Healthy Lifestyle For Children

What Is The Healthy Lifestyle For Children?

Every parent in this world wants to have a healthy lifestyle for children. Most parents think giving healthy food is enough for a healthy lifestyle for their children. That’s not true. Only providing healthy food won’t help your kids to have a healthy life. It is more important to understand the science behind a healthy lifestyle and create a detailed exercise and diet plan for the children, so they’ll have a healthy life.

In this video, you will find Dr Roshan Kore, Consultant Clinical Nutritionist and Dietician at SRCC Children’s Hospital, Mumbai, sharing detailed information about a healthy lifestyle for children of all age groups. She advises the parents to force their children to follow a healthy lifestyle for their good.

What Is The Healthy Lifestyle For Children?

What is it that will give a healthy lifestyle to a child? We keep on saying that we want to make a child healthy but does only giving them food make them healthy? No. Today I can tell you about a method where you can just count the five fingertips and the five rules and get a healthy lifestyle.

Follow Rules 5 4 3 2 1 and 0

5 Food groups

To begin with 5. – 5 stands for the five food groups. So you include all the different foods in your diet including cereal and grain, protein foods like pulses, non-veg foods and dairy products, protective foods like vegetables and fruits of all different colours, your grains and cereals and your fats and sugars. So when all these five food groups are included properly in the diet you get a healthy diet and that forms the number 5.

8 hours of sleep

Coming to number 4. 4 + 4 is equal to 8 hours of sleep every day is essential for a child to become healthy. If the sleep is inadequate the child’s immunity gets suppressed, he is lethargic, he is unattended in school and can fall sick more often.

3 Meals per day for a healthy lifestyle for children

3. 3 stands for 3 meals per day, that is your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every child should get a balanced meal for his breakfast, lunch and dinner and, additional one or two snacks to make do to get him the essential nutrients throughout the day.

2 Litres of water per day for a healthy lifestyle for children

2 stands for 2 litres of water which is essential for the child’s equilibrium and to be healthy to get proper motions and to not be dehydrated. 2 also stands for less than two hours of screen time for your child. We see a lot of children are spending a lot of time on screen. So it’s time that the screen time is reduced to not more than two hours per day.

Lots of activity

1 stand for lots of activity for the child which can come through games and his simple playing

No sugar

0 stands for no sugar-based beverages or drinks.

So if you follow the rule of 5 4 3 2 1 and 0, I am sure that your child will learn to be a healthy person when he grows up and becomes a thank you 

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Final Thoughts

In her speech, Dr Roshan Kore assures you that if you follow the above simple rules, that will help to have a healthy lifestyle for children. As you know, in the current world, junk foods, lack of proper sleep, smartphone addiction and such things are damaging a healthy lifestyle for children. If you do not control these, that will lead to many health problems for your kids. So, make sure that your children are leading a healthy lifestyle to make their life successful.

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