Cunning Fox And Cow Animated Moral Story

The Cunning Fox And Cow Animated Moral Story For Kids

Do you know bad friends will take you on the wrong path and damage your life? The cunning fox and cow animated moral story for kids explains how bad friends can put you in trouble. This story gives you the lesson that you should not trust attractive fake offers from bad friends.

The Cunning Fox And Cow Animated Moral Story

Long long ago a cow lived in a village. Every day it grazed on the land far from the village and went home. It was kind-hearted innocent and trusted everyone easily. One day as it was headed to eat, it met with the Fox. The Fox asked the cow, where it was going.

The cow said it was going to the land on the outskirts of the village.

The Fox asked, “do you go that part daily.”

The cow nodded yes.

The Fox responded, “but why do you promise so much when there are many farms in the village? you could eat here.”

The cow replied, “grazing on the farm is very wrong. I would never do that. Besides, the farmer will give me a nice beating if I do.”

The Fox said, “fear not, nothing like that shall happen. If you come with me now, I will give you some juicy corn.”

The cow refused to go with the fox and pulled away.

The cow and the Fox met every day and became friends gradually.

One day the fox said to the cow, “this time to celebrate our friendship I would like to throw you a feast, what do you say?”

The cow replied, “well it was.”

The Fox said, “I happen to see our cornfield recently. They looked really tasty. We should go there.”

The cow did not like the idea. She feared getting caught.

To this, the Fox said, “well, then I’ll go into the forum and get you the cart while you wait outside.”

The cow agreed.

They went to the farm together and the cow waited outside. The fox went inside and started eating. As it did not return with the corn the cow was getting impatient. So it cried out loud for the fox to hear. Instead, the farmer heard it. He mistook the cow to be stealing the corn all the while. As he chases the cow off it realised how it has been treated by the fox.

The lesson to learn

Bad company and bad friends will always land us in trouble. That is why let’s be friends with good people and thereby be recognised as good too.

What you should do?

Disregard unjustifiable remarks from awful individuals or via web-based media. Never forward fake news. Try not to fall into teenage addictions or cell phone dependence. Your aim ought to be to make progress and bliss throughout everyday life. At the point when you are in a tough situation, don’t spare a moment to impart issues to parents. Your parents and family members are the most trustable individuals to take care of your concerns. Never share your own or family issues with obscure people.

Final Thoughts

Hope that you enjoyed the above cunning fox and cow animated moral story and also learned the lesson to avoid bad friends in your life. Try to make more good friends who can support and guide you on the right path to a successful life.

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