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True Love | Don’t Mind Deficiencies Of Relation

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2019)

Sometimes, better to act like you have not seen the deficiencies of relation. True love will bring only happiness and will not make any loss.

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Moral Story – True Love

Happy Couple

Married Couple
Married Couple

A gentleman married a beautiful woman. They thrilled their life. One day a skin disease affected her body. As days passed, her disease increased and affected her beauty.

One day, while travelling, her husband met with an accident and lost his eyesight. Despite her illness, the loving wife treated her blind husband well.

Her skin disease worsened and she became hideous. The blind man did not know all this because he could not see the changes happened on her skin. They lived happily as earlier.

At last, one day she died. After the funeral, he plans to leave the city. Someone asked him, “your loving wife was always with you to support on each step, how will you manage alone?”

He replied, “friend, I am not blind, but all these days I was acting as blind because if she knew I can see what is happened to her, that will give her more pain than her sickness. She was a good and loving wife. I wished only her happiness.”


Sometimes, better to act like you have not seen some of the deficiencies of relation. That will bring only happiness in life and will not make any loss.

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Facts To Remember

How many times does tongue get the bite from the teeth? Still, they are together inside the mouth. That is a compromise.

Eyes can not see each other, still, they see everything together, smile together and cry together. That is Unity.

You can self-talk, but need another person for a conversation. You can enjoy alone but need others to celebrate. Alone we are nothing and can achieve nothing. That is the true relationship.

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Eyes can not see each other, still, they see everything together, smile together and cry together. That is Unity. Click To Tweet


Every person is important and needs to fulfil their role well. We do not deserve to look down on others. Share true love and be happy in life.

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