Feeding The Good Wolf: A Moral Story Of The Power Of Choice

Good Wolf

The story of feeding the good wolf teaches us good lessons about the power of choices we make. Imagine a world where two wolves live inside each of us, one representing all things good and joyful, and the other carrying all things negative and hurtful. These wolves are always in a battle, struggling to become stronger. But here’s the fascinating part: we get to decide which wolf wins. Every day, with every choice we make, we hold the power to nourish one wolf over the other. Will we choose to feed the wolf of kindness, love, and positivity, making it stronger? Or will we unintentionally make the wolf of anger, jealousy, and negativity grow? This is the heart of a special story that reveals how our actions shape who we are. It’s a tale that shows us the path to a happier and more meaningful life by embracing the goodness within us.

Feeding The Good Wolf

Once upon a time, there was an old Cherokee Chief who loved teaching his grandson essential lessons about life. He told his grandson about a big battle happening inside him. This battle wasn’t with swords or shields but between two wolves!

One wolf was not very nice, and it represented things like fear, anger, jealousy, feeling sorry for oneself, and being greedy. The other wolf was really good and stood for joy, peace, love, kindness, and helping others.

The grandson thought about this and asked his grandfather, “Grandpa, which wolf will win the fight?” The wise old Chief smiled and answered, “The wolf that wins is the one you choose to feed.”

This story teaches us an important lesson about the power of choice and how they can change our lives. Inside each of us, there are both good feelings and not-so-good feelings. It’s like having two wolves inside. We can decide which wolf becomes stronger by the things we do and the choices we make every day.

Remember, when we do kind things, think positive thoughts, and help others, we’re feeding the good wolf. But if we let ourselves get angry, jealous, or mean, we’re giving more food to the not-so-good wolf.

Moral Of The Story

So, the moral of the story is that we should try our best to feed the good wolf inside us. By being kind, helpful, and positive, we can make our lives better and the world around us happier. It’s like magic – the more we do good things, the stronger the good wolf becomes, and that’s what helps us have a happy and wonderful life.

Final Thoughts

The story of feeding the good wolf teaches us that each day, with every choice we make, we have the power to decide which wolf we will feed. Will we nurture kindness, love, and positivity, making the good wolf stronger? Or will we allow anger, jealousy, and negativity to grow, feeding the bad wolf instead? The tale reminds us that our actions shape our character, and by feeding the good wolf, we create a happier and more meaningful journey through life.

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