The Fearful Young Monk – Moral Story For Kids

Fearful Young Monk

In this amazing tale of the fearful young monk, we discover something really cool – fear is like a trick that we can beat! The story is all about a clever young monk who’s scared of things he doesn’t know. But guess what? With the help of a super wise master, he goes on a big adventure. He goes down into a place called the Great Chasm, holding a little lantern, to face his fear. And you know what happens? As he keeps going, the light gets brighter and brighter, and all the scary shadows disappear. When he gets to the bottom and looks up, the light has made everything feel less scary! This story teaches us something important. Being brave doesn’t mean we’re never scared. It’s about being really strong and not giving up, even when we’re scared. Just like the young monk, we can use our own special light of knowledge and keep going. That way, fear gets smaller and smaller until it’s gone! So, remember, when things seem scary, we can overcome fear by using our own inner light to chase fear away.

The Fearful Young Monk

In a hidden village nestled among tall mountains, there lived a young monk. He was very wise but had a big problem – he was always scared of things he didn’t know. When night came and covered everything in darkness, his heart would fill with fear and he couldn’t find any peace.

One day, the young monk decided to visit a famous Zen master known for his wise teachings. He told the master about his fears, hoping to find a solution. The master listened carefully and then gave the young monk a special invitation. “Tomorrow, before the sun rises, meet me at the edge of the big chasm,” he said.

The next morning, the young monk stood at the edge of the chasm. It was covered in mist, and he could hardly see anything. Suddenly, the master appeared from the fog, holding a small lantern. Without saying a word, he gave the lantern to the young monk and pointed down into the dark abyss.

The young monk was curious but also a bit scared. He looked over the edge and saw nothing but darkness. It felt like the darkness was swallowing up all the light. The master whispered, “Take the light and go.” With trembling hands, the young monk started going down into the chasm, holding the small lantern. The light it cast made strange shadows on the chasm walls.

His heart was pounding, and fear was with him every step of the way. But he didn’t stop. The light showed him where to step, and he kept moving forward. The path became clearer as he went on, and the shadows that had scared him started disappearing. He finally reached the bottom of the chasm, and when he looked back up, he saw that the light had become brighter. It chased away all the darkness that had once frightened him.

When he returned to the master, he couldn’t contain his excitement. “Master, the light showed me the way, and my fear went away when I saw it,” the young monk said. The master smiled and told him, “Fear is like a trick of the mind. When you know more and experience more, the fear goes away. Every step you take into the unknown is made brighter by the knowledge and experience you carry. Fear loses its power over you.”

From that day on, the young monk lived his life without being burdened by fear. He understood that real bravery isn’t about never feeling scared. It’s about being strong and determined enough to light up the shadows of fear with knowledge and experience. And so, he journeyed through life with a heart full of courage and a light that could chase away any darkness.

Moral Of The Story

True bravery arises from facing and conquering our fears, using the illuminating power of knowledge and determination to light our path forward.

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Final Thoughts

As we conclude this inspiring journey with the fearful young monk, we’re reminded that fear is not a wall we must hide behind, but a bridge we can cross. Just like the brave monk, we have the incredible ability to confront our fears head-on, armed with the lantern of knowledge and the unwavering spirit of determination. The shadows that once seemed so daunting can be dispelled by our inner light, illuminating the path to courage and growth.

May this story serve as a guiding beacon, reminding us that we hold the power to transform fear into strength. With each step we take, we can diminish the grip of fear and replace it with the radiant glow of our own potential. So, whenever doubt or apprehension clouds our way, let us summon the courage to kindle our inner light and step boldly into the unknown, for it is in these moments that we truly shine. Find strategies for overcoming fear.

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