How To Stop Procrastination?

How To Stop Procrastination?

Do you find you are always procrastinating, over analysing things and overthinking? You are not alone, in today’s world, many are facing the problem of procrastination and that becomes an obstacle to their success in life. In this article, let us discuss how to stop procrastination and make changes in your life. How To Stop … Read more

5 Simple Tips For Better Mental Health

Simple Tips For Better Mental Health

In the present busy world, many people have some kind of mental health problems like anxiety, depression, stress and it shows symptoms as physical health problems. Most people ignore the problem because they don’t realise the root cause is a mental health problem. In this post, you can learn 5 simple tips for better mental health which can be done daily. It doesn’t take that much time, all it needs is a conscious awareness from your side and a willingness to change your lifestyle.

Best Tips For Faster Post COVID-19 Recovery – What To Eat If COVID Positive?

Post COVID-19 Recovery

This post is all about best tips for faster post-Covid-19 recovery and what food to eat if Covid positive? Many people are worried about what I will do, what I will eat if I become Covid-19 positive? Are you one of them? The first and important thing is don’t get panic or stress. This post is based on the video talk of Dr Palaniappan Manickam (Dr Pal), a Physician in California explaining what he will do if he gets Covid positive.

How To Train Your Immune System? – Top Lifestyle Hacks

How To Train Your Immune System?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have heard many times about boosting your immune system. Many articles and videos are available on the net about immunity-boosting foods. Actually, it’s not about boosting your immune system, it’s how well trained your immune system is. This post is based on the YouTube video of Luke Coutinho, a Holistic Nutritionist specialising in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine explaining top lifestyle hacks to train your immune system.

Home Care For COVID19 Patients And Precautions

Home Care For COVID19 Patients

People having mild symptoms of COVID19 or not having any serious sickness or breathing problems have to follow home care for COVID19 patients as per the directions from the health departments. It is estimated that almost 70% to 80% of people with COVID19 will have mild illness and can be managed at home with guidance from the healthcare provider and symptomatic treatments. This article and the video cover the basic points on how to care for people with COVID-19 at home.

Mindset Shifts – Changes In Perspective And Mindset During Tough Times

Mindset Shifts During Tough Times

Have you ever felt difficult to manage tough times? Do you know mindset shifts, finding another way is important to manage during tough times? Changes in perspective and mindset will help you to overcome difficult times to make life successful with full of happiness.

This Is Why You’re ALWAYS TIRED (Never Be Lazy Again)

ALWAYS TIRED (Never Be Lazy Again)

Do you feel always tired physically or mentally drained? How about both? Does it feel sometimes like life is passing you by and that you could do so much more if you just weren’t so exhausted? If yes, this article is for you. Why You’re Always Tired? Data from healthspan says that adults report feeling … Read more

How To Break Your Negative Patterns And Habits For Happiness

Negative Patterns Habits

Do you know your negative patterns and bad habits are responsible for your unhappiness and failure in life? What do you do when facing failures and unhappiness? Many people blame others for their unhappiness. Are you also one of them? If yes, this article is for you. Mel Robbins is explaining simple self-improvement tips to … Read more

Why You Are Not Happy In Life? Here Is The Answer

Why You Are NOT HAPPY In Life?

you are responsible for not happy in your life. Most times, the ego is the reason for not being happy. Many people do not know helping others will brighten their life. You don’t need money to help, but you can help by sharing your time, energy, knowledge and other such things. When you help a person not happy because of some problems, you are making him happy and at the same time, your mind also feels happy. His blessings will make your life successful with full of happiness.

Must Learn Soft Skills Timely To Achieve Success In Life

Must Learn Soft Skills

Do you know you must learn some soft skills timely to achieve success in life? Life is a continuous learning process. Throughout your life journey, you may be learning some important lessons. While learning these lessons, you may have to face many ups and downs. Many lessons you learn through experience and motivated people around you. But there are some lessons that can only be learnt through practical experience. Some lessons you learn only after facing difficult situations in life. You must learn soft skills to face the situation beforehand, that will surely help you to handle the situation easily and sail through it successfully.