “Even trying my best to study, I can’t remember these chapters. You know about me well.

Tom said, “Okay! then you play out. You can pass the exam by copying my answers.

In the examination hall, they did the same as they decided. First Tom completed his answer paper in a hurry and then he helped Jack sitting near to him to cheat by copying from his answer paper.

The teacher was surprised to see Jack get full marks. The teacher knew Jack spends all his day doing mischief and then how could he get full marks?

To find the truth, the teacher told the students tomorrow there will be an exam for another subject.

Hearing this, Tom told Jack, nothing to worry about, he will help him tomorrow as well.

The next day, as usual, they both sat together to write the exam. But then suddenly the teacher asked Tom to change his seat near another student.

Tom was upset about this seat change because he couldn’t help his friend Jack. So he finished his answer paper quickly.

Jack was sitting all alone, thinking, “I don’t know the answer to a single question. What to do now?”

After the exam, Jack started crying and told, ” Tom, you had told me you will help me copy from your answer paper”.

Tom replied, “sorry Jack, the teacher changed my seat”.

When she saw both of them crying, the teacher came closer and said to make them understand,

Jack, I know you passed the exam by copying Tom’s answer sheet. That’s why knowingly I changed both of your sitting arrangements.”

The teacher said. “Both of you need to learn this. Good friends always stop their friends from making mistakes and never hide their mistakes.

Moral – Stop Friends From Bad Habits

What did you learn from this story?

We should never hide the mistakes of our friends and should always stop friends from bad habits.

Final Thoughts

Avoid bad friends because they will damage your life. Your friends or other people may tell you many sweet words and attractive promises. Don’t get into any bad habits. If you have any problem, always share your problems with family members. Don’t feel shy or fearful to share your problems with your parents. They will also help you to solve and guide you to the right path.

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