5 Job Interview Questions And Answers That Fail You

5 Job Interview Questions And Answers That Fail You

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

Are you a person failed in job interviews and could not understand the reason of failure? Do you know some job interview questions and answers can make you fail?

Yes, some questions you ask to the interview panel and some answers from you for their questions can make you fail. According to you these may not be wrong answers or questions, but these are unwanted or untimely questions and answers. You are not alone, many candidates face this problem.

Let’s find some of such job interview questions and answers that can make you fail.

5 Job Interview Questions And Answers That Fail You

It is difficult for some people to pass the job interview because their answers for the job interview questions make them fail. It doesn’t mean that they didn’t prepare well for the interview. In-spite of have having all the skills required to fit for the job, and the knowledge to answer the questions, they fail. Did it ever happen in your life?

Sometimes you may think, the interview board had already selected the required persons, and the interview is just a formality to show the public. Your thinking is natural, because you don’t know the exact reason for your failure even after answering the questions.

Your words project you in a poor light

It is possible that you are turning off the interview board by saying or asking things that project you in a poor light.

Even though you are the best candidate for the job, the words you said unknowingly kill your chance to get selected.

What is your primary goal?

When you go for an interview your primary goal is to give your best to get through the interview with flying colors.

You try to make a good appearance and personality. You are well dressed, good talking style and follow other factors you learned from others or from books. 

You have the best of qualifications and skills required for the job applied and the drive to work hard. Many times after fulfilling all the requirements and trying your best, you fail in the interview.  

Why does this happen to you?

The reason is because during the interview you mentioned something in your words which is considered as a red flag for an interviewer.

Avoid these job interview questions and answers

Be aware about the 5 Things that could fail you in your next job Interview. Stay away from asking or saying these things. 

5 Job interview questions and answers that fail you
5 Job interview questions and answers that fail you
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  1. What is this company all about?
  2. Bad-mouthing about your current job, boss or company.
  3. Hey, that is on my resume.
  4. Asking about vacation policies at the very start of an interview.
  5. Disclosing your ambitious goals.

1. What is this company all about?

Do a research about the company

When you are preparing yourself for an interview it is important for you to do a research about the company. Most companies have their website mentioning all details about the company, products and policies. You can get most of the required information free on the net. If needed, you can also read reviews about the company on many blogs and forums.

Search On Google
Google Search

Prepare a few good points about the company

You can prepare a few good points to talk about the value that you can add to this company. You should be ready to explain how well you can fit into the job that the company wants to hire people for.

Have good knowledge about the company

Before attending the interview, make sure that you have good knowledge about the company. This will help you to avoid the question, “What is this company all about?”.

If you ask this question to the interviewer, that’s the first failure. If you end up asking this question, there is a good chance that you are rejected at the first stage.

You can ask details about a particular point at a later stage of the interview. But never ask the above question because that proves you applied for the job without confirming yourself to fit for the job.

2. Bad-mouthing about your current job, boss or company

Never speak anything bad about your present employer, like “My current boss is just horrible” or “My current company is absolutely awful” etc.

Job Interview Questions - Never Bad Mouth
Job Interview – Never speak bad about current job
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Always talk positive about your current job, employer and company. Even if you have any problem with current job, never talk bad.

You may not know the friendship or relation between your current employer and the interviewer. If you talk bad about the current employer to the interviewer who is a good friend or relative of your current employer, you will be in trouble.

Talk about the good things you learned from the current job, appreciate the current employer and company. This positiveness will impress the interviewer and that will increase the chances that you might end up getting the job.

Speaking with candour is important to become successful in your career and life.

3. Hey, that is on my resume

While applying for the job you might have already submitted a resume giving all the details about you. The interviewer may ask you a question something particular about your qualifications, experience or personal details.

You might have already mentioned the answer of that question in your resume. But probably the interviewer wants to know more details about a particular point or confirm the same. Never expect the interviewer should judge you only by your resume. 

Never reply like, “Why don’t you have a look?  It’s already on my resume.” This kind of reply is unprofessional and considered as a red flag for the interviewer. 

When the interviewer ask a question use that opportunity to show your communication skills. It is possible that the interviewer wants to know more details and also wants to test your communication and social skills.

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4. Asking about vacation policies at the very start of an interview

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At the very first stage of an interview avoid asking questions like,

  • What’s in for me?
  • What are your working hours?
  • What’s your vacation policy?

Questions of this type at the first stage are considered as a red flag because you will be considered as an arrogant person.

Wait for the response from the interviewer

When you have jumped all the questions successfully wait for the response from the interviewer. If the interviewer is happy with your answers, ability and positive attitude, they may ask your expectations or tell their offers and conditions. That is a chance for you to negotiate.

If that did not happen, you can ask such questions at that time. Means you should ask only when you feel that they are happy with you and at the final stage. 

First impression is the best impression

You must have heard the saying, ‘First impression is the best impression!’ At the very first stage of an interview your words should give a good impression about your personality and positive attitude. From your words and actions, the interviewer should feel that you are a hard-working and dedicated person with your work.

It is also good to speak words adding value for the betterment of the company. This will give them a good impression that you give more value for honest and sincere work than just earning money. 

Remember money cannot buy everything required in your life.

5. Disclosing your ambitious goals

Some people may have the plan to start their own business. For them getting a job may be to earn some money and experience and leave the job at the earliest.

If you have any such a plan, tell nothing related to that in the interview. Never say ‘I would like to start my business soon.’

The interviewer will not appreciate this and they will not hire you. If the employer feel that you are looking for a job to raise some funds for your own business, they will not hire you.  

Employers are spending a lot of money, effort and time for training the people they hire. If you leave just after training within a few months, you are wasting their time, effort and money. No employer is interested to hire a person who will leave the job after training.

Employers want to hire people who would stick around with the company for a few years and add some value to the company. So better to keep your ambitious goals to yourself and don’t mention this to an interviewer. 

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Be prepared for the interview well. Your attitude and communication skill is very important for success. Even if you have the required qualification and skill, wrong communication and negative attitude will give a wrong impression about you. That will become the reason for the rejection. Think and answer properly to job interview questions.

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  1. These are basics that need to be checekd before an interview. However the 5 points above have been explained in a very simpler way for anyone to read and have it self rehearsed before any interview.

    Stand in front of the mirror and have all the 5 points practised/rehearsed for a more confident and powerful interview.

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