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Lazy Ox Who Learned A lesson

A Lazy Ox Who Learned A lesson: Moral Story For Kids

Updated on April 18, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

Today, I have a wonderful story to share with you, kids! It’s a story about a lazy ox who learned a lesson. A lazy ox named Dan lived on a farm with his hardworking family and friends. Dan loved his family and friends, but he didn’t want to work or help them in any way. However, one day, something happened that made Dan realize he needed to change his ways if he wanted to stay on the farm. So, he came up with a plan that involved race, hard work, and determination. Want to know what happened next? Let’s dive into the story of a lazy ox who learned a lesson.

The Lazy Ox Who Learned A Lesson

Once upon a time, there was an ox named Dan who lived on a farm with his family. Dan had three hardworking brothers who carried heavy loads of hay. But Dan was different from his brothers because he was very lazy. He slept all day and did not help anyone. The other farm animals were all doing their jobs, but Dan did nothing. He got very fat and weak, and he could not lift any weight.

One day, the farmer said he would have to sell Dan because he was too lazy and did not work. Dan was very sad because he did not want to leave his friends and family on the farm. So, he came up with an idea. He announced a race for all his animal friends, and he said he would give all his pocket money to the winner. Everyone was excited about the race, and it was scheduled for a month later.

Dan started working hard for the race. He carried small loads, jogged, and ran errands for other animals. He changed his daily routine, woke up early, and worked till late. He even worked for his brothers. Slowly he developed strong muscles, and his back became strong. He became fit and strong.

On the day of the race, all the animals were getting ready, and Dan joined them too. Everyone was surprised that lazy Dan was joining the race because running required a lot of hard work. But Dan did not give up. He ran faster and harder and overtook all the animals to win the race. He even gave his pocket money away to distribute sweets.

The farmer praised Dan for his hard work, and Dan was more than happy because now he would not have to leave the farm. This story teaches us that hard work can make us successful in life, and nobody should be looked down upon.

Moral of the story

Hard work can make us successful in life.


The story of the lazy Ox who learned a lesson teaches us about the importance of hard work, determination, and never giving up on our dreams. He worked hard and persevered, eventually reaping the rewards of his efforts. We can all learn from the example and apply the lessons to our own lives. With hard work and determination, we too can achieve our dreams and become successful in our own ways.

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